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2012 was another good year for me. I was blessed with a lot of spare time, patience and enthusiasm to finish 254 books this year. As we close this chapter, here's a round up of my most beloved books. There's actually more, but I wasn't particularly enclined to add them all since a lot of them were not published this year. Anyway, just like last year, I give you, my BOOKS.FAVE.RAVE!  ^_^


1. PREDESTINED & CEASELESS (Last two books in the Existence Trilogy) - Abbi Glines

2. AWRY & AVOW (Last two books of Archers of Avalon Series) - Chelsea Fine

3. DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1) - A&E Kirk

4. STORM & SPARK (First Two books in The Elemental Series) - Brigid Kemmerer

5. PURE (Covenant #2) - Jennifer L. Armentrout

6. ANGELFALL (Penryn & the End of Days #1) - Susan Ee

7. THE CURSE GIRL - Kate Avery Ellison

8. ARTICLE 5 (Article 5 #1) - Kristen Simmons

9. THE HUNT (The Hunt #1) - Andrew Fukuda

10. DEFIANCE (Significance #3) - Shelly Crane


1. SHADOW'S CLAIM (The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist #1) - Kresley Cole

2. THE DARKEST SEDUCTION (Lords of the Underworld #9) - Gena Showalter

3. WITH EVERYTHING I AM (The Three #2) - Kristen Ashley

4. LETHAL RIDER (Lords of Deliverance #3) - Larissa Ione

5. LOTHAIRE (Immortals After Dark #12) - Kresley Cole

6. FERAL SINS (The Phoenix Pack #1) - Suzanne Wright

7. UNTIL THE SUN FALLS FROM THE SKY (The Three #1) - Kristen Ashley

8. ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED TO...A VAMPIRE? (Accidentally Yours #2) - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

9. WICKED NIGHTS (Angels of the Dark #1) - Gena Showalter

10. HERE BE SEXIST VAMPIRES - Suzanne Wright


1. EASY - Tammara Webber

2. CHARADE (Games #1) - Nyrae Dawn

3. ON DUBLIN STREET (On Dublin Street, #1)  - Samantha Young

4. THE EDGE OF NEVER - J.A. Redmerski

5. LOSING IT - Cora Carmack

6. SLAMMED (Slammed #1) - Colleen Hoover

7. CRUSH - Lacey Weatherford

8. FRAGILE - M. Leighton

9. WHAT A BOY WANTS AND WHAT A BOY NEEDS (Two Books in The "What a Boy Wants Series) - Nyrae Dawn

10. CALLUM & HARPER (Sleepless #1) - Fisher Amelie

11. PUSHING THE LIMITS (Pushing the Limits, #1) - Katie McGarry

12. BECAUSE OF LOW (Sea Breeze #2) - Abbi Glines

13. GOING UNDER and SHALLOW (Going Under #1 and #2) - Georgia Cates

14. THE SECRET OF ELLA & MICHA - Jessica Sorensen

15. MY LIFE NEXT DOOR - Huntley Fitzpatrick

16. FREEING CARTER - Nyrae Dawn

17. WHILE IT LASTS (Sea Breeze #3) - Abbi Glines

18. THOMAS & JANUARY (Sleepless #2) - Fisher Amelie

19. WHAT I DIDN'T SAY - Keary Taylor

20. JUST FOR NOW (Sea Breeze #4) - Abbi Glines


1. BREATHE (Colorado Mountain #4) - Kristen Ashley

2. MOTORCYCLE MAN (Dream Man #4) - Kristen Ashley

3. CHECKMATE (A Neighbor from Hell, #3)  - R.L. Mathewson

4. LAW MAN (Dream Man #3) - Kristen Ashley

5. LOVE UNREHEARSED (Love #2) - Tina Reber

6. SOMEBODY TO LOVE - Kristan Higgins

7. EMPTY NET (Assassins #3) - Toni Aleo

8. TAKING SHOTS (Assassins #1) - Toni Aleo

9. HEAVEN AND HELL - Kristen Ashley

10. ABOUT THAT NIGHT - Julie James


GRAVE MERCY - Robin LaFevers
THRONE OF GLASS - Sarah J. Maas\

~~These are books that I just had to mention becuase they are totally special to me! There's just something in these books that make my heart race.  I love them!

THRONE OF FIRE (Kane Chronicles #2) - Rick Riordan


I TEAM SERIES - Pamela Clare




~~I hope you enjoyed reading my list! 'Til next year guys and gals! ;)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

book.fave.rave: Freeing Carter

Freeing Carter

This is probably one of the most unique reads of my year. Reading everything from Carter's view is amazing. Firstly, he's a boy. He has all sorts of different thoughts that girls can't have. He has one hell of a worrying mind, that boy. Between his mom being an alcoholic and the needs of his special sister, he would've exploded with all the things swirling around in his mind if it was possible. There were times wherein I was so angry at his mom for letting Carter shoulder all the trouble when it comes to her drinking habits, but there were also times wherein I was frustrated with Carter because he's just so damn martyr-ish! He became such liar too and it sucks.

His saving grace was Kira. Yes, Kira with all of her unique get ups and stunts, captured his heart and made his life better. I mean, he started being better when Kira came into the picture. Now that's one heroine that I truly want to be. Kira's views in life is pretty good. She doesn't care what other people think or say. Well, she also has her deep dark secret (an exaggeration, really) but for me, it only made her stronger. I love her. She even loves Carter's sister so much, she dyed her hair orange! way to go sissy!!! I lover her for Carter. I'm so glad that she stayed with him no matter what.

I'm very happy with how the story ended. :) Good one, Ms. Dawn! ^_^

book.fave.rave: Shallow (Going Under #2)

Shallow (Going Under, #2)


Things may have been a little too fast but that's okay! The story was good and it was filled with secrets. I had many suspicions about the mystery that is Nick's mom. I even thought that Payton's mom is Nick's mom! That would've been inappropriate in many ways! I love the anticipation and I love how it turned out.

It was really good that these two characters were resilient. Payton isn't overly dramatic with the lack of parental guidance.. she even defies them.. and Nick isn't very bitter (well, he kinda was but just a little) with the lack of mom. I love how they react to each other. Sarcasm, light banters and cute scenes. The conflict near the end was kinda petty. I mean, it would've been cleared fast if only there was no problem with their communication. They're getting back together scene was kinda.. hmm.. weird and yet.. it was cute.

I love it!!!! ^_^

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: CHECKMATE (A Neighbor from hell #3)

Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3)

My heart is doing a VERY VERY VERY happy dance.

FUN.FUN.FUN ---> This is one word that would sum up what I'm feeling for this book. 
❀ A very very arrogantly cute man named CONNOR!! 
❀ A very feisty, cocoa-addict woman named RORY!! 
❀ A WEIRD yet LOVABLE twist on their relationship. 
★ THE FAMILY -- ONE HECK OF A FAMILY THAT IS... I would love to see a family like this in person. 
★ A truly beautifully written plot. It's not a typical story. This one involves a lot of fighting and a lot of making up and MAKING OUT and hot sweaty scenes. It also includes a bunch of family threats and family mischief that made my head spin. 
✽ A mystery from their past... 
✽ A nice touch on the friendship side. This book also has a lot of LOYALTY in it. I admire the author for being crafty about this. Rory donating her marrow for Andrew, Connor's bestfriend is such a touching thing to do.. don't you think? 
❤ THEIR PRANKS and AWESOME banters / fights 
❤ LAUGH OUT LOUD lines. They were just sooooo funny that I think my lip will split open from smiling for hours. 
❤❤❤ THE LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP that'll blow your mind since it's very very detailed and it dates back from when they were very young. 
❤❤❤❤❤ THE SWEETNESS OF IT ALL WHEN TWO PEOPLE GOES TO THAT VERY HAPPY PLACE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE. I loved every word in this book. I didn't think that I will love this series more... but I DID.. I love it more. I love Rory and her family. If I could read more of this family, I'd be a very happy girl. ;) 
MORE! MORE! MORE please?


Charade (The Games Series, #1)



 Cheyenne + Colt = One emotional combo! 

Both of these characters have been on a rough patch in life. Cheyenne is a girl who doesn't wanna be left alone anymore. She's made of hard stuff, that girl. She built walls and walls of distrust because of her mom. It was exhausting, reading her views on how she shouldn't, couldn't and wouldn't depend on other people. But hey, she's not the only one who has mom issues. Our hero, Colt, has his own demons. His mom is dying. All throughout the book, we can see how Colt truly loved his mom. His sense of duty and responsibility is admirable. He was even doing some regretful things just so he can provide for his mom's needs.

These two play some kind of game, but really, it didn't feel like a game to me at all even from the start. They were both emotionally invested in it to some extent. When everything went down, I was so happy about how they held on to each other. I admit to crying. I ADMIT TO CRYING A LOT AND I'M PROUD OF IT. It was just so emotional in the end that I couldn't help but cry for these two beautiful characters.

I decided that i'll give them a much bigger ending/epilogue. They will both finish school and get nice degrees. They will definitely get married. Then, they will have great jobs and live in a GREAT BIG HOUSE. They'll have twelve babies and they'll all live happily ever after! BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT! LIKE A LOT! 

It's books like this that makes me so happy that my hobby is reading.





I don't know what exactly were my expectations when I started to read this.. but this clearly wasn't it.





You're just my kind of guy!! 

The story was really good. If I have to be totally honest, I'd say that I kinda figured out the twist in the middle. It was a little obvious to me, but I still had my doubts and as it turns out, I was right all along. It was beautiful. Cami may just be one of the most naive, insensitive or trusting fictional character that I have ever come across. She has her moments. I like that she doesn't really care what other people say. I love how she can be outspoken one minute and then be all shy and blushing the next. Hunter on the other hand, is just SUPER ATTENTIVE. He's every girl's dream come true. I always say that I love books with a guy's POV. Now, in Hunter's case... his POV's were extra special since it still held mysteries.

Cami and Hunter were just perfect for each other. I love their talks. I love how they treat each other. They were totally funny at some point, especially HUNTER. Ohmygosh, I will never forget your childish display of strength! HAHA. I'm so glad that the twist didn't end up hurting these two in the end.

All in all, I'm a very happy reader and I get to sleep now knowing that I got a nice, happy ending.

P.S. I said more at the start of this review because I WANT IT TO BE LONGER. I would love to have at least another chapter just to see what'll happen to them after the storm. But anyhoo.. the end of this one's still purely satisfying. Thanks, Ms. Weatherford! ^_^

Saturday, October 20, 2012

book.fave.rave: LOSING IT



Didja love Slammed? What about Easy? Well I think you'll love this too! It's Easy minus all the drama behind the guy's life. 

What I love about this is that the guy was so sweet and demonstrative. Even though they hid their relationship, the guy always finds a way to make it seem sweeter and to make it work. The girl on the other hand is one lucky female! She's a star actress (very talented), She has a new cat! haha!, She has good friends.. hell, her best friend is even in love with her. But yeah, we don't always get what we want, do we? Most importantly, we want what we can't have. The plot is pretty much predictable with the teacher-student relationship. What made this book special is the sweetness and the humor in it. Even if the heroine was sometimes absolutely annoying because she can't make up her mind, she has one hell of a humor and her embarrassing moments were very cute. What will you expect here? College Drama, Love, Laugh-out-loud moments, Friendly moments and nonfriendly ones... last but not the least, a good and happy ending, :)

Made my day, honestly.

p.s. I laughed my ass off with the first get-rid-of-the-Vcard-scene so you may want to watch out for that! Just sayin. hahahaha! ;p


Micha and Ella. Ella and Micha. WHAT.A.PAIR 

This book is full of issues from both sides. I wanted to know everything right away, but the author skilfully hid the full extent of the plot that you have to finish it first before judging. I admire Ella's character because even though bailing out was a cowardly thing to do, she still tried to make her self into a better person. I was a bit angry at her character at first because she was such a liar.. but then I found out why she's so darn repressed and all was well. Micah on the other hand, I cannot believe this guy's patience. I mean... after not seeing Ella for eight months, he welcomes her with open arms and helps her out no matter what. He also has this uncanny ability to be very very sweet at times and I can't help but like his character. It was also very selfless of him when he decided not to share his baggage (right away) with Ella.

The plot is somehow pretty much a trend nowadays (home life sucks, teen issues etc) but it definitely is a good read. I like how it ended and I look forward to reading the next one. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: Love Unrehearsed (Love #2)

I was thinking of a word to justify how good this book is and one word popped into my mind.


I loved LOVE UNSCRIPTED . It was a magical novel, at least to me. It had sparks flying and drama looming and I ate up everything about it. I immediately marked the next book as "to-read" after reading the first one. Unfortunately, the release date of this second book was delayed for so many months. I mean, it was moved and moved and moved until I lost track of time. Deep inside, I just knew that this one's gonna be just as great, if not, maybe LOVE UNREHEARSED would be GREATER. So why faith? It's because I believed that in the author! I believed in the story and just how good it'll be..... AND YES!!! IT IS!! IT DEFINITELY IS GREATER! GRANDER! AWESOME! I had a blast! This one's a grade Ⓐ for me! ^_^

I can't help but feel that Ryan and Taryn has a really strong connection in this book. They had a steady relationship. Both of them still had insecurities but they were also reassuring each other which is totally nice.

It was also good that the author added spice into this novel by bringing in other forms of relationships like these:

GARY ✂ MARIE...yeaa she's soooo over you cuz you're a cheater 
MARIE ❤ MIKE -- HOT ^__^ 
PETE ☢ TAMMY - bridezilla much?? I'm also thinking that if she's really such a good friend, she wouldn't do the things she did here. CRAZY TOXIC.

~These other forms of relationship served like a "lesson-learned" for Taryn and Ryan.

I'm so happy about how things went on with Ryan's career, well.. uhm, of course I'm not very happy with some unfortunate events, but I guess it's all just part of the story (glamour has it's price). I'm happy that Taryn got to help Ryan out when it came to his career. Let's just say that I AM SO HAPPY that THEY DID NOT BREAK UP/LEAVE EACH OTHER for even a chapter here. They were together (sometimes through video chat haha) all the way. Taryn had a stronger backbone here! I love it. I just love everything about it even the corny lines that Ryan sometimes make. ;p

This novel is hot, sensational, wonderful, adorable, sometimes even cute and downright FANTASTIC.

Please make more of these.. I mean, please make more novels that will turn my boring, dreary day into a happy one!

5 stars for you Ms. Reber! Oh, and just so you know... THIS WAS WORTH THE WAIT.

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: CEASELESS (Existence Trilogy #3)

I don't know how to express just how happy I am about this series so I thought I could just divide my fangirlyness and write 'em all a letter.


Dear Ceaseless, 

Thank you! You did not disappoint. You surpassed all of my expectations (and I expected A LOT). You made my day!!! I will never forget this series because of you! Yes you! You're my favorite book among the three, of course. 

 xoxo Hazel 


Dear Dank, 

 Hi! I'm a big fan! I am sooooo amazed by the things that you did for Pagan in this book. I was always looking forward to your POVs! You're the best DEATH everrrr! I don't care how cheesy your lines are sometimes. I just love how possessive you are of Pagan. I love it when you get jealous and go all caveman! You're just too sexy for your own good! I was even feeling bad when Pagan didn't remember you... :( 

Even though I was feeling bad that Pagan didn't remember you, I'm still happy because it was as if you were in the "courting stage" again. You were so very sweet to her even if she didn't know you. Jay didn't stand a chance! I mean really? Jay? LOL. You're way hotter and your scenes with Pagan were the best! Remember the time wherein she didn't remember you but you just had to kiss her again? I was smiling like an idiot then! How about the library scene? I just stared at that page and i'm telling you! It's burned in my memory now. Of course, how can I ever forget your together-again scene? IT'S PERFECT. YOU WERE BOTH PERFECT. 

Anyway, I'm so happy because you were willing to break all rules for Pagan again. You were so focused on her and her alone that you made my heart (and a lot of other girls' hearts, i'm sure!) flutter, race, stop and RESTART. I am so happy that you got everything that you wanted and most of all... I'm so happy for your happily ever after. You guys deserve it! 

I know that you're a fictional badass rockstar slash death.... but still, I'm your fan forever. ;p 

xx Haze 

P.S. Please tell Gee that she's the best ally ever! I love her quick wit. I love everything she did for Pagan and you in this book. Just tell her she rocks! 


 ~~My first letter to Ceaseless when I first added it to my TBR list:

Dear Ceaseless, 

I promise not to be tempted to read Predestined before you arrive. See you on September! I know you'll be an awesome read! ツ 

xoxo Haze

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BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: SPARK (Elemental #2)

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MESS YOU MADE HERE, GABRIEL! I mean that in a positive tone since you eventually redeem your self. I think your story had more depth than Chris' story (Sorry, Chris... I still like you though! ). 

Gabriel is a HOT HEADED guy... like literally. He has power over fire, but unfortunately . . he's not so good with control. Layne is a studious girl with a family baggage and scars. These two make a really good combo and it all started here:

“Now exchange papers with the person beside you for grad-ing.”

He snapped his head up.

The sophomore was already holding out her paper, not even looking at him. He took it but didn’t relinquish his own. The tests sat side by side, one neat and perfectly ordered, one a complete fucking mess.

Brainiac sighed and reached out to grab his test, snatching it back to her desk.

Gabriel chewed on the end of the pencil nub. It hurt his lip.

He could pick a fight. Get sent to the office. Alan Hulster sat to his left, and that guy was a tool. Gabriel wouldn’t even mind laying into him.


He glanced to his right. That sophomore was staring at him, her brow furrowed. She licked her lips. “These are all wrong,” she whispered.

Like he needed her to tell him that. He looked back at her test. Ms. Anderson was reading off the answers, one by one, and of course Brainiac had gotten every one right.

Her name was written in perfect script at the top. Layne Forrest.

Why the hell couldn’t he remember a name like Layne Forrest?

He should punch Hulster now, before papers were handed forward.

“Hey,” Layne whispered again.

He glanced over. “What?”

She flinched a little, then whispered, “You got a ninety-two on the test last week. I saw.”

Of course he had. He would have gotten a perfect score, but Nick usually answered some wrong on purpose.

He glared at her, hoping it would make her back down.

“Yeah? And?”

It worked. She recoiled and looked back at his paper.

But then he saw her slowly turn her pencil around and start erasing.

She did it subtly, artfully, so her pencil was barely moving, and her eyes were intent on the front of the room.

And then she was writing.

What was she doing?

He couldn’t figure it out. Then Ms. Anderson was calling for the papers to be passed forward and telling them to use the rest of the time as a free period while she reviewed them.

“Hey,” he whispered.

Layne didn’t turn her head, just pulled a slim paperback out of her book bag and started reading.

He flicked a broken piece of pencil her way. It hit her on the arm.

She sighed and looked over. “Seriously?”

“What did you do?”

Her cheeks turned pink again. She looked back at the book.

Her voice was so small he almost didn’t hear her.

“You got an eighty.”

She’d fixed his test? 

~~CLASSIC! I swear, I used to do this for my crush waaaayyy back 6th grade. LOL. I practically helped him graduate... which is why I can relate to this. ^_^ 

I love how Layne understood Gabriel's frustration. She didn't jump to conclusions.. like say that he was stupid or something. I also know the feeling of "math being foreign". I wish that there's a Layne in every class. They eventually get together but it's not without complications. Layne's dad for one, was against Gabriel at first... It was probably Gabriel's fault since he was such an ass!

“Layne.” Mr. Forrest didn’t even glance at her. “Get his things.

Right now.”

“I can get my things,” said Gabriel.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

Layne was caught between them, flustered. She was nearly wringing her hands. “Dad, it’s not ”

His eyes cut right. “Now, Layne.”

She swallowed and slinked past him into the living room.

“Don’t forget my box of condoms,” called Gabriel.

Now her dad looked like he wished he had a shotgun. “If I find out you laid a hand on my daughter ”

“What?” said Gabriel. “You’ll stand here and bitch about it?”

“Stop it!” cried Layne, dragging his coat and backpack from the kitchen.

Her dad took a step forward. “I’ll have you arrested and charged with trespassing and statutory rape.”

“Then I’m going to need another fifteen minutes.”

“Shut up.” Layne flung the coat at his chest, then barely gave him time to grab it before she shoved the backpack at him. Her eyes were red. Was she ready to cry?

He felt something inside his chest loosen. “Layne ”

“Get out of my house,” said Mr. Forrest. His words could cut ice.

Gabriel didn’t move. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from Layne. “Hey, I’m ”

“Go.” She wasn’t looking at him. “Just go.”

Her dad opened the door. “Now.” 

~~See? But we have to forgive him.... he was just really frustrated. :( 

And they eventually find a middle ground. :)

Mr. Forrest leaned in. “Layne says I was wrong about you.”

Gabriel didn’t know what to say to that, either.

“She has a whole timeline written out. She showed me some newspaper articles. Thinks you were the one to save the Hulster girl. Is that true?”

A timeline. That was so . . . so Layne. If he weren’t knee-deep in drama, he’d smile. Instead, he just shrugged and looked away. “The little girl went down the laundry chute. They didn’t think to check in the basement first.”

“And the fireman who went through the floor?”

Another shrug.

“Are you crazy?”

Gabriel met his eyes. “Probably.”

“They’re going to want to question you some more. Think you can handle it if I stay?”

Gabriel narrowed his eyes. “Why would you do that for me?”

“You saved my daughter’s life and protected my son. Why wouldn’t I do that for you?” Mr. Forrest didn’t wait for an answer, just glanced at his watch. “Let me make a few calls.” 

~~Also, Gabriel can also be a cute and loving brother. ;p 

Gabriel took the steps two at a time, just as Michael was coming out of his bedroom. His hair was wet and trailed over his shoulders, and he was wearing a pair of faded sweatpants and an ancient T-shirt that looked like he might have stolen it off a homeless guy.

Gabriel shoved him in the shoulder. “Go hit your face with a razor or something. God, would it kill you to shave more than once a week?”

Michael pushed past him. “I’m not sure the pizza guy will give a crap ”

“No, idiot,” Gabriel hissed. “That Hannah chick is here. Put some decent clothes on. Here” he stepped around Michael, into his bedroom “I’ll help you.”

He started yanking open drawers to Michael’s dresser. Worn jeans, old Tshirts, faded sweatshirts.

“This is pathetic,” he said.

Michael hadn’t moved from the doorway, his expression bemused. “You know what I do for a living.”

“And why aren’t you shaving yet? Don’t you care that a girl is here to see you?”

His brother hesitated. “Look. Gabriel. I’m not ”

“Forget it. You can wear one of my shirts.”

Now Michael gave him a look. “Like your shirt will fit me.”

Gabriel stopped in the doorway. “First, jackass, don’t flatter yourself. And second, don’t you know anything about girls?”

Michael just stared at him.

“For god’s sake.” Gabriel walked down the hallway to his own room, grabbed a slate-gray crewneck T-shirt, and brought it back. He flung it at Michael. “That’s the whole point.” 

