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After all of the poking and prodding that my friends in gr kept on doing, I have finally accomplished this task. Not that I treated it like a task... much. Kidding!

Reading about T.J. and Anna wasn't a hardship at all. In fact, it was very easy to fall in love with the two of them. Their adventures on the island was what made me like this book more. I never would've accepted their age gap if it weren't for what they've been through on that island which doesn't have a name by the way.


If you ask me, I think they both fared well in DCCBSR island. Anna, ever the girl scout was able to pack lots of toiletries (which surprisingly lasted for years.. IS THAT ONLY IN FICTION?) and her luggage was conveniently washed to shore at some point. T.J., ever the boy scout, was able to find ways to feed them and give them shelter. It's like they're members of SURVIVOR, only without cameras and without other people to mess with their minds.LOL. T.J. definitely grew up rapidly in DCCBSR. He became more mature (or is that because of the illness that he's been through?). It was fun reading about how attracted he is to Anna and how Anna fought for a while with her feelings as well. But when it all spilled over, they were so fast to catch up! hahaha.. I can't believe how I enjoyed reading about their "hot" moments though it's not really detailed. Do I wish that it's more detailed? HELL YEAH! Does that make me a perv? I surely hope not! What's sooooo wrong in wanting details? O.O hahahha

I already expected that they would face real big problems once they go back to civilization. It didn't shock me that T.J. was insecure about his stand on Anna's life because of his younger age. I'm just glad that he tried to fight it off.

He was so cool when he said to one guy "I'm sorry you can't touch my hot girlfriend." HAHAHAHAH BEAT THAT!!!
What I didn't expect is Anna's continuous battle with her body clock. tik tok tik tok I want babies. Well, I guess I wouldn't understand it fully since I'm not yet at that point in my life. Anyhoo, they were able to patch things up. It didn't have fireworks, but it was a sweet getting-back-together scene. The epilogue helped a lot as well since I was able to get a glimpse of their lives after how many years. It's nice to know that eventually, Anna got her wish. They have babies, family.. complete with a beautiful house. I guess they owe it all to sperm banks eh? ^_^

All in all, I loved it. I thank all of those people WHO PUSHED AND PUSHED AND PUSHED FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS that I read this. I know I was super stubborn since I hated their age gap. I'm happy to report that in the end, I was still aware of their age gap, but it didn't bother me as much as it did at first.

Great story, great characters. What more can I ask for? :

book.fave.rave: STAR CROSSED (Battered Hearts #2)

What did I just read?? That was a.... a roller coaster ride!

That was damn great!

The plot is totally unique and very much interesting. I like the premise of ROMEO AND JULIET. I like how they're both so invested in one another even with all the odds. The only thing that I didn't like is Romeo's involvement in the mafia. It sucks. I'm glad that they're out. I only wish that there's a book for Nova too. He's too good of a character to pass up.

The last part of this novel was totally unexpected. I never thought that Juliet would really runaway with Romeo and that they'll get married, be pregnant and get shot at by bad men.

Story's good. There were a few loopholes, but I think they'd all be cleared up in the next book.


5 rocking stars!!!

Hands down to Ms. Crane, once again.

This is one helluva book.

The premise of not being able to remember who you are has been used by lots of authors already that I kinda doubted that this would be different. However, as it turns out, this one's unique to me.

I like Emma. She has a lot of things to take in and yet, she didn't let it all take her down. She's the complete opposite of what she was before the accident. At first, she felt the pressure of being who she WAS because she wanted to appease other people, but then she got tired of it and she stood up for what she CURRENTLY believed in.

Her past persona wasn't very good and she sorta hated her. It was really weird reading about how different their tastes are. For example, just the fact that the new Emma liked peaches made her dad say stupid stuff. I admit though, I don't like her parents at all. They both spoiled the past her rotten and maybe, that is why she became the way she was before the accident. But then, they were really trying. I think they just love their baby too much.

I found my self nodding at the things that the new Emma is doing. I admire her guts even when she faced the horror that is highschool. I'm so happy because she didn't let those people that she called friends, sway her new resolve in her second chance at life. Emma is a strong character, that's for sure. I love her.

Mason on the other hand, felt as if everything is his responsibility. I am in awe because he's such a good guy! He's always been there for Emma even when she was asleep. He was oh so proud once Emma started walking again that I couldn't help but smile at that scene. He's the helpful, responsibe one. He also has a secret, which I won't divulge here... YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!! ;p All I can say is that it'll make you love him more.

The plot was a breath of fresh air to me. Even though there were lots of conflicts, it's still good.

What's more amazing in the story is the author's ability to create a bad scene and follow it up with a good one in three seconds flat. Just when you thought everything's going down the drain, it's all smiles and happiness again. It reminds me of that rollercoaster feeling. *happysigh*

All in all, I LOVE THIS. I hope everyone can give it a chance. :)


THIS IS A TRULY FUN READ. That is how I would describe my experience of reading Poison.

I am very much awed with the idea of Ms. Zinn. A sixteen year old princess assassin? Who's not going to be lured by that?

