Saturday, June 8, 2013


20 fluttering hearts and more! 

Just how can a book be so cliche and SUPER ENTERTAINING at the same time?

I just have to say, after Piper Shelly's Play With Me, I didn't think I'd find another book which is as good. The Avery Shaw Experiment is a light hearted, funny and adorkable story about a science geek girl who "thought" that her heart is pretty much broken when her all-time bestfriend dumps her (in a way) for a girlfriend. It's also about a guy who's pretty much the epitome of "jockness" who falls for the science club girl. Cliche? Hell yeah! Do I care? HELL NO! Should you care that it's cliche when you read it? NO CAN DO!!

GRAYSON: ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀


I must say, I admire Grayson's character. Even if indeed, he's popular and and ultra jock, he didn't let this get in the way of getting close to Avery. In fact, he was smart enough to use it. He included her in everything and that's just so sweet. The shower scene, btw is something that you gotta look forward to. haha. Just saying. It's so cute how Grayson helped Avery in "forgetting" about his younger brother. And it was definitely badass how he wrote in a journal about his feelings. I'm just kinda disappointed because I thought there's so much more in that journal that wasn't shown in the book. Oh well.

Anyway, Avery on the other hand, is very analytical. I get her, really. I get how she feels as if she's been betrayed by her bff. I get how she must've developed a totally different outlook for her and Aiden. However, it was still kinda frustrating how she kept on "grieving" for him. It's a good thing that there are just so many scenes wherein Grayson made her forget Aiden.. or else, I couldn't have liked Avery a lot.

The story was pretty much predictable. You know when you watch a chick flick and you can clearly see what's going to happen next but you still watch because you want to have more of that fluttery feeling that ends up with a *sigh or an *awwww? Yes, it was that kind of predictable to me.

Really, I couldn't have asked for a better ending to such a cute story. This made my day. I hope everyone reads it. :) 


20 STARS!!!!! 

Am I exaggerating? Hell no!

I was very much looking forward to Caelen since book 1 because he seems to have the best background story. As it turns out, I was so right to anticipate his book! He is just so.. so.. so very manly.. Why I do believe that he's the best hero in this series. He was the most standoffish among the three. However, he has a very unique side to him. I knew it! Behind all that facade is a man willin to lay it all out for a woman!

Caelen was at first.. kinda cold towards Rionna, but it didn't last long. Rionna is just too lovable to resist. Plus, she's too kickass to ignore. I love how she's all womanly and very strong at the same time. I love how Rionna was so set on making Caelen love her and say the words. She even went through the trouble of wearing clothes that she really didn't want to wear (and yet they fit her perfectly). It didn't go unrewarded since Caelen became a very protective, very loving husband (although he still scowls a lot). Of course, I LOVE HOW RIONNA LED HER CLAN TO BATTLE WHEN THE ENEMY TOOK CAELEN. She was pregnant for heaven's sakes!!! I couldn't believe what I was reading. I guess when you're a warrior princess, you can do anything. ;p

Anyway, I love how the story ended. I will surely remember this always... how Rionna got her happily ever after with the scowling prince..errmm.. warrior rather. ^_^




This book has reduced me to an emotional mess and I say that as a compliment.

Alaric and Keeley are just two special characters. Their story is somewhat bittersweet and so very satisfying in the end.

Alaric was to be wed to a neighboring clan for alliance purpose when he was suddenly injured and cared for by Keeley. He grew quite attached to her and was attracted to her from start to finish. Keeley on the other hand, is a woman who's shunned by others because of a lie. Of course she was also attracted to Alaric from the start. .I mean, who wouldn't? Since the book often described him as "beautiful". She also has some really good traits, like being extremely loyal and very outspoken. Needless to say, I admire her a lot.

Together, they enjoyed their moments before duty calls Alaric to marry another woman.

I love how hot and sweet they are for each other. They knew that their time was limited so the urgency just made it all the more beautiful.

Keeley's sacrifice near the end definitely floored me. Followed by that grand gesture from Alaric, it was all so great!!! You cannot imagine my relief once everything settled down.

I love how both books 1 and 2 sounded like a preparation for book 3. . I'm quite sure that it will be awesome!! ;p

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: NEVER SEDUCE A SCOT (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs #1)


The story's goshdarn great! There's lots of twists, turns, love, lies, action and reconciliations... what more can a reader ask for?

It have been a really long time since I last read a historical and I must admit, I was reluctant to get back to this genre. Fortunately, I chose a really good one today and I'm totally going to read more. I also figured out something... I love historicals when it speaks of battles, ladies winning the hearts of fierce men, naughty outlandish thought and... higlanders. :)

I do believe that the two main characters here are WINNERS. They are from rivaling clans, but they were able to get past that and win each others' affections. I totally love Eveline. Through and though, she has proved that she's a worthy woman even with her deafness. She may have lied at first, but once she felt safe enough, she was able to break from her own personal jail. I love how she responded to Graeme. She's just too sweet for her own good. She's also very very loyal and I really really like that about her. On the other hand, Graeme is not the fiercest alpha male that I've encountered, but he certainly has a way with Eveline. He's very sweet to her and protective that I couldn't help but fall in love with his character too. He's also very understanding of his wife's needs and thoughts. I'm happy that he was able to show her just how loved she can be especially when faced with the dilemma of his own clan turning against his wife.

Of course, the scenes that I love best were the inconvenient ones. I love it when they both got sick because of an attack.. and they both took care of each other. It was just so nice and so... full of love.

The ending was so cute that I laughed out loud for it. I'm so proud of Eveline's character. ^_^ I'm definitely reading the next one right away. :)

book.fave.rave: JUST MY LUCK (Shamrock Falls #3)

4.5 for being such a sweet read. :)

First off, I'd like to thank Entangled Publishing for giving me an ARC of this book. I love you for this. :) 

"JUST MY LUCK" --> I think this is what both characters have to say to each other. They are both damn lucky to have one another. :) I was very very curious as to how things will go with these two since I have been following them from books 1 and 2. Yes, it really did help that I read the first two before reading this. At least I had a little background of how they are. Betsy has been chronically shy from the past books and it was carried on to the third one. Jace is still as confident as ever, but he's not completely happy with his life. It was very interesting to read about how these two fell in love. :)

When I first opened the book, I was blown right away by how deep Betsy's problem is. I knew right away that this novel is going to be a little less lighthearted than the last two. Betsy has too many insecurities. I don't think she ever completely trusted a person before Jace too. It's sad really, how she's so affected by her past. However, she had moments of confidence that she makes me feel proud. Jace saw this. Oh, he saw a lot alright. You see, Jace knows that Betsy has been crushing on him. At first, I thought that he was so smug about it. But no, I was wrong. From the beginning of their um... "arrangement", he was just very concerned about her all the time. Even when he wasn't owning up to it, he cared for our shy heroine. He was amazed by her. I'd like to believe that Jace also made Betsy better. He made her open up more and he made her more comfortable in her own skin.

It was also so much fun reading how Jace gradually fell for Betsy. He was in denial at first, but when he got past that. It was all good. :) For Betsy, it wasn't the same since I believe that she was already half in love with the guy since the first book. It was just a matter of beating her insecurities and letting her self be happy too.

All things ended well. This book is so sweet and I honestly liked it. Jace may just be the coolest guy among the three. ;p