~~Isn't it cute? Helping his brother hook up with someone? awww hahaha 

Their dynamics as a family still amazes me. Michael is an awesome guardian for these kids. I really do hope that he gets his happily ever after... even if it's not Hannah. I dunno... hmm... maybe someone else please? ^_^

Anyway, the plot is good. Much more deeper than the first one. I totally didn't know who the antagonist was..not until the end. It was sweet, action packed and frustrating because of Gabriel. Yes, Gabriel was so frustrating because he almost made everyone hate him.. even Nick. Yet, I was so touched by their making-up scene here:

But the door stopped with a few inches left. “You want me to bring you a cup of coffee?”

Coffee. The scent of it filled the house now, just like the guilt of his parents’ deaths filled Gabriel’s heart until he couldn’t contain it all anymore. The raw emotion clawed at his chest, at his throat, at his eyes, spilling over until he was crying in earnest.

Then Nick had an arm around his back and Gabriel was crying into his brother’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Nicky, I’m sorry.”

And Nick just held him until he ran out of tears, and they were sitting on the bathroom floor, side by side. They’d used to hide in here, when they were younger, usually after pulling a prank on Michael. They’d lock the door and whisper with the lights off, crouching by the bathtub while Michael pounded on the door and yelled for Dad to get a screwdriver.

Now there was barely enough room to sit. 

So there you go.. another great sequel. My only complain is that I wish it was longer. I wanna know Layne's reaction when Gabriel told him everything. I wanna know if she's okay with all of it. I also wanna know about Simon. I mean, can elementals heal his condition? LOL. Wishful thinking. 

Patiently waiting now for the next book, although I'm not a big fan of Hunter. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Great read! 

Now I'm wondering why I didn't read this before. It has such an awesome plot you won't even wanna blink.  

Yelena as a food taster - good! 

Yelena as a kickass ex-acrobat newly-found-magician - EVEN BETTER!

The main character, Yelena, had a very nasty past. She was brutalized by her benefactor and used as a lab rat. She was able to kill one of them and then she was thrown in jail. She was supposed to be hanged next, but my hero, Valek, decided to train her as a food taster. Very ironic, how things went. She was bound to be dead but instead, found herself closer and closer to freedom. It was great reading about poisons, foods and other things with regards poison. The sequence of events were just plain awesome. There were a lot of characters who were introduced. Some were friends and some were foes. I love the POWER TWINS! Ari and Janco are now my fave dynamic duo. It's like watching secrets unfold over and over. There were secrets inside secrets and I couldn't help but be intrigued. The twist with the commander was a big surprise for me. I wonder if it'll affect the next books. Anyway, I'm thinking about what'll happen to Valek and Yelena's relationship. The timing was just awful here .. I mean, they didn't have a lot of time.. it was a little too late for them in this book. I'm hoping that they'll have more time in the next book. I'm also hoping that Yelena will discover her heritage. In a perfect world, her long lost family will open their arms for her.

So there.

Again, it's a great book. :)


I feel awesome after reading this. Throne of Glass made me want to be an assassin too. Well, who wouldn't? There are lotsa perks if you become one!

 ✔You'll be sane even after if you spend a year in hell (or in this case, an underground prison)
✔You'll meet two totally opposite hot guys
✔You'll have a SUPER reputation since you're badass!
✔You can be arrogant since you have a SUPER reputation
✔You can dangle on your bed post because you are exercising
✔You can have the prince's love and affection, even one of his mutt
✔You can also have the prince's books
✔You can mock the "ladies" haha
✔You will be bffs with the princess of the rival country
✔You can wear damn pretty dresses
✔You will be friends with some criminals
✔You can face off with a creature from the underworld and come out bloody and wounded and then wake up just fine after 3 hours.
✔You can be saved by the Captain of the Guards
✔You can also silently have that Captain of the Guard's love and affection but you're both so dense you won't even see it coming!

 I love it! The plot is truly great and well-thought of. I wish that there will be more fight scenes in the next book and I wish that Celaena will give Chaol a chance. ;p

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

book.fave.rave: THOMAS & JANUARY

ZAP. I loved it! 

Some would say that what happened to Thomas and January was darn fast. I'd say that too, except for the fact that I loved how sweet Thomas is. There were some scenes that were a touch too cheesy but no matter, I still like it. January seemed like the perfect talented heroine. Her personality seems great since she's always smiling and all. I wonder who she will look like if ever she's a real person.. hmm. In the book, Thomas always tells her that she's beautiful. hmmmm.. Anyway, I also liked the songs that were mentioned here.

The only down side that I can see is how fast the novel went by. I wish it was longer.

Monday, June 18, 2012

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: HEXED (Iron Druid Chronicles, #2)

Hexed is just plain AWESOME.

If you would like to read about one kickass druid, a totally funny dog, witches, vampires, werewolves and even normal helpful people... you gotta read this.

Atticus is MY BEST HERO now. He's smart, super funny and friggin strong. His age made him very wise, thus, his inner ramblings and paranoia. I pretty much like the way his mind works. It's like he predicts the next steps. His fighting strategies are just weirdly great. The way he always gets his ear destroyed is truly annoying, yet funny too. The only awkward thing here is his constant battle against his attraction to his apprentice, which by the way, based on the book, is really hot and beautiful. I don't know why he just doesn't pursue her? I mean, he doesn't seem to have any problem with other women.. hmm.. are druids not allowed to have a relationship with their apprentice?

I can't say that the plot of Hexed is better than the first book... I think it's just about the same. My excitement with both books are the same. I'm not a big fan of witches, but they sure made this novel more action packed and hilarious. Throw in werewolves, coyotes, demons vampires and a couple of priests... perfect!

The author is soooo great, he even made me look forward to the next book... There were some questions left unanswered

>Golden apples? 
>the ear again? 
>two goddesses having turf war? 
>Atticus' love life? ;p

I wanna read the next book right away, but I also want to slow down since I don't know what to read after I finish the next two books...... hmmm.. Anywayyy.. 5 stars for ya my Atticus!!! ^_^

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This is my papa. It's probably cliche to say this, but hey, it's the perfect thing to say... "HE'S THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!".