This novel started out with the adventure of Kyra, the poison master, and also the one who attempted to kill the princess. I was trying to figure her out hard because she seems to be a really good person, so why does she want to kill the princess?


So I read on and found out about her sight. Well, it was pretty understandable. She was thinking of many other people, except for her self, apparently... since she hasn't even been feeding her self well! Oh, the horror of reading about her food dilemmas. I mean, if she has the time to concoct poisons, she should've had the time to find food! I was so glad when she met Fred. At least she was already eating! (Me and my food crisis! hah!)

Even before she met Fred, I was already having fun with her thoughts. She is kinda hilarious. Then Fred came into the picture and everything was just bright, jolly and super sarcastic. Haha. Let's add the pig to the fold and we have one good laughing party. I mean, yes, the main problem of the story is kinda serious, but their banters were totally humorous! Even Ari is funny!

The ending? *DROPJAW*





Of course, it all ended well... Happily ever after even... but then, it's just so sad that the book hinted on a possible sequel and we'll never have one since the author already died. :(

I really hope that, wherever she is, (if there's an afterlife) she gets to see how people are taking her book.

I for one, love it.

I wish more YA books are like this. Lighthearted, with bits of action here and there, a humongous percentage of laugh out loud moments and a really good plot.

All cheers to you, Ms. Zinn. I am a fan. :)

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: THE MAGICIAN (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #2)



It has taken me such a long time to read this, since I was listening to the audio version.. and yet, I find it all worth it.

It was all worth it because I HAD FUN, LOTS OF FUN with this. It's filled with adventures, historical trivias (some real, most unreal), suspense scenes, SCENES THAT WILL MAKE YOU LIKE/LOVE/HATE the characters, and most of all, scenes that will make you think who and what's to be trusted. It may be quite long as an audiobook, but it certainly has its own charm. I love how the voice artist did everyone's voice in different voices. It was refreshing.

I am happy with the story. I happy with mostly all of the characters. Well, you can probably read some of my comments below, but hey... they were quite annoying at some parts!

I am very much looking forward to listening to the next one. In fact, I am starting right now.

Let's see what's in store for our young twins.. and our older alchemist. ESPECIALLY OUR BADASS SORCERESS!! :)


  WOW. Just WOW.

I cried for the irony. I cried for the genuine uniqueness of the characters. I cried for how this story could just be real somewhere in the world.

I just... I can't express how such a short story can affect me. All I know is that I read something ugly and beautiful at the same time. It's ironic, really.

I wish everyone can read this book.



This sequel had me captivated. I was so hesitant about reading it because I have little patience with books that end with cliffhangers nowadays, and yet, once I started, I couldn't put the book down. Unravel me didn't end with a bad cliffhanger. It ended in a way that you can't help but want the next RIGHT AWAY.

The plot thickens with Warner's dad emerging as the main villain Juliette grows more powerful, yet she still isolates herself, which was very painful to read, btw. I hated how she thought of herself as the bad guy. I hated that she thinks everything's her fault. However, as I analyze her character more together with her history, I think it's just normal for her to feel that way.

Juliette and Adam go through a different kind of hell this time. the hell of not being together. It's really unfair that they had to suffer here for what I thought was the best thing about book 1. . . Adam being able to touch Juliette. It's also oh so confusing when it comes to Warner. He and Juliette kinda becomes friends here.

Is there a chance that they'll end up together? No, I don't think so. Juliette loves Adam and Warner is just so very convenient to her FOR NOW... plus, she sort of wants to be his friend because she wants to give him a fighting chance to redeem himself.

Their war rages on and personally, I think Anderson is nothing but a puny opponent for Juliette and the entire resistance. I wouldn't even be surprised if ADAM and WARNER gang up to kill him.

I want to know what happens next so badly, and yet... February of next year is still a very long way to go. I truly love Juliette and Adam... So for now, I suppose I can be patient. I believe that this series is totally worth waiting for. ;)

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: HUSTLE ME (Bank Shot Romance, #1)


I also feel as if I just watched a feel good movie.

In short, I LOVE IT.

The plot is new to me. I think this is the first time that I've enjoyed reading about a straight A pool hustler who's a guy (Kristen Ashely also had a pool hustler character but it's a girl). I can't believe that I loved this. Sure, the circumstances of their family ties were a bit complicated, but this doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed their interaction. Both characters are intersting in their own right. Charlie is a very smart, independent woman who dropped everything to run a bar and to take care of her brother. It was all so new to her, but she manageed to put on her big girl panties and strive to give her brother a good life. She has some issues about her past, but it was relatively small to me. Incidentally, her past is also tied with that of Jammer.

I didn't like Jammer at first. He's a douche and a hustler. Then he started to be the gentleman and then he also became the knight in shining armor. He's so sweet to Charlie that I couldn't help but be touched. He's also kinda hilarious. Most of the things that he says make me laugh hard. When they talk, they have fun... and me as a reader? I laugh with them. I love their little set up in that bar. It reminded me of Tina Reber's Love Unscripted... only, with a kid on the side. I love Ryan! His lines are just soooo cute and he makes both characters think more about the future.

