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I was not able to resist the power of Mr. Riordan. I was giddy with excitement so I ordered the audiobook right away and finished it, even though the narrator change was a shocker (it's too bad really, I would've loved the audio if it was Joshua Swanson or Jesse Bernstein).

Anyway, let's focus on the story.


This series just got on to a higher level. 

Secrets, mysteries, guarded treasures, disappearing islands, character come-backs, hello-nightmares and a reunion of lifetime, you name it! It's in this book!

Don't continue reading this if you don't like spoilers. I have lots of them.

Percy and Annabeth battle their way out of Tartarus. If you ask me, I'd say they gave their ALL in here... like really THEIR ALL. They were together yes, but that doesn't mean that it was easy peasy. They were tested through and through. I love them for holding on and for not losing hope even when they thought nobody would help them. I love them for giving their best shot in every turn. I'm pretty sure that my head is imagining the right imagery for Tartarus, or shall I say hell? So yeah, I'd say they had the biggest challenge here and they succeeded. Congratulations!!! ^_^

Hazel - Hello me! Apparently, I'm also badass! hahahha
I really like the way Hazel handled herself in this book. I liked her more because she grew up a lot and she pushed herself to her limit. She was not afraid to try new things. She was even hopeful. I cannot believe that she will be the one to beat the final boss! Good job me! hahaha ;p

Leo - You are still my favorite character, don't you worry, babe!
He is still funny as ever, although he may have changed in this book for the better. He was able to find a new love interest. Ahem, Calypso. I actually find them cute. Not exactly like beauty and the beast, more like the pretty girl and the hot mechanic. I'm also happy for him because he found a purpose and he's definitely no seventh wheel. He makes this story more fun and exciting!

Frank - Dude, if you ever say you're afraid of fire again, I'll ask Leo to incinerate you! Hahaha :D Oh! Congratulations on your promotion too!
This guy should really accept that he's a real warlord. He's a son of the war god for chrissakes! He was so helpful in this book that I totally wanted to be on Team Frank if I wasn't already committed to team Leo. He grew up fast... literally! He also learned that he inherited more powers from his dad, so that's good. :) I look forward to more "growing up" for him.

Piper - Love is not useless. It's powerful and very much a weapon. Good for you Piper! Way to go. You were very smart in here and I love you for believing in your own abilities. :)

Jason - Hmmm.. I feel as if you didn't do much here. Hmmmmmmm...
Oh! This guy is awesome to Nico!! Yeah!!!
Jason, I love you for accepting Nico. Maybe someday, he'll feel more accepted by others. :)

NICO - Yeah, I know you don't belong to the 7, but still, you were vital in this book. I don't care who you like.. I sill like you because you are one badass demigod. Who else can raise the dead as good as you? I definitely like that you are Mr. Mysterious. However, I hope that you'll be more open in the next book. I HOPE WE GET TO READ YOUR POV. SERIOUSLY. I NEED TO GET INSIDE THAT HEAD OF YOURS. I WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!

REYNA - I totally feel bad for you girl! :( I can't imagine how it must feel trying to be with both Jason and Percy and being shot down by the two of them. I also can't imagine being the leader of a legion, trying to do what's best for them while still abiding very strict laws. I especially cannot imagine breaking THAT LAW and going after your gut feeling ALONE in a VERY DANGEROUS PLACE. Gosh, you make them all seem puny since you traveled all the way by yourself and there are 7 of them. I'd like to see more from Reyna because I really think that she's QUEEN MATERIAL.

P.S. Did you know that REYNA actually means QUEEN in Filipino?

What I liked more about this series is that even the other characters (supporting or villains) have their unique traits. You can't just forget about them. In this book, I loved Bob. He's such a contradiction. I love him because not only was he helpful, he was innocent and not. haha.. confusing eh? Well, let's just say that Bob grows on you. :)

The story just got a lot more exciting, enticing, adventurous, gut wrenching, heart wrenching and heart stopping. This promises good things for the last book in the series. I can't wait. 

I'm so thankful that this book doesn't end with a cliffhanger. I can bask in the glory of it until the next book comes out.


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