Can't wait to see him again in person... not just in skype. haha. Oh well. ;p


book.fave.rave: ALWAYS BEEN MINE (The Moreno Brothers, #2)

I LOVE IT!!! omygosh, Alex just added up to my list of fave guys in ya! I love the plot!, i mean i loved the plot for the first book but this one tops that. Its amazing how this book worked for me. Alex is just so sweet (AND SUCH A GUY) in his pov's.. i couldn't get enough. Valerie on the other hand is a great character. Stands up for herself but also lets Alex do his caveman thing from time to time. The thrill of the book obviously pulled me in and i swear i laughed out loud at some parts especially the night with Luke .. what a scene! I also love that there are lots of scenes with the other characters. I'm so happy that Angel and Sarah eventually got married (funny i don't think i saw something about Sydney here haha!). Their interaction with family and friends is such a good part of the novel. I'm actually looking forward to the next books.

Perfect. absolutely perfect. =)

book.fave.rave: WHAT I DIDN'T SAY

*tear jerker* *sniff*

This one deserves more than my five stars. Jake and Sam deserved their own piece of happily ever after. Their year had been a tough one, considering their age. Jake had a pretty big accident which changed his life forever while Sam had A VERY VERY BIG problem. Together, everything fell into place for them. Some scenes may have felt awkward, but all things considered, I really loved the story of this book. It's all about hope and finding the courage to say what you really feel.

This book reminded me that bad things can happen to anybody... but you always have to look on the brighter side. Lots of other people have their own problems... sometimes, yours may not even amount to a speck of what theirs are. You gotta be thankful for even the smallest blessing of life.

What and emotional roller coaster...

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: THE LOST HERO (Heroes of Olympus #1)

How could i not give 5 stars to such a perfect work?


I cannot believe how I seriously love Rick Riordan today. Okay, I loved him way back Percy Jackson and Kane Series, but now that I've finished this... My love just turned into obsession. I am so fond of his works that i may just fly right now.

JASON: My hero!! my fabulous hero!! Of course, he's everything a hero should be. He's kinda Percy-ish.. except for the memory loss and the obvious fighting style differences. I like it that even though he felt as if something is wrong, and that he thinks he shouldn't be with Camp Half Blood, he still took the risk and the task at hand. He's definitely trust worthy and maybe drool worthy too as Piper cited so many times. I look forward to more of him on the next books.

PIPER: My heroine!! My ever beautifully headstrong heroine!! She had me in awe many times in this novel. I knew that this would be very exciting as soon as Aphrodite claimed Piper as her daughter. She's a breath of fresh air. I like how humble Piper is. She may be the daughter of a movie star but she didn't boast about it.. well except for one scene here (even I will boast a whole lot more if i was Piper in that situation). Her ability to persuade other people was very handy in almost all of their trials. I love how she eventually came out of her shell and had lots of self confidence in the end. She's a really good example of how i want Aphrodite's kids to behave.

LEO: I LOVE YOU LEO!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! So there, I am Leo's fan girl. I love him!! He's my kind of guy! I'm glad that he hasn't paired up with anyone else cuz for now, he's mine. Haha. LOL. Leo is the kind of guy that you just want to hug, comfort and be with until he says he'd had enough. I'm not trying to be all mushy here, it's just that Leo has been to too many trials. not on a quest but in real life. Some of his thoughts just makes me want to go grab him outta the book and hug him. He's a classic example of a "funny on the outside, sad on the inside" person. He's so hilarious. Majority of my time while i was reading this was all about laughing on Leo's jokes. He's certainly one of a kind. I'm glad that he made a character like him. The novel would be so boring without him. He's intelligent, efficient, loyal, fun to be with and also a bit sensitive about his mom. I wish they'll see each other on the next book or so that Leo won't be sad anymore.

Piper and Jason --> If they don't end up together, i'll be sorely disappointed. I don't care which camp he came from. I don't even care if he has another girl friend from the other camp. Pipes and Jason are MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

Percy and Annabeth --> If Percy forgets that Annabeth's his girlfriend, i'm going to shoot him personally right between the eyes!

Percy and Jason's memories --> If these doesn't go back to their proper places in those beautiful heads... ARRRGGHHH!!

The plot is so great. Their adventure never let me down or had me bored. It's THAT GOOD! I am still not convinced with Hera. I guess i'm disappointed with all of the gods. They're supposed to be helping their children, not let things become bad before they help. Lots of times here, I hated Zeus. He's just not fit to be a parent. Honestly. I wish those gods would talk to them more on the next books... not just wait for something bad to happen and then come to their children's aid.

I am excited for the idea of combining two entirely different camps. I so look forward to the next book. I think i'll be reading the next book near the release of the 3rd book. =)

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: HOUNDED (Iron Druid Chronicles #1)





--I really do think that this would make a great movie since it's full of action. Lots of effects can be put into it. It also doesn't hurt that the personality of the main character is utterly... awesome. ;)

By gods Atticus! You are one seriously hot, badass and SUPER SMART druid!!! This book made me squeal with delight, fist pump with my sister (after Atticus beat the bad guys) and hug our dog wishing he could also talk like Oberon. I love every word here. No time wasted. Atticus is very very hilarious and I think, he passed that to his dog/friend, Oberon too. I love how Atticus thinks. He's always either very smart, one step ahead his enemies or sarcastic in a really funny way. I like it that his character was built to withstand gods and goddesses. I love it that he stands up for what he vowed for and what he believed in. This novel couldn't have been more perfect when it comes to the plot. The author to me, was a real genius. The mixture of paranormal beings here is just... amazing!

I think I have a new favorite now, sorry... Harry.

Anyway... i would love to steal Oberon from you, Atticus. But I figured, you'll miss him... so maybe next time.




