Saturday, December 21, 2013

book.fave.rave: RECKLESS (Thoughtless #3)


I finally read this book. I waited for a right state of mind and emotion to open this book again. I was afraid that I'll see things that I wouldn't like. The start of this series had so many unfaithfulness that for books 2 and 3, I was sorta afraid for more "cheating" scenes. Thankfully, there was none of that, and I am really thankful.

My four hours today was spent reading through Keira and Kellan's life on the road. It was not pretty and it wasn't without bumps. They had very bad experiences with the media and with the fans. I think I never got over the way their fans acted. They were crazy and they were downright mean to Keira. Is it really like that in real life? I wonder. Anyway, the plot revolved around our two characters fighting for their relationship while on the road and overcoming obstacles. I love that they were more trustful of each other. I also love that their group of friends were very much supportive. Anna and Grif were really hilarious. Those two need their own novella! hahah. Oh well. It was fun reading this. Keira and Kellan together? Hot, explosive and dramatic. :)

This ending is epic. They may have started on a bad note, but their ending surely is a happy one.

Once again, congrats Keira and Kellan! Love you both.

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