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I have been waiting for this moment. The moment wherein I can say that I know Ally's story. From book 1, Ally has been a constant mystery to me. She's the constant fixture in my ROCK CHICK WORLD. (Yes, I consider it my own other world. ;p). Now that I have finished it... I proudly say that it surpassed my expectations. Indeed, it's a perfect end to a perfect series.

First off, if you have been following the Rock Chicks from day one, you already know that Ally is a badass, strong, fun loving, jaw dropping (with her lines), GLUE-TO-THE-GROUP, BEF-TO-INDY, LITTLE-SISTER-TO-TWO-BADASSES and SAVIOR-TO-MY-FAVE-FAYE!!! What you don't know is how mushy, cheesy or sweet Ally can be for people that she loves. She'll fight tooth and nails not to cry, but damn it's so good when she does because you'd feel it as a reader. I love her determination as a woman and as a fighter. She did not let anything hinder her from reaching her dream. I definitely love how she fell for Ren. It was instantaneous, as it was not (that's confusing but if you read it, you'll see).

REN, REN, REN... Where do I even begin? We know from the previous books that Ren is a real hottie, badass, part of a crime empire. What we did not know is just how sweet this badass can really be. I swear YOU WILL FEEL IT IN YOUR BONES.He's sooooo badass that when he flips his sweet side on? DAYYYUUMMM. I love how he can stand up to anybody for Ally. I love his protectiveness and I love how he accepted EVERYTHING about her. He deserves all the kudos for APOLOGIZING and making it a VERY SWEET APOLOGY. I love how he held on and I love how he made the fairy tale happen.

Their story is all about coming together, friendship, family, humor, love, hate, acceptance, closure and happily-ever-afters. It has action, hot moments, sweet nothings and a kaleidoscope of other scenes.

Needless to say, this is the power couple to me. They made me love them all over again, and I mean ALL OF THEM. This book is just... so precious and I know in my heart that I'm not going to forget this.

I love it.

I love them.

I love Kristen Ashley for giving me this.

I love my self hahahaha. I love my self for loving books, thus, loving the ROCK CHICKS.

I can't imagine life without loving books... I also can't imagine life without KA's books. That's not weird or anything.

Just plain truth.

Til your next ROCK 'N ROLL, MY DEAR ROCK CHICKS. :) I love you all!!!

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