I'll tell you what else is "easy" with this novel.

✔It's easy so fall in love with Lucas / Landon 

Here's a very sweet scene wherein Lucas/Landon sketched Jacqueline

“What will you do with them?” I asked, more than a little belatedly. “Redo them in charcoal, probably.” I waited for more. “And then?” He shrugged into his hoodie and stared down at me. “Tack them to my bedroom wall?” My lips parted, but I had no idea what to say. Bedroom wall? His eyes returned to the pad, turned to the second drawing. “Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?” 

Here's another sweet thing that Lucas/ Landon did: Erin: 

Do you still have your coffee cup? 
Me: Yes? 
Erin: Take the sleeve off 
Me: OMG Erin: His phone number? 
Me: How did you know??? 
Erin: I’m Erin. I know all. ;) 
Erin: Actually, I just wondered why he wrote on your cup if he was going to make your drink. If Erin hadn’t texted me during class, that cup, and his number, would have been pitched into the hallway wastebasket. 

--I mean a guy doing this? haha.. precious!

✔It's easy to cheer for Jacqueline when she was on a rough end

✔It's easy to cheer for Jacqueline when she was getting away from something bad that coulda happen.

✔It's easy to cheer for Jacqueline when she was trying to capture Lucas' attention.

✔It's easy to hate Kennedy just for being what he is. Ugh.. A disgrace. I truly, truly wish that nobody is inspired to be like him. LOL

Just look at this line and you'll see what I mean:

“Jacqueline, you need to understand something. Buck’s been talking shit about hooking up with you for weeks now. Others have corroborated his account. Everyone knows about it. No one else buys your he-tried-to-rape-me-too story, now. It’s kind of late for that.” 

✔It's VERY FRIGGIN EASY TO HATE BUCK. Buck the stupid RAPIST should go to jail, no buts, no ifs!!! 

✔It's easy to love Jacqueline's room mate, Erin. She's very considerate and she's always there for Jacqueline.

✔It's easy to like Dr. Heller because of what he did for Lucas/ Landon ... and also because he introduced Jacqueline to him. :)

✔It's easy to want to take self defense classes too... if the result would be like this:

And then, I heard Ralph’s voice in my head. Your body is already a weapon. You just need to know how to use it. Abruptly, I stopped struggling and took stock: I couldn’t kick. I could possibly get my wrists free by rotating and jerking them straight down, but then what? He would just grab me again, immobilize me further. I needed him closer—the last thing I would naturally seek. I turned my eyes away. “Listen to me when I’m talking to you, goddammit!” He grabbed my chin roughly, his fingers digging in as he leaned over me and forced me to face him. Right hand free. While shoving my hand between us, grabbing and twisting his balls and yanking up as hard as I could, I slammed my forehead into his nose with as much force as I could manage in a straight upward trajectory. The night in the frat parking lot, everything had happened so quickly that getting my bearings was impossible until it was over. This time, everything was in slow motion—so for an impossibly stretched space of time, I was positive that nothing I’d just done had worked. And then he screamed, and his nose started gushing. I had never seen so much blood so close-up. It poured out of him as though I’d opened a faucet full-blast. Left hand free. He was listing to the side. Still yanking up on his balls, I raised my left knee and turned into him, shoving his shoulder with my left hand. He fell sideways into the cramped crevice in front of my truck’s bench seat. The feeling rushed back into my legs, tremors wracking through me, and I went for the door, shoving it open so violently that it almost bounced all the way back.

✔It's easy to feel sorry for what happened to Lucas / Landon in the past.

✔It's also easy to be happy for him and Jacqueline because they sure have a bright future ahead. Here's a spoiler for their future: ^_^

So Jacqueline got accepted at Oberlin. She was already prepared to cry because she knew she was going to be far away from Lucas when suddenly.. the guy said this: 

“So my only question is this—do I want to live in Oberlin and commute to Cleveland, or live near Cleveland and commute to you?” 

--So I found out that this is very near Jacqueline's school. 

And then he continues, 

“First, this is a great job, and I’m excited about it.” “You heard the pay, right? And also, to be near you.” Thumbing a tear from my cheek, he added, “Mostly, to be near you.” “First, this is a great job, and I’m excited about it.” “Second, I’m ambitious, but I can succeed almost anywhere.” “What I can’t do anywhere is be with you.” “Choosing to be with you isn’t a difficult decision, Jacqueline,” he breathed, pulling back one final time to stare into my eyes. “It’s easy. Incredibly easy.” 

--So this is the scene at the end.. and I was like wooooowww 

✔It is incredibly easy to love this because of the characters. I love Jacqueline because she's strong. She found a way to overcome her weaknesses and she never gave up. I love Lucas / Landon because he did everything he could for Jacqueline, even face his fears from the past. They're good for each other... I love that they have a great ending. 5 stars! :)

book.fave.rave: SEAN GRISWOLD'S HEAD

"how can you go so long knowing someone without really knowing them at all?"

What an emotional read. After bawling over the idea of a sick dad.. I realized that the books that make me cry honestly deserve 5 stars since it meant that I was affected by it in more ways than one.

Payton isn't a perfect character. She's self absorbed, an over thinker, vain, even mean sometimes. . . but then again, who's perfect? right? When she found out that her dad was sick, she brandished her own kind of freaking-out.. which is, cold treatment. Really, I understand that it was her way of coping. I'm a nurse, so I know a lot about MS. I know how Payton must've felt finding out like that (abruptly). I know, but, that doesn't mean that I like how she reacted. I mean, you can be mad for a while... but months? honey, you're seriously wasting your time and the time that you're supposed to be enjoying with your dad! Ugh. I seriously hated her character for a while. Anyway, she patched things up with her dad, realizing that he's still alive and she doesn't need to mourn right away.

Things with her focus object, Sean, also improved. I'm glad that I got a short glimpse of them getting back together in the end.