The ending is satisfying. I love how it went. I wish that the next book would come out today. . . or tomorrow.. or you kow, just soon! :)

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: IF YOU STAY (Beautifully Broken, #1)


Wow. Just wow.

I expected a lot from this book, I admit that. I didn't get what I expected. I got so much more.

At first it was just a normal bad boy meets good girl. Pax is a drug-slash-girl user (ahem, you can even read it from the first page!), hot tempered (sort of), hot, handsome, sweet and thoughtful guy while Mila is GOOD... so good that even her trust issues blurs out for me. She was very understanding with Pax and she accepted him, flaws and all that. Things were going well. Pax was reforming and Mila was starting to trust him. I thought that this one's gonna be kinda predictable. Then things started getting complicated.

The characters has shown a lot of vulnerabilities. They were both having issues and both were trying to hold on to their love. The biggest conflict was shocking to me. I never saw that one coming. Although I was sad with what happened, I was also relieved that Mila asked for some time away from Pax near the end. I think they both needed time to think things through. This is one of those books that the guy is really trying hard to change, but circumstances offered him no choice but to rely on old habits. I'm so glad that things worked out well with his issues and nightmares. I think I'd be disappointed if even after all those therapies, he still hasn't gotten rid of the bad dreams.

I think the part that I didn't like is just how Mila keeps on analyzing Pax's behavior loudly. I mean, it's okay for a one time thing... but thinking about it over and over and voicing it out is a little bit overboard. It would also have been better if there were more scenes with them dating or doing normal stuffs together. The pacing of this novel is pretty fast and it skipped lots of opportunities to show how Pax has avoided his old habits somewhere in the middle. I also thought that some scenes were a little too corny/mushy for my taste... meh.. maybe other people would love it though, so whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, all things worked out good in the end, so I am still one happy reader. :)





OOOOHHH.. INTERESTING BLURB! I'm kinda in love with bad boys nowadays mi likey!




I think the story gives justice to the beautiful (and hot, let's not forget HOT) cover. ❤




I love RAPUNZEL to the moon and back so you would understand how terrified I was about this book. I was afraid that it wouldn't live up to my expectations or that I wouldn't like her character here. As it turns out, all of my fears were all totally useless. I LOVE THIS STORY.


The plot is quite good. I love how this story melded the modern world with the fairy tale.

Rapunzel was a clueless girl at first, but I was so proud of her when she added Fane in facebook! that was epic!



She indeed grew more as the story progressed. She was even breaking rules (sounds bad, but hey, lock your self in a tower for 17 years and let's see if you don't go a little overboard once you've tasted freedom.. I MEAN.. WE YAY FOR FREEDOMMMMM, eh, POOH??!!!!


It doesn't even hurt that Fane is such a cute boy with his big ego and none existent humility. It was awesome, how he introduced Rapunzel to the delights of the world. I also love how he protected Rapunzel here. In that maze of a house, he wasn't as helpless as he should've been, considering his age, but THIS IS A FAIRYTALE REMAKE so a lot of things can happen. I love their fb/skype chats.

They were just sooooo....


.....ADORABLE. *sigh*

I find it very weird that Gothel has a dark master, who in turn also has a dark master. It wasn't very clear to me who the main villain was. All in know is that they weren't able to succeed in their witchy plans for my dear golden girl. Even though I have questions that were left unanswered, it doesn't change the fact that the story didn't make me put down the book. I was cringing at the thought of them being caught and then I sigh in relief whenever their day was finished. AWWWW..

I think that if I were Rapunzel, sneaking around.. WITH FANE in my own house, my face would look like this:


YES, I'd still be crazily happy! haha

So all in all, I loved this remake of Rapunzel. :)

BTW: I finished reading this book inside a moving van. BAD, I know.. but I couldn't help it. I had to finish!



What can I say? I'm a big fan of alpha males, even ones with weird names.

The plot of this book is fairly new to me. I was indeed submerged into bikers' world. It's a very chaotic, daring, even dirty world..and yet, our heroine managed to blend right in. She had a hard time accepting it at first, but eventually, with her genuine affection for everyone, she was able to adapt to that world while her brother was still being stupid. The hero, on the other hand, was very very VERY VERY badass and protective of what is his. It was all very surreal. Things weren't all that great with the hero and heroine. There were lots of rough patches, but man, was it all very entertaining. They were both fire crackers waiting to light up. I love that this book showed two povs and a very nice arrangement of the timeline. It made the book more interesting and logical. The conflict near the ending was such badasssss that I think it's my fave part.

If you wanna read about alpha-heroes, badass girls and hot scenes... this one's definitely for you. It will make you smile, be frustrated and satisfied in the end.

I think I'll read more novels like this one. ;p

P.S. If you like Kristen Ashley's works, you may want to read this as well! :)

book.fave,rave: LEXI, BABY (This Can't Be Happening #1)


I need the next book. A.S.A.P!!!

Don't worry, Lexi, Baby doesn't end in with a cliffhanger for the two main characters. I just said that I need the next book because of Trish. :)

I love the pacing of this book. I just wanted to have a nice read tonight that will leave me smiling and all that. Annndd.. I was definitely successful. This book is hot, forgiving, funny and the plot's kinda good too. Even though the hero cheated on the heroine at first, he more than made up for it. Yes, he was constantly being a possessive ass, but to me, it was understandable... not really over the top. I love how Lexi holds her ground too, even when she's jumping to conclusions. She's also such a sweet momma to Layla. I'm happy that they were able to have their complete fictional family. :)

I really hope that the other two characters (Trish and Adam) get their own happily ever afters!

So once again, NEXT BOOK PLEASE! ;p

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: THE ALCHEMYST (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #1)


I am finally, finally done with this book. I've been listening to this while doing a part time work, so I'm very thankful because it didn't make me feel bored. Which Harry Potter junkie doesn't know Nicholas Flamel? When I first read and watched Harry Potter, I thought that Nicholas Flamel was just someone fictional. Hell, when I first found out about this book, I thought that Michael Scott borrowed Rowlings' character. hahahaha. We could say that I was frakkin clueless! LOL. Anyhoo, I researched on it and found out that Nicholas Flamel was indeed a living french man. Great!

Anyway, the story itself is very interesting because not only does it center on the fictional Flamel, it also focuses on the lives of two very special teen twins. I love how the two were depicted. They came across as two very loyal siblings and very mature for their age. I love how they don't really whine a lot and complain about things that they couldn't change. It's like their acceptance was very a very rational and well thought of decision. It's still a mystery to me what their parents would say about their situation.. but even without them, these two teens are responsible enough for their own actions as evidenced by the scene near the end wherein Sophie came back for Josh.

Their adventures here were truly awesome, albeit heartbreaking as well since there were casualties. I hope that it gets better though on the next book. I have a lot of questions that need to be answered. :)

book.fave.rave: THE MAZE RUNNER (Maze Runner #1)


I am amazed.

I know that I'm not supposed to be very happy about how this book went. I mean, considering the number of children who died, being happy is supposedly definitely not one of the top feelings that I should have.

However, I thought about it..


And I realized that it's been a long time since I've read a dystopian novel that I couldn't get enough of. I was very much looking forward to how this book will end. I was even prepared for everyone to die. The story's just so interesting. The mystery and the action just got me hooked. No matter how bloody or gory the scenes are, they were still very exciting and interesting.


Lemme just say, THOMAS...


I love how Thomas' character stood out each time. I love how he's very compassionate at every turn and how he became braver and braver all throughout the story. I'm sorry that they were all caught up with this bad experiment process, but I'm not sorry that they sent him and he solved everything.

The ending was pretty messed up indeed. I mean, I was clued in that the real world was far worse than what they had in that maze, but still... What happened in the end was a shocker.

I really hope that the experiment is really for the good of all. If not, I hope they kill all the scientists. Yes, this is what this book turned me into.. a gore-loving girl. Kidding!

Anyway, I totally enjoyed this.

Reading the next one later. ;)

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If you're looking for a hilarious, action-packed, X-MEN-LIKE, HOT paranormal romance novel, THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU!

What I love about this is that the two main characters bared their hearts out. Yeah, it was downright mushy at some points, but isn't that the beauty of romance? It didn't even hurt that there were complications. I swear, they will make you laugh hard! I was rolling over in my bed in some scenes.. ESPECIALLY MAGDA SCENES.

Sam is sooooooo witty that I feel very inferior to her verbal prowess. Her character definitely blossomed in this sequel. She stronger, braver, MORE OPEN and more straightforward. I love how she's not afraid of anything. I mean, maybe she was, but unlike many characters, she doesn't shut down or run from her problems. I love that.

Jared oh Jared... I wish I can just snag you from this book and make you into a real boy... or man. Whatever. Just make my fictional dreams come true. You're just so darn sweet and hot in this novel!

I didn't enjoy only the two main characters, I also enjoyed the whole squad! They're also all very protective of Sam, it was just so cute! EVEN DEXTER THE SNAKE! I love him!!! I also like the fact that they weren't harmed all throughout the novel. THE PAINTBALL scene is just EPIC! I enjoyed reading that. They were all so serious I just had to laugh. ;p

Basically, I enjoyed this novel A LOT. I hope that the other characters get their stories and that they'd be as funny and as action-packed as this.


book.fave.rave: ROCK THE HEART (Black Falcon #1)


This one's a good rockstar getting back together story


If you liked ROCKED by Olivia Cunning, you'd probably like this as well.

Lane and Noel are quite a pair. It was so obvious from the start of the book that they still loved and wanted each other. I had a good time reading about how futile Lane's attempts on ignoring Noel's seduction. I love it that they didn't really wait too long to get back to each other. I mean, it was pretty fast, but I liked it that way. They were so happy when they got back together that I already knew what's going to happen next. The main conflict? pssshh, I knew it was the generic one. Life in a band couldn't just be peaceful. It's okay, I guess since it all ended good, albeit abrupt.

I think I loved this because of Noel. He's just so irritatingly possessive, sweet, protective and frustrating. He's so sure of himself that it was kinda nice to see him rattled near the end. I loved how he's always saying that he won't let Lane go again and then follows through with his actions. Once scene in particular was soooo adorable that I really do have to share it:


“Oh, hey, Lane, I didn’t see you there. You can go ahead and take your stuff on back to the bedroom.”

Is he serious right now? “Do you think this is some kind of game, Noel?”

He rests his arms causally on the guitar—tattoos directly in my line of site—fully on display. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m simply directing a guest, slash employee, where to store her personal belongings. Don’t see much of a game in that.”
can force me to stay here, you’ve—”

In one swift move, Noel leans the guitar against the wall and stands directly in front of me. Damn these tight—spaced buses. He reaches down and grabs my bag. I try to swat away his hands, but he’s too quick.

I stay hot on his heels as he starts down the hallway. “Give me back my stuff.”

“No,” he says before he unzips the suitcase, takes two more steps, and then dumps all the contents on the bed.

The clothes, make-up, and other personal items land in a messy heap on the bed. “You asshole! Why did you do that?”

His eyes meet mine. “Because the sooner you see you aren’t going anywhere the better.”

~~I know that it probably sounds very immature, but I find it twistedly sweet and cute that he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep her with him.

Anyway, I liked this one. I won't be deterred about the abrupt end since I heard that there's a really good epilogue in Noel's pov.

Good read indeed! ;p

P.S. I love FAITHFULLY. :)

book.fave.rave: MY MISERY MUSE (My Misery Muse #1)

And another damn good getting-back-together story!

Things I love about this:

✔The guy isn't the ass who left the girl. He was kinda forced
✔The girl is one badass! I mean.. she tattoos for a living! That's gotta be hot! This is the first time that my heroine is a tattoo artist and I love it! ^_^
✔They have a really cute baby :) I'm all smiles for that.
✔The girl stayed faithful to her love for the guy after all the years that they've been apart. She even let their baby know him through music and pictures.
✔She let the guy into the baby's life right away. She didn't make it really hard for him.
✔The conflict didn't feel as if it wasn't fixable. It felt as if they were just taking their time to figure things out.
✔It was a short, satisfying story. It made me laugh a lot. I loved it. :)

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: LACYBOURNE MANOR (Ghosts and Reincarnation #3)

AND FOR MY 500TH REVIEW  (in goodreads)




Y to the A to the Y!!!

Not as hot as all the other KA books but still, this one's lovable and awesome.

I expected to love it because:

1. It's Kristen Ashley! C'mon.. we all know how she works.. ;p
2. There's magic
3. They're frikkin reincarnated and I love that!

And yes, it didn't fail me. Not only was their relationship a very interesting thing to read about, the characters were just all very lovable! I even love the grannies and grandpas! The plot was totally good! I have no problems whatsoever about the magic stuff and the hot alpha hero.

Colin wasn't easy to like at first. He was so suspicious about Sybil's motive that I kinda hated him. He gradually grew on me with his protectiveness once he confirmed that Sybil is THE ONE. I find his jealousy of ROyce to be quite adorable. haha! I enjoyed his "eating-my-words" scene when he found out the truth about Sybil. On the other hand, I loved Sybil right away! She's just an amazing character. I've known and trusted KA for giving out unique heroines in all of her books. This one is hands-down, one of her best heroines. I love Sybil because she's very passionate... EXTREMELY PASSIONATE, if I may say so my self. She's passionate in helping everyone and in being concerned about everything. I love how she talks to everyone as if they're her responsibility. I love how she let Colin care for her even though she knows that she can take care of her self. I also love how she still loved Colin even when she doubted him. The other characters were all so nice to them too that I can't help but love them all! Even Mags and Phoebe! They made me laugh hard! ;p

Their story of reincarnation is by far, one of the most enjoyable ones I've read. You see, these two are the exact replicas of two lovers who lived in the past, except that they had a switch with the colors of their hair. They found each other in the present and even with the whole confusion about their past lives, they were still able to find their connection and they were able to fall for each other all over again. They now face the challenge of not repeating history. They had a bad ending in the past so now, they are doing all they can not to have that ending again. It was all fun to read, thrilling even. Of course, it was also hilarious at some parts. There wasn't much conflict here except for their past lives which was catching up to them. In the end, they were able to defeat that "black spirit" and they lived happily ever after. Yes, I can say that THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER because reading this novel just felt as if I'm reading a fairy tale.

This is special too because of the "doggy" part. I am in love with dogs, and Mallory? All I can say is AWWWWWWWWWW...


I wish that there's really a dog heaven out there. ;)

So there we have it. Another one of KA's best! I love you KA!!!! ^_^

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: ENEMY MINE (Alpha and Omega #2)


I don't know who this guy is, but HE'S MY EMORY!!!


I rarely post pictures of people in my reviews. These books from Ms. Hunter just totally make me go crazy that I just had to find a face for all that craziness.

There are shifter books, then there are HOT SHIFTER BOOKS .

This is one of them.

Not only is the story such a kickass (which I believe, can stand alone even without the hot scenes), the characters are also damn good. I love how each of the characters in this book has a role to play themselves. The other characters are active too in here. I mean, they're not just wallpapers to the main characters. They participated. Even Ava and Diskant had their own little scenes all throughout the novel.

Emory and Mary have a ROMEO & JULIET - ish relationship. Mary's a part of that friggin family who wants to destroy THE EVIL SHIFTERS in the name of all that's holy (yeah can you believe it?!). But of course, let's not get angry with Mary. She's just a smart, shy, young woman who didn't know a lot about the world she's living in at first. She didn't even know what her family was really doing until it was too late. Enter Emory, my tortured hero. Yeah, he's tortured because he thought that Mary was disgusted/afraid of him with the way she ran from him. He endured everything and he was able to get Mary back. They were able to resolve their problems. Everything was going well until those SHEPERDS came back and ruined it all over again. The only downside to this is that it had to end at a crucial moment. Almost everyone's finding their mates. I wanna see them all happy just like what I said for the first book!

It was all fun to read. I was clueless as to what'll happen next. I certainly didn't see what Trey's mate will do for him. I'm still unsure if the decision at the end of this book was a good one. I'm just hoping that it won't cause a lot of problems with the next book because I intend to have my fill of TREY.

I don't know why, but I feel like Trey's book is gonna be badass not just because of him, but because of his mate. I can't wait!

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: OMEGA MINE (Alpha and Omega #1)



HOT DAMN and surprisingly full of depth and action.

Reading this book is just full of suprises! I mean, I knew that it was going to be one hot read, but the way it went? It was scorching hot! Diskant and Ava together is just a fireball waiting to explode. The way they met and got together might seem fast, but what did we expect eh? It's a shifter novel! That's bound to happen and to me, it was a big plus. It also didn't hurt that the plot was good. There were mysteries and revelations after revelations. It was sooooo adrenaline-highening (is that even an expression? LOL).

Ava had a too for a brother who started all her unluckiness. When she was introduced to the shifter world, I think everything became better for her. You see, Ava also had a rare talent. She can read people. I love how she freely used it in the shifter world because that made her badass. She was taken care of at every turn, even when the Sheperds attacked, she was shielded by one of Diskant's people. I love how she's still able to stand up for herself even with all the people supporting her.
Diskant was by far, one of the most serious/badass shifter that I've ever read about. He just oozes command and power. I love how he never ceased to seek Ava out when she first ran out on him. I love how he handles things and puts Ava first before everything else. I love how his being forceful and overly protective doesn't scare the living hell out of Ava even though I know that it took a lot from her to submit to Diskant. It was just all oh so good for them.

The coflict between them and the Sheperds was at first, kinda hard to understand, but when I finally saw the light, I was disgusted by those Sheperds that I already wanted them all dead! I wish that Trey or Emory blows them to kingdom come on the next book!!!

ANYHOO.. This was a blast of a book! I totally wanna see each shifter here have their happy ending. ESPECIALLY ZACH! I'm just way tooooo affected with what happened to him. I soooo want Trey to meet his vamp! And of course, I want Emory to get his Mary back.

Hmm.. I obviously enjoyed this. I wish the next book is better! ;p If it's better, it'll be soooo good since this one already exceeded my expectations

book.fave.rave: BEAUTY AWAKENED (Angels of the Dark #2)

✪✪4.5 stars✪✪

I enjoyed reading it though it wasn't as hot as I envisioned it to be.
It more than made up with the sweetest scenes. ❤❤❤

The story is really good. It's full of action scenes, sweet melting scenes and funny stuff. Both of our characters don't feel very deserving of love. They both had to hold back and not give in to the idea of a happily ever after. It was good because together, they found out how it's like to really be happy.

Nicola, the meek heroine who wants to live life to the fullest but can't, has a lovely set of characteristics. Even though she lived all her life with the fear of dying because of a certain condition, she sure stayed good and headstrong. Of course, she had her demons, but dayyymm.. the girl can forgive like nobody's business. I love how she taught Koldo how to forgive and just let go. In turn, Koldo also taught her how to let go of the toxins that surrounded her, keeping her sickness at bay. I think it's also a good thing that Nicola was very much open to new experiences and that she's very understanding of the paranormal world. If she was something like her sister, all fearful and full of distrust, I don't think I would've liked her. She let Koldo guide her, and they became more and more like a good team as the novel progressed. Her best scene of course, is at the end part. That was definitely kickass! Good job girly!! ^_^

Koldo, our tortured hero, is a very sweet, funny and cute guy. Yeah, I know it's kinda hard to believe that such a hard, vicious warrior can be all of those things, but he made it possible. He's so cute especially when he's jealous!!!




“YOU’RE ACTING like a child,” Axel said.
“That’s funny, coming from you,” Koldo replied through clenched teeth.
“You threw alcohol at a puny human male.”
“He’s lucky to still be alive. I could have thrown daggers.”
“Wait. Did you think I was complaining? I was actually cheering.”

That alcohol incident is super hilarious!!!
annnndd.. Let's add this!!!

“We can leave,” Nicola offered.
“That’s all right,” Dex replied stiffly. “My vanity took a hard knock, that’s all.”
“Well, maybe there’s something I can do to help.” Nibbling on her lower lip, Nicola grabbed her water glass, drew in a deep breath and poured half the contents into her lap.
Dex’s jaw dropped as she gasped and grinned—and Koldo hated that another male was seeing her so relaxed, so happy, and that she was striving so diligently to entertain, to please.
“Now we both look like we peed our pants,” she said.
A bark of laughter boomed from the male.
Laughter that should have been Koldo’s.
“Okay, I might have to fight you for her,” Axel said. “That was seriously cool.”
Koldo flashed to outside the restaurant, mentally commanded his robe to become a black shirt and black pants, and marched back inside, this time in the natural realm, where everyone could see him.

“Koldo,” she gasped, though she offered no resistance. “Seriously. What’s going on? Has something happened?”
In the background, he thought he heard someone ask if she wanted the police notified.
He tossed her a glance over his shoulder.

“You’re mine. And I’m keeping you.”

SERIOUSLY... That neanderthal effect was definitely cute, hot and funny! I love how serious he was while ceing cute. Kold sure has his moments! ;p

All in all, I love the story and how it all went. I am very much looking forward to the other warriors' stories. ヅ

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: ROUGUE RIDER (Lords of Deliverance #4)

OH RESEPH, why did I shelf you for so long?

I am so glad that I finally finished reading the fourth book about this last horseman. I was very much intrigued with Reseph because from book 1 to book 3, he was a mean bastard. I was wondering how I would react to the pre-Pestilence guy. As it turns out, I LOVE HIM.

To me, he's the best of all the horsemen. I know that he isn't as strong as he seemed to be in the last books, but he's still very much likable... or lickable. haha! XD

Why is he the best, you ask? It's not just because he's the most handsome horseman. It's because his character is so funny, so light and so sweet. I was just... shocked by how gentle he was with Jillian. Reseph's character is very goodnatured and downright cute that it even broke my heart when Jillian took him to the sheriff's station at first. When they were already together, he was just so.. so .. invested, so there for her that it confused the hell out of me when he didn't want her by his side right away near the end. Anyway, all things worked out for the better in the end so I couldn't complain ... much... about his attitude.

I admire Jillian's character though. I know for a fact that what happened to them was that of an instant attraction. It all happened so fast that her her could just spin. Then let's not forget things that she found out about Reseph's past, yet she still stayed and even cried a lot for him. She definitely has spunk and a whole lot of loyalty. She also showed courage and the ability to forgive and trust the one guy that can hurt her bad. I like her a lot. ;)

I enjoyed reading this because of Reseph's jokes. His sexual and nonsexual innuendos were just soooo utterly funny and amazingly cute. I also enjoyed it because finally, it shone some light in some areas that I had questions about in the past books. I also admit that I am shocked with some revelations.

Anyway, I'm happy for Reseph's happiness. I hope that the same thing could happen to Reaver. :)



Apollyon surpassed my expectations. I admit, it is an exhausting book. I went through a myriad of emotions, but it's all worth it. This book is full of love, action, revelations and most importantly, humor (whoever has Sam and Dean in a book must be super humorous! haha! just saying).

I love how Alex grew in Apollyon. For the past 3 books, she has been dubbed as the hot head. Well, in this one, she thinks a lot more first before doing something drastic. I also think that her eyes are more open now as to what Seth really is. Although I'm not very happy with the fact that she still talks to Seth in her head, at least she's not confused anymore about who her heart belongs to.

Annndd that's my cue to talk about Aiden.


I love Aiden so it's very undestandable when I say that I was literally jumping for joy for him when he got Alex back! His laughter had me grinning like an idiot. .his cussing weirded me out, in a good way, if that's even possible. I am sooo happy that he didn't give up on Alex. He's just too loving and obviously so darn sweet towards Alex in this book that I can't help but feel for him and wish that I can be Alex for real.haha! Added to the fact that he's a badass, he's really one of my dream fiction boyfriend!

All in all, the plot thickens. . .and I can't wait for the last book to come out. Gods versus the godkiller is surely something that I look forward to. :)


Is it crazy to say that I finally feel that the story's complete?

I think they've gone full circle. I can now rest knowing that they really did have that happy ending. When I read this, I realized that I was waiting for a lot more from Beautiful Disaster. I am so happy to have read Travis' thoughts.

I have long since accepted that he's a straight A badass yet emotional guy. I also accepted that lots of people don't get his character from BD, hell even I didn't fully get him. However, I am very proud to say that this time, I fully understand him. I get where he's coming from and I get that he's not like most guys (fictional or not). I love how bared he was in this novel. I fully appreciate how he is with Abby. I mean, Abby was so closed off in the first few chapters of BD... while Travis? my oh my, he was more closed off! His thoughts are just.. WOW. I already figured out how he must've felt in many parts of BD... but actually reading about it? NOSTALGIC

I must sound sappy.. but I think I actually fell in love with him here ALL OVER AGAIN.

I don't care what others say about him.

I will not care about all those negative stuff.

I even refuse to read/hear them.

So he did some crazy stuff especially when Abby left him (twice)... but hey, DON'T WE ALL DO CRAZY stuff when in dire moments? I know I do. I'm only human.

I feel.. *whew*, I can't convey how I'm feeling right now. Maybe after a few hours, I'll be able to distinguish this feeling, but for now, all I know is that I'm contented.

