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PUUUURRRRRFECT. AMAZEBALLS. AWE-EFFIN-SOME, MAGNI-FRIGGIN-CENT!!! What more adjectives do you guys need to make you understand that you have to read this series? IT'S IMPERATIVE THAT YOU READ IT!!! Do it! Grab it right now!

This series has been close to my heart for the longest time. Maybe it's because ahem, ahain, I love the X-men. I love action. I love powers and I love romance. This book has them all and then some more. I was completely good with the endong of the second book, but since there's a third, who am I to complain? haha. I didn't even know that there's a third book coming until very recently when a friend tagged me (you know who you are! thanks!). This has been a joyful and exciting ride for me. The best was knowing that Ms. Wright will give these characters a happily ever after. I knew that based on the pattern of her past books, so I was pretty comfortable.

The story here follows up pretty much to where they left off in the last book. They were to be crowned as the "high couple" and they were having a hard time preparing for that. Of course with all the complications like: vampire-turned-zombie-like beings, Umbridge-like people from the Prelature which somehow reminds me (forgive me for the Harry Potter terminologies) a lot of The Ministry of Magic... they were not able to focus a lot on the coronation.

Sam is still a homicidal bitch. She likes hurting mean people, but in this book, she had to have a lot of self control. Her status as a hybrid helped her a lot in this book, so I'm really thankful that the brothers in book 2 didn't reverse what they did to her. It helped her make a statement on the other vampires. Pf course, Jared is also thankful for it. Unfortunately, this book also showed both Jared's and Sam's weaknesses. They were both jealous in this book and they both lacked self preservations. I'm just glad that they're bond seems to be extra strong, so there's not a chance of them leaving each other.

It was very good to read about the squad again. They're loyalty is still as unwavering as ever and they are still hilarious. I love how they proved to be very good soldiers and I really love how they respect Sam.

The other chacters were very essential to he growth of this series. I like the powers of Ava and Paige. I hope to see more of them. I know this is the last of Jared's and Sam's books, but I'm truly hoping that the author will give us more of the other characters' stories. That will mean everything! ♥

Such a great book. ★★★★★ ;)


This book proves that hearing both sides of the story is awesome!

There are just some books wherein you'd want to know what the guy's thoughts are. This is one of them for me. Especially in Jared's case. Jared was a bully and he was hateful. However, he had his reasons. I'm not saying that they're all good. It just... makes sense.

The plot pretty much follows what's in BULLY, but it follows Jared's thoughts, so it clears up A LOT of things. When I read Bully, I wished for a book in Jared's thoughts. I guess I got my wish huh? I even thought that the author would just give some kind of a novella like what happens to other books with a .5. When I opened this book, imagine my shock and delight! haha! It is long! ^_^

Anyway, on to JARED...

Jared... is a troubled soul. You won't exactly like him. He's a bully. He did what he did because of pure selfish reasons. He made the life of his best friend feel like hell. He bullied her through and through. He bullied her because he felt envious and he felt insecure. Somewhere in between being friends and the bullying and being sort of friends again, he fell in love with her. That made everything more complicated...and awesome! When he realized everything, I wanted to jump for joy because man... the thoughts of a man in love is THAT GOOD. Not that it erases all the hurtful stuff that he did cuz it doesn't. In this book, he learns to make it up to her. I actually want him to make it up to her for all of his life because Tate deserves it. lol.

His friend Madoc sure is a good guy btw. He set himself up to be the "bad guy" when he just actually wants what's best for his friend and I love him for that. :)

This is a very good book about turning over a new leaf and making up for your past sins. Jared learned here that not everything is ruled by the past and that it's better to dwell on the positive than the negative. 

This book is also timely because of the "bullying" topic plus the online media craze.

Must read for those who loved Bully and for those who'd like to know the thoughts of the bully himself. 

book.fave.rave: BELIEVED (My Misery Muse #3)

This proves that steam isn't really needed in every scene. :)

Don't get me wrong, there is steam in this book. It's just that the characters did so much pushing and pulling that they weren't able to get to it right away.

Anyway, right onto the plot! I will always say that I love Seth's story, however, Sam and Jules' story is more complex and more meaningful than the first book. The complications here are deeper and honestly, I don't know if everything's been taken care of. It still had a good ending though.

Sam had to deal with his dad's illness and a lot more. He's broody and thinks that he needs to fix everyhing. Jules had to deal with an ex who's unfotunately an addict and has been extorting money from her. She's a straight forward woman with such a big heart. They are really quite a pair. They both have insecurities and they're both hot. haha. I love how they are somehow a couple-not-a-couple.

The best thing about this book is that jt will make you laugh. It's too hilarious. I think I will never forget the "ELI PICTURE" part as well as their shooting game. :) I had fun laughing with Jules in many scenes. She's a riot. X is also something else. I seriously can't wait until that guy gets his book. I love him and how he seems to be such a know it all when it comes to his friends' love lives. Hah! We'll see how he handles his own.

This book is like a slow build up of emotions.You already know what's bound to happen and you just feel happy for them in the end. ♥


Wow, this was actually a fun book for me.   

Imagine meeting a guy over the internet and just spilling your guts to him from then on... Now imagine meeting him and suddenly knowing that he's a famous movie star. Wow right? This book is just that.   

The characters were so cute together. They made me laugh with their weird emails, useless trivias and just plain conversations. They were too young to think of so many complicated stuff, but they were able to manage it quite well.

The plot was a bit cheesy, but I guess all people need cheese! :) It's also nice reading about young people having grown up problems and solving it with simple things.   

The ending was a bit open ended. I'm not complaining about it because the story deserves it. There are just so many things that can happen to both of them. I'm just happy to know that they have their happy-ending-ish ending. ;)

book.fave.rave: ROME (Marked Men, #3)

This book is full of surprises. All good, I can promise you that. ★★★★★★★★★★

Rome is a character that I've been waiting for so long to meet. He was the responsible one back in Rule's book, so I was looking forward to him. As it turns out, Rome is really a good character and his book is so colorful, it'll make you see black, red, pink, green etc..

To me, this was a colorful read because even though it's indeed full of angst, it also made me laugh hard. It made me mad and it also made me want to look up   pictures of military guys just so I can drool over them. ;p

My dear Rome is lost without his military people beside him. He misses having something to do and he misses having a concrete purpose. He was having such a sour time and he was acting all mean and hulkish when suddenly, my punk rock pixie, Cora enters his life.

With Cora as the heroine, this book surely had me captivated. I love her character because she's so.. TINKERBELL ish. She helps people out with relationship or personal problems. She couldn't resist helping Rome too and that worked out well because I think they really needed each other.

One thing led to another and they were obviously on the same boat. Love was inthe air, but Rome was the first one to admit it. That took guts. I love it that he ditched   the norm of commitmentphobes. Once he got his shit straight, he was "all in".

The complication regarding Cora's feelings wasn't really that big of a deal to me. I knew she'll pull herself together. However, the complication regarding the biker dudes... THAT, I didn'see coming. I swear, I cried for him!   I can honestly say that I loved Rome more at the end of this book. He's a real hero and his actions is something that a reader like me can be proud of.  