This book has wonderful values. First off, don't let time pass you by. Live your life to the fullest. Secondly, don't let fear rule your life. There's not much life when you're scared all the time. And thirdly, people you regularly meet everyday and not pay attention to, can be potential friends, so... again, don't let the moment pass you by.

 great read...:)




Sorry, I can't help but put lots of spoiler below..

be warned..

okay I warned ya!! 

Ohmygosh, TACK sure is better than TATE with all the bossiness, machoness, jerkness and of course, sweetness. :)

I knew it! I KNEW THAT I WOULD LOVE THIS BOOK! Tyra is a woman who lived a boring black and white life. She decided to turn and go after a life smacking event in her last job.

"For the next two months I bought the paper every Wednesday and opened it to the want ads section. On each page of the want ads, I closed my eyes and pointed. If I was qualified for the job my finger touched, I applied for it.
That was the extent of my plan."

This event brought her to the motorcycle club.. and eventually, to Tack.

Their story started with a bang as usual.. Tack kicking Tyra out of his bed. Then a few days after that, complications arise.

"So I slept with my boss. Who cared?"--Tyra

“I do not fuck anyone who’s got my signature on their paycheck,”--Tack

Well OBVIOUSLY, Tack cared a lot. He care a lot enough to hassle her for the next few days since he OBVIOUSLY wanted to have Tyra again. It was so darn cute the way they had to control themselves.

Eventually, sparks fly and bam! They're together doing sweet things to one another...

“Now relax,” he ordered.
I stared into his eyes.
Then I stammered, “I can’t… you didn’t just…” I paused then finished, “Relax?”
“Yeah, relax.”
“I can’t relax in your lap!” I shouted.
“Then relax on the couch but you get off the couch, babe, just sayin’… two seconds you’ll be back in my lap.”
“You’re unbelievable,” I hissed. 

Here's a scene wherein Tyra was pissed because she think Tack has been ignoring her for four days:

“I don’t know how it works in your world but I’m guessin’ in your world you can lead a man around by his dick by actin’ sweet then turnin’ on the freeze and ignoring his ass for days. Then you think you can shovel shit at him and he’ll eat it for a chance to get another taste of your sweet pussy, but baby, I’m tellin’ you now, that’s not how it works in my world.”--Tack

It's so weird and sweet, honestly.

The sweetest line of Tack (I guess) is this one:

“Tyra, get me right now. You are not gonna slip in a movie about love and redemption and cry by my side because, even though you’ve seen it before, it still moves you and then rip that shit away from me. You are not gonna ride my fingers, whisper to me to fuck you and take my cock the way I wanna give it to you, panting for more and then rip that shit away from me too. You are not gonna clash with me, toss your attitude my way when most every other woman shies away when I’m me then rip that away. And you are not gonna expose that soft spot you got that I like and I wanna protect and take that away from me either. Babe, I told you, you didn’t get it and you need to get it.” His fingers pressed deeper into my skin. “You are Chaos now. I am Chaos. You think you got the option but you don’t. There is no goin’ back. I’ve claimed you.”

--I love that line because it's a sign that Tack appreciated what Tyra was all about and he doesn't want to let any part of her go.

I admit that Tyra annoyed me sometimes when she wanted out. It also annoyed me how bossy Tack is... but I guess that's just part of their team's charm. TEAM TACK&TYRA for the win!!!

Here's also a scene wherein I knew I really love Tack all the way. I don't care how bossy and unrefined he is!

“What I will not accept is being shoved against the wall, a car or even a pillow with your hand at my throat.”
To this, he replied immediately, “But your pulse is there, baby.” 

--After this, it was explained why Tack always wants to hold Tyra's neck. I can't imagine a life like that and all I can say is "awwww" :(

And the Tack went and stole my heart again . . .

“You’re in love with me.”
I closed my eyes.
“Eyes, babe.”
I opened my eyes.
“You’re in love with me,” he said yet again.
“Yes,” I whispered.
“Since we met.”
“I know it sounds crazy, Tack, but –”
“Since we met.”
I fell silent for a moment then said softly, “Yes.”
“Thank fuck you needed that fuckin’ job enough to go head-to-head with me,” he muttered.
“Um…” I started to correct, “I think I went head-to-head with you mostly because you were a jerk. It was only partly because of the job.”
“Then thank fuck I was a jerk.”
Who would have ever thought I’d agree with that?
Still, I did.
“Can I have coffee now?” I requested.
“Tack!” I snapped.
“I love you too, babe.”
My mouth dropped open and I stared.
But although my body was still and my mind was blank, my belly got warm and my heart tripped before it got light.
Tack wasn’t done.
“Watchin’ that fuckin’ movie, minute my fingers curled around your chin, turned your face to mine and I saw you were cryin’, that’s when it happened.”

--See why I love him? :)

The plot itself is really good (yea, that includes the bitchy, money digging-exwife, two sweet teens and Tyra's new found posse). I had fun reading this. I was laughing out loud (and maybe also drooling when the boys came in) in the part wherein the "POSSE" were drinking and Tyra was so drunk. I can just imagine the joy of seeing all of my beloved men!!! ooh lala!!! I love that all of the past characters got together in the book. Thanks to the author, i was able to see a glimpse of their lives now. I'm so happy for them all.

The only complain that I can have here is that part in the end when Tyra was stabbed and sent to the hospital...

"I felt a hand at my throat.
I opened my eyes.
Tack’s handsome face was all I could see.
Weirdly, except his hand wrapped light at my throat, I felt nothing. Not a thing.
Until his rough, gravelly voice came at me.
“Welcome back, Red.”
Then I felt my lips smile." 

--I guess it sounded really incomplete to me. I mean what happened? how did she survive? It wasn't written in great detail. Anyway, that's the only one. Everything else is just plain dandy. :)

I love this..and I'll never forget their series.. but I gotta move on.. so...SHY AND TABBY up next!! ^_^ can't wait!