Saturday, November 9, 2013


It's been a long time since I posted a fave drama.

Well that's about to change. I have fulfilled my year's quota for drama and this will be the first in my ranking.

I HEAR YOUR VOICE is a romantic, fantasy-ish, court room, twist-filled and action-filled drama. I love it so much because of the depth and morals that it gives to viewers.

The main characters meet when they were at a younger age. They were both caught in battle against a crime maliciously done to the father of the hero (Park Soo Ha). Needless to say, that event marked both of their souls for life.

After how many years, they meet again. Soo Ha is still studying, while Hye Sung is a weird lawyer. Soo Ha doesn't admit right away to Jang Hye Sung (the heroine) that he's the boy she helped a long time ago. He conceals it as he starts to fulfill his promise of protection for her. Hye Sung, although reluctant about his help at first, gave in because she also perceives that danger is still upon her even after all those years. Somehow, they end up living together because of the danger and they become closer.

Although Soo Ha is younger that Hye Sung, Soo Ha seems very mature for his age. I guess going through what he went through, he's bound to become an old soul. From the start of the drama, it's been made clear that Hye Sung is the first love and all-time love of Soo Ha. It was so cute, the way he gets so overprotective of her and gets jealous of other guys who are older than him. It was also cute, the way Hye Sung kept fighting how she felt for Soo Ha. Their love story is cute, but is also very meaningful mainly because in this drama, they face so many trials.

Let's not forget that this is also a court-room drama. Their times at court were so... enlightening? I have never been to a hearing before and honestly, this is the first drama that I watched wherein A LOT of time was spent on hearings. The acting? DAMN GOOD Their cases? GRAND! Not that I was happy about their crimes, it's just that I find them to be very smart. I mean, the writer is very very VERY smart because he/she was able to come of with the background story of each case. 

What's also good about this is that even the meanest character can be loved. I swear I teared up in this episode:

Yes, there were many times wherein I found myself crying over this drama. It was all so very emotional. I could say that the one that made me bawl like a baby is Hye Sung's mom. Damn, that mom's story will forever be embedded in my heart. I love her and her teachings. I love her for how she raised Hye Sung. It's so noble of her character. Their mother-daughter relationship is very inspiring. :)

Anyway... the best thing about this drama is that it has a happy ending. :) 

I hope everyone watches this. I bet you'd pick up a thing or two in this drama.