The plot surely felt well-thought-of. The connections, the surprises as well as the closures that the characters got were all nicely woven that I even jumped for joy in some of them. ^_^

This book sure is made of something amazing. It made me feel good inside. I'm also happy for the bits and pieces of information that I got about the other characters. I'm glad they're doing well. :)  

♥Looking forward to Nash's book as well as Rowdy's and maybe someday, Asa. :)



It's hard to find a bestfriends-turned-lovers book nowadays which is worth the time. This one definitely fit the bill!

Olivia and Nate have such chemistry that it felt like the whole book is sizzling with it. I love how they do things together, at first at friends and then lovers. The push-pull theme in Braden and Joss' case was nothing compared to the push-pull in this book.

The characters were so good with each other. Olivia is the not-so-outgoing-I-feel-so-insecure girl and Nate is the I'm-so-outgoing-and-I'm-so-hot-and-I-know-it guy. As friends, these two were hilarious. Their relationship was platonic at first. Then suddenly, boom! It's not so platonic anymore. haha. I love how Olivia stood up for what she deserves. She has guts. I mean, she jumped through fire to take on what's between the two of them knowing that Nate probably won't reciprocate. She loved the guy right away and Nate... ugh! If I didn't know any better now, I would probably hate his character still. LOL. He has issues the size of a bulldozer. I'm glad that he came to his senses.

Anyway, the best scenes here for me is when Olivia was already pulling away from Nate. I knew what's going to happen next, but that didn't stop me from saying "YOU GO GIRL!" whenever Nate gets jealous or something. I was a gleeful reader in those parts. I love that Olivia resisted for so long to get what she really did deserve.

It had a pretty good ending. I love it! What else can I expect from the author of On Dublin Street eh? All of her plots somewhat get to me like they're all from real life. Good job!

I shall wait patiently for the next one. :)

book.fave.rave: WIDE OPEN (Wide Awake #2)

Good sequel.   

Frankly speaking, I was skeptic about this book because aside from having the lamest name (a chocolate energy drink, really Miss Crane? I love you, but you can do better than that! Haha!), I thought that Milo is a selfish jerk and it was hard to imagine him having his happily ever after with him being like that. In my defense, he really was a jerk.   

Anyway, I gave it a shot and I did enjoy his book. I just read Wide Spaces and I believe that the timeline is pretty well written. It picks up while and after that book. Mason's insecurity regarding Milo is still fresh to me, so you can just imagine my hatred towards Milo for being so self absorbed. I guess I should really forgive his character for that because he was young and stupid. I was so glad when it came to the part wherein he's saying that he got help from a pastor and a shelter. I believe that he really wanted to change. Then came the heroine.   

What can I say about Maya? Aside from being far from being perfect, she's also very, very AND I MEAN VERY UNLUCKY. It bears repeating because seriously, life hadn't been kind to the girl. She experienced blow after blow of unluckiness. You might think that these are just plain, simple unluckiness, but no. All of her family members seem to die out in front of her. Her mom, her dad, dead... And now her brother is also dying. A girl can only take so much. Honestly, I don't believe that there's a girl as strong as her in real life. She lost so much, and yet she's still willing to give hope and help to others. I guess her only problem here is that she's afraid to open up because of her reservations regarding loved ones leaving her. I admire her character. Actually, she's kinda like Emma. The Emma before coma was also kind of a bitch ass princess right? This time, Maya is a reformed addict. Both girls have strong pasts that they overcame.   

Anyway, bad things happen here after another, it's actually full of angst, push and pulls... As in they push away each other many times, but they never manage to stay away. Lol. 

Even though this book may make you feel exhausted because of the angst and push-pulls, you'd also enjoy their relationships. The characters have such vivid roles that you can't see them as anything but what the author wants them to be. The plot is also good... Well, nothing beats WIDE AWAKE for me, but this one comes out as a good number 2.   

Once again, I'm glad I gave it a shot. Good read. :)

book.fave.rave: PRESENT PERFECT (Perfect, #1)



I think this book has garnered all emotions a person can have. I was skeptic, interested, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, hateful, shocked, terrified, shoe-throwing-mad, hair-pulling-livid with the characters. With the way this book made me feel, it deserves a good rating. I think it means that I really felt what I read and that's a rare thing.

The premise of having best friends fall in love in a book is not a new thing to me. The guy was so obvious about it. He mentioned it whenever he can. However, the girl's stubbornness here and her reason behind being stubborn about their relationship is WAYYYY EPIC. She really resisted! LIKE A LOT. I hated her! I wanted to pull her hair because she didn't want the guy "THAT WAY" or so she says, but she also didn't want the guy to be with anyone else! WELL TOUGH LUCK. The guy isn't such a saint. lol. She was so insecure that she let her insecurity rule her life. Until she got sick, that is. I seriously cried in the scenes near the end of this book. I cried because their circumstance is so unfair and the girl was still being dead stubborn. Thank God for that friend who enlightened her about life. I also cried in that scene btw. haha. I know, I know... the waterworks..gosh. Finally, the girl got past her insecurities. I think that was the only time that I was able to breathe freely in this book.

It ended on a happy note, and frankly, that's all that matters to me.

This is a very entertaining read. It's also full of morals and do's and dont's for guy+girl bestfriends. LOL. :)


This book is everything I have hoped for... and then some. 

I really set myself up to finish this book on the first day of January. I figured, why not start the new year with a bang? I was not wrong. I succeeded in choosing the best book to start my year off.

Broken Dove is a book that I've been waiting for ever since I started this series. I had so many speculations whether I'd hate Apollo or feel sorry for Ilsa. As it turns out, my worries weren't ever necessary. Kristen Ashley gave two strong characters again. They were not perfect, in fact, I kinda believe that these two are the weakest among the couples because of the way their pairing started. However, they made reading this book worthwhile because they admitted their imperfections. KA showed us the ugly side of a relationship here. She also showed that where there is ugliness, there's always beauty.

How do I describe Apollo and Maddie (yes, Maddie)? Whirlwind. These two were a such a whirlwind that I had to stop a few times to say "Now that was too fast!". One must understand that these two are already connected one way or another before they even met. They were what the other was looking for way before their story started, so as a reader, I forgive their whirlwind-ness.

Maddie had such a traumatic past with Apollo's other world twin that it was hard to trust Apollo at first. Apollo is of course, still grieving his wife who looked exactly like Maddie, so we can just imagine how he felt. What a pair right? They managed to get past that FAST and thus, their romance begin.

The plot was more complicated than the other books. This time, it's more focused on the war.

Honestly, it was like watching a soap opera. Connivance, betrayals, loyalties etc by the people around them. The issue of Maddie looking like the deceased wife was totally explored. It was just normal, I guess, but it was still annoying to some extent especially when it was Apollo's child who was affected by it. I'm glad that it was resolved. There was also a matter of guys falling for Maddie and Maddie helping a friend out with her own love story. Gosh, there are just so many things to take note of in this book.

