Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: THE DARKEST SECRET (Lords of the Underworld #7)

I am a big big big fan of The Lords Of the Underworld Series and i admit.. i knew i was going to love Amun's story the moment i heard that his book was to come out next. I've been intrigued and crushing on Amun and Torin for the longest time (like when i first read about their characters). There's just something mysterious and striking in them at the same time, they seem to be gentle. So i was freaking out already when i got my copy. I wanted to wait for Larissa Ione's book (Eternal Rider) because its a start of a new series.. i kinda wanted to read that first, but i don't have a copy yet so i jumped in and read this. What i love about Amun is his vulnerability and his gentleness. I love that he's somewhat both alpha male and gentle as well. I love that he gets mushy whenever Haidee does something to him out of the blue. I love the plot, the new characters oh.. I JUST LOVE THE BOOK! 5 stars!! ^_^

Friday, March 25, 2011

book.fave.rave: TRUE NORTH

I'm seeing a pattern in Marie Force's works. Her works mostly involves Love At First Sight. I don't know the "The Fall" didn't work for me.. but this one,, oh my gosh, i fell for this one. True North is a very touching breath of fresh air. Why? Because this is the first time that i've read about a heroine who works as a model. Well, i never imagined anyone having regrets of being a model..but in this story, Liana is tired of it. The media is getting on her nerves. While Travis on the other hand is just starting to have a steady business in town, but he plans to stay.

I guess this is pretty much predictable (the love part between Travis and Liana), but the whole story is just striking. Especially when Marie Force added Beck and Jessie. They're just meant for each other. I love how Travis cares about Liana and how he went to her shoot at the end...and of course, the 7M contract, Love it! 5 stars =)

The Story of my Life by Neil Diamond is included in the novel. Travis heard this when he decided to pursue Liana. He went to Madrid after ^_^

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

anime.fave.rave: FLAME OF RECCA

If you're a filipino kid born on maybe.. 80's and 90's and you watch channel 7.. You must know who Recca Hanabishi is. I never did finish the tagalized version of this so i decided to watch it fully (in english..i hate subs). It still is one of the greatest shounen anime ever. I will forever remember this series. Love the fights and the plot as well. I can never get over the 8 dragons. 

Watch it! ^_^

Monday, March 21, 2011


My favorite hot guys from various novels. I'm still star struck by the "Everyone Loves a Hero" cover. It captured my attention the moment i first laid my eyes on it. Second maybe is my recently read novel "Perfect Play". Notice how the guy in the cover shows a lot of ripped muscles and is casually leaning on the wall? its crazy, i just feel like its soooo normal. Like a football guy really does that and its awesome because he's hot. ^_^

book.fave.rave: THE DARKEST HOUR (KGI #1)

I waited what? a week before i read this book (read it out of sheer boredom). It turned out to be much more than what i expected. This is a great novel about second chances. And its not just the girlfriend-boyfriend-gets-back-together second chances, also not the out-of-divorce way... but a back from the dead type of second chance. Ethan was led to believe that his wife Rachel died in an airplane crash over a year ago and then suddenly, he receives a mail containing proofs that his wife was still alive.

I thought that after they get Rachel out of the hell hole everything would be kinda predictable... but no. Everything wasn't what i expected. Rachel had problems with her memory and is also suffering from drug withdrawal so the whole family needed to help her out in any way.

I admire the resilience of the whole family. This is the first novel wherein i loved the whole family more than i loved the hero. I couldn't put the book down. Its action packed and has a very interesting plot. The funny thing is, Rachel the heroine seem to have her very own harem consisting of all the boys in the Kelley family. I love how they care for her and how they all want her safety. I also love how the family stick up for one another. I love Sam, Garett. Donovan, Joe and Nathan! I even love their mom and dad. What a perfect example for a family. Awesome action-romance novel! 5 stars! ^_^

Saturday, March 19, 2011

book.fave.rave: THE PERFECT PLAY (Play by Play #1)

Ahem, of course, see that bod? who wouldn't get distracted? haha! i found this book while browsing @ goodreads. I read it right away, and fortunately.. the cover lives up to the whole story. I love it. Mick is such a hunk. He's popular, good at what he's doing and he's even intelligent (not one of the cliche' dumb football players). Tara on the other hand is not a typical heroine. She's a single mom who's been through A LOT from her childhood and so on. I like, love, adore the plot. At some point, yeah, maybe i wanted to strangle Tara just a little because of my frustration towards her character. No major conflict, which made this book for me, a feel-good read. Oh, did i say i love it? I LOVE IT! 5/5

Monday, March 14, 2011


AMAZING! I totally love the plot.. but mostly i just LOVE ASH! He doesn't do what i expect him to do all throughout the book. Even though Margaret has a little bit of damsel-in-distress complex, she's strong and i love her defiance. haha! i love how ash makes all girls swoon like the scene wherein they weren't supposed to appear to know each other, and Margaret was with her pretend-friend, and then ash said this

"I knew the instant Margaret spoke that she intended to use me as a weapon. What you fail to understand is this: I am her weapon to use."

OOOOhhhhhh super feisty

and i also love this

“Do you know why my peers want their brides to have pale skin?”
She was all too aware of the golden glow of vitality emanating from him. She could feel the warmth in his finger. She shouldn’t encourage him. Still, the word slipped out. “Why?”
“They want a woman who is a canvas, white and empty. Standing still, existing for no other purpose than to serve as a mute object onto which they can paint their own hopes and desires. They want their brides veiled.
They want a demure, blank space they can fill with whatever they desire.”
He tipped her chin up, and the afternoon sunlight spilled over the rim of her bonnet, touching her face with warmth.
“No.” Margaret wished she could snatch that wavering syllable back. But what he said was too true to be borne, and nobody knew it better than she. Her own wants and desires had been insignificant. She’d been engaged to her brother’s friend before her second season had been halfway over. She’d been a pale, insipid nothing, a collection of rites of etiquette and rules of precedent squashed into womanly form and given a dowry.
His voice was low. “Damn their bonnets. Damn their rules.”
“What do you want?” Her hands were shaking. “Why are you doing this to me?”
“Miss Lowell, you magnificent creature, I want you to paint your own canvas. I want you to unveil yourself.”

It's a great novel! I love it  5/5 stars! ^_^

Sunday, March 13, 2011


As ifff! That's Cher's (Alicia Silverstone) line in this pretty movie Clueless. I adore it. This is like a mean girls movie except that Cher is totally not mean, just plain popular. I think Paul Rudd is really cute here. I love it! The story is simple but the characters are eye candy ^_^

Monday, March 7, 2011


This by far, is my FAVORITE feel good contemporary romance. I love it how Julie James spiced up her novel with a movie star and a top attorney. Its a modern day Cinderella. I love love love the character of Taylor Donovan. She doesn't let others bring her down on or off court. Jason Andrews on the other hand, is a  spectacular hot dream guy. I wass laughing out loud while reading the book. Ahem, i felt like i was Taylor. I wanted to be HER. i just adore their roles and their love story. I know i said that Love at first sight works for me, but their love story that just developed somewhere along the road beats everything. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars.