Saturday, December 21, 2013

book.fave.rave: ADAM, ENOUGH SAID (This Can't Be Happening #3)


I have been waiting for Adam's story since Lexi's book. His story blew my mind. I can't believe I didn't read this right away.

I was so afraid that I'll end up hating this 3rd book in the series considering how much I hated the second one. However, it surpassed my expectations. I love it! It's definitely worth the time.

Adam is a cop who's kind of a ladies man. He's just too flirty and handsome and hot for his own good. Little did I know (because of the TOO LITTLE information about him in the last two books) that Adam has been through a lot. He's sort of heartbroken... and get this, his heart was broken by none other than his WIFE. Well, it's a little complicated really. What happened to them is not a walk in the park. It runs deep and is not easily erased especially when it all just became a tangled mess. One thing that surprised me is how showy and vocal Adam os about his feelings for Mia, his wife. He's so honest about it. In fact, he's too honest that he sometimes say stupid things. I like that he's so afraid that Mia will leave again and he'd feel as if he'll die again. Yeah I'm a cruel, cruel reader. haha. It's just so cute how he always looks for Mia and would be super agitated with a mere hint that Mia would leave him. Awesome guy... noy afraid to show his feelings... and the ears, oh the tears. ;p (see? cruel. haha)

Moving on, Mia... Where do I begin? Mia is a woman who has experienced a lot more than what women her age have. She's a strong one, i give you that. I like that she has a backbone to spar with Adam verbally. I like that she can be so sweet sometimes. Actually, my only problem with her is her trust issues. I hate how she can just jump to a conclusion and keep that to herself. I thoight girls are supposed to be the ones who're vocal, but no. Mia proves that wrong because most of her discussions are i ternal. She battles with herself regularly. To gove in to Adam or not to give in? To leave Adam or not to leave? To smile at Adam or not to smile?... She was always thinking to herself. Anyway it all became better in the end sp that's all that matters to me.

The story line is definitely better than the second one. These two will make your head spin because one minute they're kissing, the next they're throwing stuff, then they're making out again and the some. It's hot and very entertaining. There's a lot of heartache in there, but once they get past that, ot's all good.

I really really love Adam's character here. ♥♥♥♥

I love this story.

I hope that the next one is better... although I'll be very angry with Missy. errrr.

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