A LOT OF THINGS SHOULD ALSO BE SAID ABOUT HOW HOT THIS BOOK IS. The steamy scenes, I can say, compared to the other books are off the charts. I think. It rivals the scenes in Golden Dynasty, and those were intense! hot hot hot ;D

There were also some action parts wherein the guys were all heroes. I loved reading about how the other couple's are fairing. I love how the other characters were all here and were all necessary to the story.

Of course, this book is also humorous. I love how each character finds the bright side of things. :)

I guess all I can do now is wait for Noc's story. My hero from the normal world. :) Hey hotstuff! See you next time!

All in all, I love this book. I love this series and I still totally love Kristen Ashley. This is indeed, a good start for my year! :D

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book.fave.rave: REMY (Real #3)

I don't really know what makes his book a 5 for me. Is it the fact that the guy is so hot even when he's kind of sick? Is it because he know he's imperfect and still strives to be the perfect one for the girl? Is it because he never did back down? Or is it all of the above?

I like his kind of an alpha mam because he actually has his reason (A REALLY SOLID REASON) for acting crazier than normal guys. I love how sweet he can be and how protective he is. He's like a hard ass butter hearted guy. This book showed just how his moods can change drastically. It hurt to read about his insecurities because seriously, he just can't help being the way he is. He is just like that. It's in his DNA. He'sone of those big men that I just want to give a hug because they deserve it. Awwwww.

I'm glad he found his real too. I'm totally happy fpr this perfectly imperfect guy. ;)

Good job REMY. You made me love you.

book.fave.rave: MISBEHAVING (Sea Breeze #6)


I knew it. It's no secret that Jax and Sadie's story is still my favorite in his series, so I had high hopes for his brother. As it turns out, I was right! Jason's story sure is good.

Knowing how Miss Glines creates her character, I expected a lot from Jess too... and it was all good. Jess sure is a contradiction. She's bad, good, mean, nice and oh so concerned about people. She's compassionate and seems to know how a person feel and how to properly react to them. I love how straightforward she is. I love that she reacts like someone who's real and not at all fiction. It was very refreshing. I lastly love just how loyal she can be. Another badass character to add in my list. :)

Now Jason on the other hand, hmmm.. Okay, so he's kind of predictable. He's the rich, good guy who's attracted to the bad girl and wants to protect her because he realizes that this girk is actually worth it. I don't have a lot of things to say about him, just that I love him because he stood up for Jess when his mom came into the picture. I also love him because he just can't let go of Jess. ;)

The plot is good. It's intriguing. It's not so predictable and it's fast paced. It's also very hot. haha.

One of my friends here in goodreads told me that Miss Glines sure can weave a story nicely. I'd have to agree with her. :)

Looking forward to more books like this from her in the future. ^_^

P.S. I looooovvvveee it that Jason is richer than Jax hahaha

Saturday, December 21, 2013



That is how I would describe this book. It made me feel happy, lost, emotional, angry and in the verge of crying and really crying. How a book can do that to me still amazes me.

The plot is so straightforward. Actually, it's as if he author was reading my mind and writing what I wanted her to write. Their political battles, physical battles and emotional battles were just so... real to me. I mean, I was totally in there. I felt it and it was all very fascinating.

June and Day, they sure grew up. A LOT. I love how "you and me against the world" this book is, and yet, I also love it that boh characters can do things without the other. Both of their strengths were highlighted in here. I still love how Day thinks of strategies and uses his strength or even what's left of it. Of course, I still totally love June and her battle skills. I also love how she was more open about her feelings here. I know that she's this badass girl, but hey, every girl needs a little mush in their lives. :)

The dilemma of Day's illness is actually nothing when compared to his dilemma of sort-of blaming June for his family's death. This is why I understand why the ending had to go like that. It was kind of abrupt and cliffhanger-ish, but it was also very considerate of Day's character. At least now, he has little recollection of what happened to his family or if he knows eveything, it may have come from other people, so I think it... lessens the blow?

I can't believe I'm saying this since I'm a girl who hates cliffhangers, but I also like that the ending is an open one. It lets Day and June meet again and of course, there are so many possibilities after that.

I wish with all my heart that there's a novella out there for fanz like me who wants to read about Day and June's gettinh back together story. Gosh that would be a blast. ***Knock knock knockin on Miss Marie Lu's door*** hehehe.

Anyway, just like on my status earlier... I am so glad that I read this before the year ends. It's damn brilliant, it's awesome and it was a great adventure. Thanks for taking me out of my super busy reality even for a while. :)

book.fave.rave: THE ENCHANTRESS RETURNS (The Land of Stories #2)


Those are two words that can describe this novel fully.

After days and days, I finally managed to finish listening to the audiobook. woot!

The story? It's good, it's awesome, it's actually great! However, I'm quite skeptic regarding the ending.

You see, both characters grew here literally and figuratively. When they were faced with the challenge of saving not only one world, but two, they didn't back down. They were only kids for crying out loud! I so love their adventure this time because they went to more places and met more people. Gosh! There were many twists and turns... like the harp and the beanstalk, the little mermaid, the 8th dwarf and Beauty. awwww... I swear I can see them clearly in my head. :) Chris Colfer's voice is just.. wow! It makes you imagine another world in front of you.

The ending is a little... tearful. Although I am sure that this is not the end of Connor and Alex's adventure, I was still in the verge of crying.:( It's just... so sad. :( I'm still looking forward to their next adventure. I'll always look forward to it no matter what.

FAVE CHARACTER: RED (I just had a blast because of her retorts! ahaha)
I also love how this novel clearly stated that fairy tale characters aren't perfect. They have flaws and they also slip up here and there. Most of all, I love how this book stated that it's better to know when to apologize. It's a very good moral to have at the end of the day.

I definitely recommend this to kids and kids at heart. :)

book.fave.rave: LEXICON


It felt as if I was watching a movie. In my head, the characters were real people and the effects were awesome! haha!

I love science fiction movies. I love adventures and most of all... I kind of love LOVE STORIES. All of the things I love...rolled into one book! Great! Just great!

First off, the characters...

Emily - Damn girl, you're a tough act to follow. Never have I been so doubtful of a heroine's real inention. Well, not until you that is.

Emily has been through a lot of things in life. I think she got her street smarts because she had to survive the outside world. For a girl who still carries a pikachu bag, I'm shocked that she's badass! From being a card shark, she managed to enter a school for people who are skilled in the art of persuasion. Then it started to become more and more complicated. It was like watching a person be sucked into a mafia family with no real way out. The things that she experienced inside the "school" were also not exactly easy, but she was able to pull through because she's a very determined girl.

If you read this, you'll go through phases:

1. Awwww I feel sorry for Emily phase.
2. Emily is a badass girl!
3. Emily is a smart badass girl!
4. Emily is somehow desperate.
5. Emily is da bomb.
6. Emily is starting to be annoying.
7. Emily is so effin scary.
8. Emily is hateful.
9. How could she do that???
10. Is she gonna kill everyone?
11. Awwww I feel sorry again for Emily.
12. I wish Emily would just kill them!
13. GO EMILY! Fight! AJA! (Korean expression for fighting!)

Now of course we have Wil and Eliot. The mysterious guys. Eliot is a man who had been there at the school for such a long time. He's very disciplined and he's smart. He taught Emily and she looked up to him. Wil on the other hand... is the immune one. I can't tell a lot things about him becuase that will ruin the surprise. Just know that the secrets will knock you off your feet.

Secondly, the plot. If I have a penny for every moment that I was shocked in this novel... Maybe I can buy myself a nice dinner! Imagine a school wherein they teach you to use language as a weapon. They teach you many ways to tell people how to just kill themselves with words. Wow, just wow. It's fantastic! I cannot ask for a better plot.

I hope everyone reads this!

I also wish for this to be made into a movie! ;)

P.S. To my reading buddy for this book, high five! You chose well! :)

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL (The School for Good and Evil #1)


I mean ohmygosh! This book is just.. It's so... It's ... UGHHH.. This one makes me speechless!

Okay, I have to compose myself.


The story is all about good and evil, as the title says. It's all about the division between the two and the fine line that separates the two parties.

At first, I thought I got it all figured out. Sophie, the singing girl in all pink would become a princess and Agatha, the girl who lives in a graveyard would become a grand witch. These two were unlikely friends you see. I thought that everything was all planned out. Imagine my shock when at the start of the book, they were dropped into opposite sides! Sophie in the school for evil and Agatha in the school for good! SHOCKER! I thought that all was a mistake, really. However, as the story progressed, the characters started to project different attitudes. Sophie started to become infuriating. She was so... friggin bratty and downright catty! Then Agatha started caring and becoming super good. Color me confused!

Then, I found out that I've been tricked too! haha. Tricked because I didn't really know who I was rooting for. Was I rooting for Sophie's survival in the evil school or was I rooting for Agatha's triumphs in the good school? Was I also rooting for the prince who's sometimes vain and sometimes gallant? Gosh.. It was all so confusing.. and also very exciting! Their schools are made to be well.. Harry Potter-ish.. only with a lot of divisions and lots of rules. I swear, they're all so interesting (their subjects and challenges).

My only sort-of complaint is the ending.. ugh! It's so abrupt! But the book is just so beautiful that you have to appreciate "the now" rather than dwell on that cliffhanger.

In my head, this book as become my own personal movie. For hours and hours, I listened to their magical schools. When I become a parent one day, this will be one of the books that I'll put on my hmm.. 9-11 year old daughter.

book.fave.rave: STEELHEART (Reckoners #1)

What do you do when your supposed-to-be heroes become villains instead?

You hope. 

You help.

You hold out.

Until the real heroes come.

Or... you know, just be a hero yourself. :)

This is the story of David and how he managed to defeat the big bad villain.

David isn't epic. He's not AN EPIC. He's a pretty normal guy. Well, he's normal enough.. until you find out about all his "nerdness". His dad was killed by the big "epic" (this is what they call those people who have powers) in town named Steelheart. After that, his sole mssion in life was to kill him. He studied Epics for ten years and somehow, he was able to collect data that not all people know. He was able to figure out their weaknesses etc. That was his ticket to becoming a reckoner (anti epics). Once he joined the reckoners, it was all about planning, improvising and executing them all correctly. I love how their strategies work out. They may not be powerful, but they sure make it work for the best.

The twist in the end made this book damn perfect. I totally didn't see that (or those, since there's more than one) coming. AWESOME.

This book is full of action, adventure, strategies, powers and determination. I love how the plot went and I love the characters. The author is a genius to have made a whole new world in my head. I hope the next books will be as awesome. ;p


Awesome, awesome book!

Everyone knows that I love fairytale retellings. I love how characters from my fairy tale books do some other things beside the things that they were able to accomplish in the books. This retelling of many different stories is just amazing. I love how their stories are re-woven. I honestly didn't expect to love the story this much.

Our main characters are twins who were dealing with something really heavy in their life, when suddenly, they fell into a book. Yes, they fell into a book. We follow their adventure into different kingdoms as they find a way to get back to the modern world. There were many twists and turns into each story. This book is just as interesting as it was funny. I couldn't ask for a more perfect plot. There wasn't any dull moment in this book. It also ended pretty well. I just have to say that I figured out the twist in the middle of the book. ;p

I sure am going to read... or listen ( in my case) to the next one right away. :) 

Love it!


This book will make you think about many, many things.

I purposefully didn't watch the movie so that I could focus on the book.

The Help is all about life in the U.S. when coloring was still a very, very.. and I MEAN VERY important for ranking people. After reading this, I became even more thankful that I live in the modern time. I believe that people are more compassionate now than before. I hated the rich women in this book. I hated how they look at "colored" people like they were really under them. I also hated how they spread rumors like fire. Most of all, I hated how they treated each other. Singling out a person just cuz he/she was different? Leaving your friend alone when she needs you the most just cuz you don't want the friggin "sort-of-leader" to be angry at you too? Being so damn pretentious to your friend (I could just gag!)? LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES? Are these really the traits of friendships in the old times? Well if that is what friendship meant back then, I wish it never becomes a trend again. Gosh.

This book made me so angry, so sad and yet, strangely... it made me so happy. I was rooting for the colored women who wanted change. I was rooting for that one white woman who also wanted change. I was also rooting for that one white, naive woman who treated a colored help like a real friend. Lastly, I was rooting for that book! That darn book that was the secret of everybody. I loved how they shared their stories in that book. It felt as if they were all true.

I was jumping for joy when they succeeded. I was very happy for them all. I actually don't have a favorite character because when this book changes POV, I instantly love that character.. I don't know why. hmm..

Anyway.. the ending is jump my tiny complaint. It would have been better if it was longer. I wanted to know what'll happen to those mean, hideous, badly-character-deformed women! I wanted to know that they had bad lives after all that they did, especially THAT sort-of-leader! ugh.

All in all.. this is a DAMN GOOD BOOK. One should not skip this. It's a very enlightening, heartfelt and solidly inspirational read. 




I knew I could trust you with the ending of.. you know.. JUST MY FAVORITE GODS-DEMIGODS-HALF/PUREBLOODS SERIES!!!

You are my angel of HEAs!!!


Sentinel.. Oh! How this book blew me away. It totally rocked! First, the plot was very consistent with what happened in the last book. Somehow, the ugly and beautiful things that happened just mixed well together in this book. It's still fast-paced, humorous, mysterious, full of action and so full of emotion that I think I cried once or twice at some parts. It also has some surprises that I am so relieved and thankful for.

Aiden Needless to say, I love Aiden. I love him more here because of his faith and protectiveness. I love him because he knows how to love Alex. I love him because he's just... there. He's just like this one constant thing that I look forward to in every page. This book made him seem more capable and more in tune with Alex.

Seth It's so hard to forget what his character did in the last book. However, he really did seem to change here. He was also a source of humor, and that's really good. Also, I liked how he seemed to have kept Alex sane when she was about to explode again. I liked how they talk like they were just best friends and not really the puppy love feel that has been going on in the past books.

