Sunday, February 2, 2014


This book proves that hearing both sides of the story is awesome!

There are just some books wherein you'd want to know what the guy's thoughts are. This is one of them for me. Especially in Jared's case. Jared was a bully and he was hateful. However, he had his reasons. I'm not saying that they're all good. It just... makes sense.

The plot pretty much follows what's in BULLY, but it follows Jared's thoughts, so it clears up A LOT of things. When I read Bully, I wished for a book in Jared's thoughts. I guess I got my wish huh? I even thought that the author would just give some kind of a novella like what happens to other books with a .5. When I opened this book, imagine my shock and delight! haha! It is long! ^_^

Anyway, on to JARED...

Jared... is a troubled soul. You won't exactly like him. He's a bully. He did what he did because of pure selfish reasons. He made the life of his best friend feel like hell. He bullied her through and through. He bullied her because he felt envious and he felt insecure. Somewhere in between being friends and the bullying and being sort of friends again, he fell in love with her. That made everything more complicated...and awesome! When he realized everything, I wanted to jump for joy because man... the thoughts of a man in love is THAT GOOD. Not that it erases all the hurtful stuff that he did cuz it doesn't. In this book, he learns to make it up to her. I actually want him to make it up to her for all of his life because Tate deserves it. lol.

His friend Madoc sure is a good guy btw. He set himself up to be the "bad guy" when he just actually wants what's best for his friend and I love him for that. :)

This is a very good book about turning over a new leaf and making up for your past sins. Jared learned here that not everything is ruled by the past and that it's better to dwell on the positive than the negative. 

This book is also timely because of the "bullying" topic plus the online media craze.

Must read for those who loved Bully and for those who'd like to know the thoughts of the bully himself. 

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