Letter time again!!!


You are indeed one of the weirdest, craziest, hottest, most emotional badass in my fiction world. You're my fiction boyfriend again, okay? I'll dump Braden, Lucas.. uhm okay, even Rule for you again. I have seen you in a new light... it's brighter than ever and I don't think it's ever gonna dim.

I just love you right now.

xoxo Hazel




~~There are some spoilers here so stop reading if you don't wanna see. :)

One pissy pseudo submissive wolf and one beta wolf do jive well. I never doubted that I would love this since I already love Dante from the first book. He just needed a little push so he can truly look and see Jaime. I love how he's such an obsessive compulsive, a workaholic and a very loyal man. He's the complete badass yet very kind hero that we'll all love. He may piss you at first, but trust me... he will redeem himself!!!

Jaime on the other hand, is such a pretentious gal! I mean, how dare she hide that she's also an alpha???!! She's a totally kickass girl with a little problem with her wolf. You see, her wolf is somewhat traumatized so it's always scared and in "attack mode" so she hides it all the time. I can't believe how strong she is when it comes to resisting her wolf. She was able to leash it though, with the help of her beta a.k.a long term crush a.k.a didn't-realize-MATE. Their love story is not a clean cut one, it's filled with nitty gritty details that made me annoyed and all that. For example, Dante has two exes who are sooooo set to put their claws on him again so Jaime had to fight constantly. When they fought near the end of the book, I had full confidence on Jaime's wolf. So yeah, she defeated them... with a price.

I think the most profound scene is that when Dante stayed with Jaime's wolf when she wasn't letting Jaime come out. It was so heartbreaking, the way he just sits there with her and at some point, he couldn't feel Jaime anymore. He never lost faith and he protected her though and through. That was very good. That was heroic and very heartfelt of him. I loved him for it. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE GUY CRIED!! T________T

So there. All in all... I LOVE IT. THE PLOT IS GOOD WITH A HEA. :)

P.S. Please tell me that the next book isn't Nick's and Shaya's. NICK WILL HAVE TO GROVEL AT SHAYA'S FEET... OH, AND MINE TOO.. AND ALL THOSE PRETTY WOMEN WHO HAS READ THIS BOOK!!!!!

NICK IS A VERY VERY VERY DEAD MAN!! JERK!! GROVERL AT MY FEET, SERVANT!! I'm sure you'll redeem yourself, but be aware that I'm not a big fan right now. lol

boook.fave.rave: PRIVATE PRACTICE

Must be made into a movie!

This is one of those books that are destined to be what girls watch when they get together.

Private Practice doesn't have a deep plot. In fact, it has a fairly predictable one. Even though I already know what's going to happen, it doesn't change the fact that I was very much entertained when I was reading this. The way these two characters talk is just.. very refreshing and humorous! I can clearly picture it if it were made into a movie. There are lots of laugh-out-loud moments and a series of i-can't-believe-she-just-said-that / did-that moments. I swear to you, if you read this, kill me if you don't laugh for at least three times or more. ;p

All in all, good plot, entertaining characters, very amusing banters... perfect book to turn into a movie! ^_^

I'll definitely read more from this author.

book.fave.rave: DARK TRIUMPH (His Fair Assassin #2)


This one is truly epic!!!

Way better than the first one since the heroine is a lot more kickass!!

Yes, I do think that Sybella is better than Ismae, although I love Ismae too. Sybella just have something about her. Maybe it's her wits, her strength or her endurance... it may even be the horrors that she has seen living with the enemy, but yeah, I love her.

There's only one word that would describe her completely and here it is:


Yes, I do think that she's a FIGHTER through and through. From start to finish, Sybella has been fighting. Fighting for her life, fighting for other people's lives, fighting for justice, fighting other people's stubbornness, fighting her own darn feelings, fighting the nature of her early upbringing, fighting for people's respect, even fighting for small girls who are frail and sick.

Just.. fighting and fighting. If I were her, I would've given up. However, our heroine is no coward. She endured and pushed through everything. I love her for not giving up. I even love her for loving Beast. Believe me, they weren't the "lovey-dovey-hearts-flowers" couple...and yet, they made my heart melt because they accepted each other just like that. I understand why Beast keeps on clocking her to make her faint. It's just her own fault for being so ready to fight/die whichever.

When Sybella triumphed in the end, I was soooooo full of celebratory energy that I even jumped for joy. She deserves all the praises and more!

Needless to say, I am in love with the plot of this book. It makes you think hard, feel hard and then hope for the best for all characters. The main villain IS A VILLAIN from start to finish so there's no confusion there. I think it made the story better. Loyalties are tested, even their tempers are tested. It's nice to know that even as bloodthirsty as they are (the main characters), they still have their self control intact.

This is a very good story about redemption and how revenge can really be sweet sometimes, especially when you are a badass assassin who gets away fast with a captain for a partner.

I hope everyone can read this!

Firs thoughts about the book when the cover was revealed:

I can't decide if the cover is hot or NOT... hmm

Now that I've read it. I can forgive the weirdness of the cover. It's okay.. I guess. :)