Alex Still the same stubborn girl... with more feelings. I love how she's so expressive to Aiden and I love how she fought so hard. She's just plain badass and so unafraid. I mean, she was afraid lots, but she decided to be strong.

Even the other characters were essential to this book. I personally like Apollo. :)

The ending was just.. so unexpected that I think I watched a movie with a twist. A nice and really good twist. One big happy ending, so ALL IS GOOD. ^_^

book.fave.rave: CARTER REED


So that is how a mob book goes.


Carter Reed is my first mob book. I've only seen glimpses of them in other books. As it turns out, It really is what I expected it to be. It's action packed. Guns, knives and fighting? Yeah, they're all here.


I now know why the title is CARTER REED. This book is totally HIM. ALL HIM. I mean, Emma is the narrator most of the time and this is her story. However, the feel of the book is all him. It's edgy, hot and dangerous. I love how he cared for Emma all those years. I love how he protected her and I love how he loves her.

I thought Emma was just some damsel at first. She experiences something life changing and she asks Carter for help and holds on to him always after that. She was full of guilt that she frustrated me at some point. Anyway, she is more resilient than I thought and she accepted Carter through and through. She even stood by him during darker times. I admire her character a lot. :) I even wish I was her, even with the bad stuff.

The story line is good. It's mysterious, exciting and full of action. The characters are imperfectly perfect. It's all good.

I wish there's another book. :)

book.fave.rave: RECKLESS (Thoughtless #3)


I finally read this book. I waited for a right state of mind and emotion to open this book again. I was afraid that I'll see things that I wouldn't like. The start of this series had so many unfaithfulness that for books 2 and 3, I was sorta afraid for more "cheating" scenes. Thankfully, there was none of that, and I am really thankful.

My four hours today was spent reading through Keira and Kellan's life on the road. It was not pretty and it wasn't without bumps. They had very bad experiences with the media and with the fans. I think I never got over the way their fans acted. They were crazy and they were downright mean to Keira. Is it really like that in real life? I wonder. Anyway, the plot revolved around our two characters fighting for their relationship while on the road and overcoming obstacles. I love that they were more trustful of each other. I also love that their group of friends were very much supportive. Anna and Grif were really hilarious. Those two need their own novella! hahah. Oh well. It was fun reading this. Keira and Kellan together? Hot, explosive and dramatic. :)

This ending is epic. They may have started on a bad note, but their ending surely is a happy one.

Once again, congrats Keira and Kellan! Love you both.



I was not able to resist the power of Mr. Riordan. I was giddy with excitement so I ordered the audiobook right away and finished it, even though the narrator change was a shocker (it's too bad really, I would've loved the audio if it was Joshua Swanson or Jesse Bernstein).

Anyway, let's focus on the story.


This series just got on to a higher level. 

Secrets, mysteries, guarded treasures, disappearing islands, character come-backs, hello-nightmares and a reunion of lifetime, you name it! It's in this book!

Don't continue reading this if you don't like spoilers. I have lots of them.

Percy and Annabeth battle their way out of Tartarus. If you ask me, I'd say they gave their ALL in here... like really THEIR ALL. They were together yes, but that doesn't mean that it was easy peasy. They were tested through and through. I love them for holding on and for not losing hope even when they thought nobody would help them. I love them for giving their best shot in every turn. I'm pretty sure that my head is imagining the right imagery for Tartarus, or shall I say hell? So yeah, I'd say they had the biggest challenge here and they succeeded. Congratulations!!! ^_^

Hazel - Hello me! Apparently, I'm also badass! hahahha
I really like the way Hazel handled herself in this book. I liked her more because she grew up a lot and she pushed herself to her limit. She was not afraid to try new things. She was even hopeful. I cannot believe that she will be the one to beat the final boss! Good job me! hahaha ;p

Leo - You are still my favorite character, don't you worry, babe!
He is still funny as ever, although he may have changed in this book for the better. He was able to find a new love interest. Ahem, Calypso. I actually find them cute. Not exactly like beauty and the beast, more like the pretty girl and the hot mechanic. I'm also happy for him because he found a purpose and he's definitely no seventh wheel. He makes this story more fun and exciting!

Frank - Dude, if you ever say you're afraid of fire again, I'll ask Leo to incinerate you! Hahaha :D Oh! Congratulations on your promotion too!
This guy should really accept that he's a real warlord. He's a son of the war god for chrissakes! He was so helpful in this book that I totally wanted to be on Team Frank if I wasn't already committed to team Leo. He grew up fast... literally! He also learned that he inherited more powers from his dad, so that's good. :) I look forward to more "growing up" for him.

Piper - Love is not useless. It's powerful and very much a weapon. Good for you Piper! Way to go. You were very smart in here and I love you for believing in your own abilities. :)

Jason - Hmmm.. I feel as if you didn't do much here. Hmmmmmmm...
Oh! This guy is awesome to Nico!! Yeah!!!
Jason, I love you for accepting Nico. Maybe someday, he'll feel more accepted by others. :)

NICO - Yeah, I know you don't belong to the 7, but still, you were vital in this book. I don't care who you like.. I sill like you because you are one badass demigod. Who else can raise the dead as good as you? I definitely like that you are Mr. Mysterious. However, I hope that you'll be more open in the next book. I HOPE WE GET TO READ YOUR POV. SERIOUSLY. I NEED TO GET INSIDE THAT HEAD OF YOURS. I WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!

REYNA - I totally feel bad for you girl! :( I can't imagine how it must feel trying to be with both Jason and Percy and being shot down by the two of them. I also can't imagine being the leader of a legion, trying to do what's best for them while still abiding very strict laws. I especially cannot imagine breaking THAT LAW and going after your gut feeling ALONE in a VERY DANGEROUS PLACE. Gosh, you make them all seem puny since you traveled all the way by yourself and there are 7 of them. I'd like to see more from Reyna because I really think that she's QUEEN MATERIAL.

P.S. Did you know that REYNA actually means QUEEN in Filipino?

What I liked more about this series is that even the other characters (supporting or villains) have their unique traits. You can't just forget about them. In this book, I loved Bob. He's such a contradiction. I love him because not only was he helpful, he was innocent and not. haha.. confusing eh? Well, let's just say that Bob grows on you. :)

The story just got a lot more exciting, enticing, adventurous, gut wrenching, heart wrenching and heart stopping. This promises good things for the last book in the series. I can't wait. 

I'm so thankful that this book doesn't end with a cliffhanger. I can bask in the glory of it until the next book comes out.


BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: THE MARK OF ATHENA (The Heroes of Olympus #3)


I cannot describe exactly how I feel right after reading this book, but I can definitely say that I am so happy that I waited until next book came out before I read this. I've also pre ordered the audible edition of the next book so I'm currently playing it in the background.

In this story, they go through VARIOUS (YES I REALLY DO MEAN VARIOUS) quests to prevent war between the two demigod parties. They are also figuring out how to make the gods better since they are torn into two nowadays. Torn into two meaning, they are all somehow going crazy or as they put it, schizophrenic.

Percy and Annabeth are finally reunited. They try their hardest to unite the two parts of the group. Somehow, they succeed on it and everyone become friends. They learn how to trust each other's skills and they learn how to work together.

I love Percy and everyone. They were all essential to this story. I love how they think. Of course, they're not like any other teens since they are basically trained to survive... but that just made the story more interesting. I love their reaction to things. I love how they can still joke around even when in stress. The humor in this book? WAYYY OFF THE CHARTS. I swear I laughed my ass off! haha

Okay.. soo.. decision time.. WHO'S MY FAVORITE CHARACTER?

LEO. LEO. LEO. LEO. LEO. LEO. LEO. ---> I just love him! He's damn smart, resourceful, super funny, cool and lonely. Yeah yeah, lonely is somewhat bad, but it's more fun when the lonely guy becomes happy so I'm looking forward to his "happiness". I am rooting for his character. I think he'll be my fave til the end of this series, but we shall see. :)

PLOT LINE - 100%
ENDING - meh! haha. I don't really care now since I waited, but I can just imagine the horror of not having the next book right away after this one. That's cruel! haha

Anyhoo.. let's hope for a better ending in this next book. ;p

book.fave.rave: SIMPLE PERFECTION (Perfection #2)

This is one good sequel!

To be honest, I was prepared to hate Woods all over again. I thought that with his dad dead, he was gonna come back and not think of Della anymore.. but nooooo, ohmy, how he protected that girl! He's very sensitive when it comes to Della so no one can mess with her. I love how he was able to hold on even when Della went far away from him. I love how crazy he is about Della here (and yes, he was.. in this sequel he was like a madman obsessed with Della.. am i weird that I like that? maybe I'm all kinds of effed up too hmm..). I love how he defended and protected her all the way. Della is one lucky girl.

Of course, Woods is also one hot lucky guy because Della may think that she's a weakling, but really, she's not. Her back story here is a lot more enlightening that you'll really be able to accept her.:)

What made this story extra special is their group of friends. I swear, I became envious of Della because she had such great friends. Oh what I wouldn't give to have a Tripp and Braden of my own?!! I really envy them. Even the people around Woods are so supportive in their own ways. Maybe this is also why my heart is still breaking for..... :( ugh, I just can't believe it!! Oh well, it had to be done, I guess. My Tripp deserves his own story so..... but still... :(

Anyhoo, this is still a great read. Miss Glines is such a great story teller and she proved it once again!!! whoooopwooo!!!

Read it! ;p

book.fave.rave: FEED (Newsflesh Trilogy #1)


Actually, this is a pretty exhausting book and I didn't realize that until I was already in too deep. 


Need I say more?

Of course, this is full of action, brain blowing scenes, guns blaring and wave after wave of screams and a lot of plotting. What makes it more special is just how clever the story is made to be. The characters are just superb. They're so perfect that after listening to this for a week or so, I AM VERY MUCH ATTACHED TO THEM. Especially to George. Shaun is a fun character, but George is the brain of the group. I am always AND I MEAN ALWAYS amazed with her techniques and advice with the news. I love the way she talks (and yes. the narrator's voice as well) and I love how she grills people. I also love how strong she is and how badass she can be... also how she can care so much for her brother and her other coworkers.

The story revolves around these two characters who are leading a news team that unfortunately faced every unlucky thing in a world with zombies. These two characters made it feel as if this book is quite real. It made me feel as if this is really possible and I love it. Yeah, I know, I know, this book is so morbid that I must be crazy to think that it can be real. However, that is really how I feel. The author made me feel as if it's possible. The world of this book is sad, funny, exciting, thrilling and very much frightening. I probably like it because I was able to feel those emotions all at the same time.

I am so excited about the next book because I know that Shaun will be a great protagonist and I'm pretty much excited to see what will happen to him and what things he'll try doing.

Actually, while making this review, I'm already starting with the next book. Wish me luck!



I can't believe I haven't read this before. I guess I was too wary of finishing ALL of KA's books (since I won't have anythig left to read after).

A friend of mine strongly recommended this. She was telling me how different it is from the other books because this time, it's the hero who has a lot of issues in life. Boy was she right! The hero has some issues the size of a bulldozer and he carries it inside like a man possessed. He was always thinking that he's moving in borrowed time. I mean, hey, it's okay to fear that someday all things would end, but his fear was all consuming and gut wrenching it wasn't even funny. I can't believe I'll be saying this about a hero, but damn he was so frustrating at times. He's lucky that he's tall, dark and handsome, narrow hipped and powerful. I guess after all he's been through, it was just natural for him to think that he doesn't deserve all good things that have been thrown his way. He's also sooooo verrryyy lucky that the heroine was willing to fix him.

The heroine, of course was also unique in her own way. You see, I think KA makes three different kinds of heroines, 1. hard as nails, kickass, badass women with a little sweet side 2. sweet girls, a little nerdy and too cute, bubbly and gentle type with a backbone 3. a mixture of the first two... Now if this couple had not been through what they had in this book, I'd think that the heroine here is a type 2. But yeah, after facing what she faced, I'd say she's a type 3. I love her because she's just plain perfect, I mean, how perfect can you really be when you have been created by a genie as a wish? She just completes the whole package of this book.

What I love about this as well, is the plot itself. It's so uniquely carved. Who would've thought that I would love another book with genies with it? I love Aladdin, but I thought it was a fluke. haha. Oh well... Anyway, this was like a friggin soap opera. The trials that they faced were brutal and still, I love it! I couldn't do anything else as soon as i started reading this. Yes, the story is THAT GOOD!

All in all, this was such a nice book. I hope everyone reads it. ;)

book.fave.rave: ADAM, ENOUGH SAID (This Can't Be Happening #3)


I have been waiting for Adam's story since Lexi's book. His story blew my mind. I can't believe I didn't read this right away.

I was so afraid that I'll end up hating this 3rd book in the series considering how much I hated the second one. However, it surpassed my expectations. I love it! It's definitely worth the time.

Adam is a cop who's kind of a ladies man. He's just too flirty and handsome and hot for his own good. Little did I know (because of the TOO LITTLE information about him in the last two books) that Adam has been through a lot. He's sort of heartbroken... and get this, his heart was broken by none other than his WIFE. Well, it's a little complicated really. What happened to them is not a walk in the park. It runs deep and is not easily erased especially when it all just became a tangled mess. One thing that surprised me is how showy and vocal Adam os about his feelings for Mia, his wife. He's so honest about it. In fact, he's too honest that he sometimes say stupid things. I like that he's so afraid that Mia will leave again and he'd feel as if he'll die again. Yeah I'm a cruel, cruel reader. haha. It's just so cute how he always looks for Mia and would be super agitated with a mere hint that Mia would leave him. Awesome guy... noy afraid to show his feelings... and the ears, oh the tears. ;p (see? cruel. haha)

Moving on, Mia... Where do I begin? Mia is a woman who has experienced a lot more than what women her age have. She's a strong one, i give you that. I like that she has a backbone to spar with Adam verbally. I like that she can be so sweet sometimes. Actually, my only problem with her is her trust issues. I hate how she can just jump to a conclusion and keep that to herself. I thoight girls are supposed to be the ones who're vocal, but no. Mia proves that wrong because most of her discussions are i ternal. She battles with herself regularly. To gove in to Adam or not to give in? To leave Adam or not to leave? To smile at Adam or not to smile?... She was always thinking to herself. Anyway it all became better in the end sp that's all that matters to me.

The story line is definitely better than the second one. These two will make your head spin because one minute they're kissing, the next they're throwing stuff, then they're making out again and the some. It's hot and very entertaining. There's a lot of heartache in there, but once they get past that, ot's all good.

I really really love Adam's character here. ♥♥♥♥

I love this story.

I hope that the next one is better... although I'll be very angry with Missy. errrr.

book.fave.rave: OFF THE RECORD (Off #3)

I had my doubts yes, but I must admit... That was a pretty good read!!!

It was like watching a chick flick.

Ever and Linc make one great pair.

The cicumstances that brought them together is highly amusing. The plot was designed to be as entertaining as possible. I believe that it was also designed for readers to hate Ever. Guilty as charge. I hated her and I loved Linc. Well, i forgave Ever in the end. Even though she was such a bitch to Linc, even if she was also selfish and only thought of her own daddy issues... I still forgave her character. Linc on the other hand is definitely a reformed guy. He's perfect.. well, except for the booty calls at the start of this novel, I didn't find any other fault in him. He's patient, understanding and is capable of loving a person even if the said person was a complete bitch.

I'm glad with the way things ended. The grand gesture of Ever will always remain in my head.

This book has a plot that is slow and gradually builds up for a great climax. :)

Good sequel! ^_^



WHAT A MOVIE!!!!! Oh was that a book? Didn't feel like it. IN MY MIND, I WAS WATCHING A MOVIE

I don't even know where to start.

Mannnn... the things that I read.

Let's just break it down.

★ STORY LINE - If you have been a fan of this series for the longest time, then we have no problems. Their story became BIGER AND DAMN BETTER that you will have no complaints over it.

Now if you have been a bystander for this series for the longest time, it'll be trickier. Back in the day (hahahaa well, it'not that long ago that the series has started), I would've recommended this series to those people who like the love hate relationship. I'll also recommend it to those people who's okay with hot alien guys and that's about it. However, after reasing the third and fourth book, the criteria has changed. If you want to read about a hot alien guy that is sooooo okay with burning down the world for one human girl, then yes, THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU. If you want to read about weird testing facilities and mad scientists, then yes, THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU. If you want to read about two people who will move heaven and Earth for each other, then yes, THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU. If you want to reas about family dynamics, group dynamics and action in every turn, then yes, THIS SERIES IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU.

★ CHARACTERS - KATY grew up pretty fast. The book blogger who hates Daemon's guts is now kicking ass and has her eyes opened. She was constantly concerned about Daemon and other people. The girl who mostly lived in fiction world and reviewed books found herself in a real life battle with once-believed-fictional-characters. I knoe that she's feeling a whole lot guilty again because of killing a certain someone, but in my opinion, HE DESERVED IT. As a reader, I would've preferred hos character dead from the start. Oh well. Anyway, I firmly believe that her character has come a long way.

DAEMON .... what do I even say that will make you less awesome? YOU'RE JUST SO PERFECT IN THIS BOOK! I can't even fault you in the smallest things. He has one thing in mind. KATY. When Daemon sets his mind into something, he has his eyes on the prize. The things that he said here will make your heart, head and pardon me.. panties MELT. He's just so darn sweet to Katy that I highlighted most of his lines. The things that goes inside that beautiful, beautiful dhead of his.. awww I wanted every POV to be his!! His character is so far gone that he will fight anyone for a life with Katy. Now my only question is... will he fight his kind too?

THE OTHER CHARACTERS - I admire the author's ability of making the other characters have distinct personalities. For example, Dee is back to being her bubbly, brother defying self. Luc is revealed to be more badass and weirder than before. Archer, the new guy, jas this mysterious soldier vibe that makes me happy because it suits Dee. I hope they continue to be closer. haha. Even the villains have their own distinct personalities. It's just amazing. It makes me feel that they are all necessary to the story and not just background pieces.

★ THE FUTURE OF THIS SERIES - Lux has such a big potential. I would love to see this on big screen (bits and pieces of the forst to third book and the whole of the fourth one). Alien invasion, fight between humans and making a stand... this is what I have in mind for this series. Things can only get mpre action packed, thrilling and let's hope that the sweet moments remain because gosh, this one's the sweetest by far. IT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO BE KATY, even with the war brewing.

All in all... nice book.. good book.. GREAT BOOK.. AWESOME BOOK. I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK AND DAEMON.

I am looking forward to the next one. Waiting. Patiently. Really patiently.

book.fave.rave: SOMETIMES IT LASTS (Sea Breeze #5)

Abbi Glines has done it again!

She made me love Cage more and I love her more for it. That author can really tell stories!

I was afraid that this sequel will be boring to me, but noooo.. from the start of the book until the end, it kept me engaged.

Cage's character surprised me. He was constantly worrying about Eva. He's always touching her. thinking of her, waiting for her and all that. He was even willing to give up everything for Eva. Just plain sweet. ;)

I already love Cage, but Eva? She shined more here. I love how she loved her daddy and how she took care of him. Her resilience is amazing. I love her for being a a good friend to Jeremy and even to Cage's friends. She accepted the gang all too easily. I love how she reacted to Cage. Her constant love for Cage and her forgiving heart won me over all the more.

Of course, this also ends on a happy note. Now, I can sleep. :) (it's 2a.m. now in my country).... OH MY I JUST NOTICED THAT I ALSO FINISHED THE FIRST BOOK OF CAGE AT AROUND 2AM TOO!! just.. wow! ♥♥♥

I hope there's a novella out there for Eva's labor. I just love babies and pregnant ladies. :)

P.S. Just like the other novels in this series, I'm glad that the author lets us take a peek of the other main characters. Congratulations Low! I hope your kid ends up with Cage's kid! hahaha that would be great! ^_^



100 stars!!!!




To those who know me here in goodreads, you might have noticed that I love audiobooks for fantasy books. Ender's Game is sort of a trial run for me for a Science fiction novel (audio version). It couldn't have been more perfect. I'm telling you... IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE PERFECT.

Ender, Ender, Ender.... how do I start talking about you, you perfect, perfect boy with so much in mind and such a big heart?

He's a survivor, that's what he really is. I love it that he spent most of his life struggling and then coming out of it VICTORIOUS. I love all of the suprises that this book gave. I's very satisfying.

The story is very well crafted that it was like watching a movie in my mind. My dad, my sister and I are all big fans of Science fiction movies that this book was really like unwrapping a gift. This was a gift because first of all, the action parts were equal to the thinking parts. There weren't too much internal monologues. He thinks, he delivers. That's just how it is with our genius boy. The kids' battles were so well thought of that I sometimes stop listening to process what I heard first. Even the other characters became essential in this story. Even if I hated the adults most of the time, I understand their reason for picking Ender. I hated them for putting him in too many messed up situations, but I also loved them for it because time and again, Ender proved to be the best. His classmates or schoolmates were not the best, but most of those in his circle were all good so I guess I shouldn't be complaining either. I liked Valentine in the end because she stayed with Ender and that's the best thing. :)

If someone told me that this could happen in real life, brace your self, I may just believe you.;p



I have been waiting for this moment. The moment wherein I can say that I know Ally's story. From book 1, Ally has been a constant mystery to me. She's the constant fixture in my ROCK CHICK WORLD. (Yes, I consider it my own other world. ;p). Now that I have finished it... I proudly say that it surpassed my expectations. Indeed, it's a perfect end to a perfect series.

First off, if you have been following the Rock Chicks from day one, you already know that Ally is a badass, strong, fun loving, jaw dropping (with her lines), GLUE-TO-THE-GROUP, BEF-TO-INDY, LITTLE-SISTER-TO-TWO-BADASSES and SAVIOR-TO-MY-FAVE-FAYE!!! What you don't know is how mushy, cheesy or sweet Ally can be for people that she loves. She'll fight tooth and nails not to cry, but damn it's so good when she does because you'd feel it as a reader. I love her determination as a woman and as a fighter. She did not let anything hinder her from reaching her dream. I definitely love how she fell for Ren. It was instantaneous, as it was not (that's confusing but if you read it, you'll see).

REN, REN, REN... Where do I even begin? We know from the previous books that Ren is a real hottie, badass, part of a crime empire. What we did not know is just how sweet this badass can really be. I swear YOU WILL FEEL IT IN YOUR BONES.He's sooooo badass that when he flips his sweet side on? DAYYYUUMMM. I love how he can stand up to anybody for Ally. I love his protectiveness and I love how he accepted EVERYTHING about her. He deserves all the kudos for APOLOGIZING and making it a VERY SWEET APOLOGY. I love how he held on and I love how he made the fairy tale happen.

Their story is all about coming together, friendship, family, humor, love, hate, acceptance, closure and happily-ever-afters. It has action, hot moments, sweet nothings and a kaleidoscope of other scenes.

Needless to say, this is the power couple to me. They made me love them all over again, and I mean ALL OF THEM. This book is just... so precious and I know in my heart that I'm not going to forget this.

I love it.

I love them.

I love Kristen Ashley for giving me this.

I love my self hahahaha. I love my self for loving books, thus, loving the ROCK CHICKS.

I can't imagine life without loving books... I also can't imagine life without KA's books. That's not weird or anything.

Just plain truth.

Til your next ROCK 'N ROLL, MY DEAR ROCK CHICKS. :) I love you all!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


It's been a long time since I posted a fave drama.

Well that's about to change. I have fulfilled my year's quota for drama and this will be the first in my ranking.

I HEAR YOUR VOICE is a romantic, fantasy-ish, court room, twist-filled and action-filled drama. I love it so much because of the depth and morals that it gives to viewers.

The main characters meet when they were at a younger age. They were both caught in battle against a crime maliciously done to the father of the hero (Park Soo Ha). Needless to say, that event marked both of their souls for life.

After how many years, they meet again. Soo Ha is still studying, while Hye Sung is a weird lawyer. Soo Ha doesn't admit right away to Jang Hye Sung (the heroine) that he's the boy she helped a long time ago. He conceals it as he starts to fulfill his promise of protection for her. Hye Sung, although reluctant about his help at first, gave in because she also perceives that danger is still upon her even after all those years. Somehow, they end up living together because of the danger and they become closer.

Although Soo Ha is younger that Hye Sung, Soo Ha seems very mature for his age. I guess going through what he went through, he's bound to become an old soul. From the start of the drama, it's been made clear that Hye Sung is the first love and all-time love of Soo Ha. It was so cute, the way he gets so overprotective of her and gets jealous of other guys who are older than him. It was also cute, the way Hye Sung kept fighting how she felt for Soo Ha. Their love story is cute, but is also very meaningful mainly because in this drama, they face so many trials.

Let's not forget that this is also a court-room drama. Their times at court were so... enlightening? I have never been to a hearing before and honestly, this is the first drama that I watched wherein A LOT of time was spent on hearings. The acting? DAMN GOOD Their cases? GRAND! Not that I was happy about their crimes, it's just that I find them to be very smart. I mean, the writer is very very VERY smart because he/she was able to come of with the background story of each case. 

What's also good about this is that even the meanest character can be loved. I swear I teared up in this episode:

Yes, there were many times wherein I found myself crying over this drama. It was all so very emotional. I could say that the one that made me bawl like a baby is Hye Sung's mom. Damn, that mom's story will forever be embedded in my heart. I love her and her teachings. I love her for how she raised Hye Sung. It's so noble of her character. Their mother-daughter relationship is very inspiring. :)

Anyway... the best thing about this drama is that it has a happy ending. :) 

I hope everyone watches this. I bet you'd pick up a thing or two in this drama. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

book.fave.rave: ANGUISH

Whyever did I wait so long to read this book? 

Maybe it's because the title speaks of sadness and I'm really not up for that. However, this novel didn't really have anguish in it (in my opinion). It had struggles, challenges, drastic changes, determination and promise.  

I am so happy because I got to read about he kind of hero that I don't normally see in novels nowadays. This hero is between the softer kind and the alpha kind. Imagine a hero that loves gardening, simulation games, and still can drive a Harley. That's something special.

I am in love with Breaker's character because even though he couldn't go out because of his fear, he still found it in him to be sweet to our heroine. I thought people with this kind of a phobia didn't really talk to other people, but I guess I'm wrong because Breaker was really talkative with Ash. I love how he really fell in love with Ash and complimented her in every way. He found it in himself to want to change things for her and ultimately, for himself.  

Ashland on the other hand, is a very caring girl. I swear, I always love characters who talk a lot and Ash is not an exception. Her character led Breaker out of the shield that he created for himself. It was cute what she did. Cute and very very considerate. I love how patient she is with him. I also love how she was able to do the hardest thing near the end. I commend her for that.  

Their love story is pretty predictable, really, even with the drama and complication... And yet, it's heartfelt and lovable. I wish everyone reads this.

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: HUNTED (The Iron Druid Chronicles #6)


100 stars!!!! 

Ohmy Mr. Hearne, you did it again!


I was lost in Atticus' world again. This is why I love listening to audio versions. I literally couldn't read other books since Atticus was always in my head this week. Anyway, everything was just plain perfect.

I had lots of fun reading this because:

1. The characters are still as humorous and as kickass as ever.


3. The plot thickens. It never gets boring and it never stops having full on action.

4. I was swept away with the descriptions of places and beings. I just.. OH MAN, WOW!!!

5. Granuaile has her own POV. AND SHE ALSO GETS A NEW HOUND WOOOOOTTT!!!!

6. The story grows more serious by the minute, but the author still manages to make it sound light and funny. I can't explain how he does it, but it works for me.



I'm so happy with the way this book turned out. I was following all of his posts regarding this and I was so very excited. As it turns out, I got more than what I imagined. This book is just... WOW. I am a full blown stalker of this author and I hope he doesn't mind. ;)