Friday, October 28, 2011


I can't even begin to depict how i feel right now after reading Unwind. It gave lots of things to think about, to talk about and to whine about. I admit to crying at some scenes. I know this is just a fiction novel and all, but damn, some of the things tackled here can be possible in real life and i just can't imagine a decent human being doing them. I feel terrible at the same time, i feel that the author is DAMN GREAT because he managed to make me feel this way.

Anyhooo.. the plot is really woven superbly. I highly admire the author. Its sooo frikkin unique i can't even begin to compare it to other novels (not even GONE series and i loved Michael Grant!).

Let me tell you about those i love here:

First, i love Connor because he stood up, toughened up and didn't waver. I love him because he made me hope that he can and he would help out the other kids being who're all scheduled to be UNWOUND or in any case, chopped into lots of pieces (oh, they don't die.. technically, they're still there, just in so many pieces for other people to use). Second, i love Risa because she kinda brings light to people and gives sanity to Connor. I love that she didn't give up and i admire her mostly at the end. Third, I love Lev because even though he's one of the tithes, he changed his belief that he should be offered up so easily. I love Lev because he rescued Connor and Risa when he could've thought about himself first. Fourth, I love the ending because its a doorway to what'll happen for the next book and mind you, for me its really promising. Fifth, I love the author because he conjured some alternate universe which made me think things through, made me cry, made me smile, made me pity others and made me brave to continue reading until the last page.


Monday, October 24, 2011

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: Thoughtless and Effortless

Thoughtless and Efortless are two smashing novels which i won't ever forget. Thoughtless is a love triangle per se. I hated the heroine most of the time because she just can't make up her mind! At times, i wanted to put the book down, but Kellan always pulls me back. Kellan is a one of a kind character. He's soooo understanding at times and then suddenly switches into a moody artist.. but what i love most about him other than he's sooo gorgeous (in my mind) is that he's innocent about love and then he let Kiera in and so began the rollercoaster of emotion. Followed by Effortless which showed a great plot and awesome ending to the series. This is one helluva sweet and sexy novel about love, trust and loyalties. It also taught me a lot about long distance relationship.  I can honestly say that the characters from Thoughtless grew up in Effortless. All in all, i love this series and would forever recommend to all ^_^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MUSIC.FAVE.RAVE: Kamikaze - Owl City

This song is so refreshing! i laughed the first time i heard this because it really sounded like Adam is angry. I love it. Owl City sounds different here. =)

Monday, October 17, 2011


I started watching this anime years and years ago.. frankly, i don't remember although its more recent than Fushigi Yuugi or Ghost Fighter. What i love about this anime is its flexibility. In a way, this is a very humorous anime, but is also quite a serious one.. but i'm leaning on the idea that the author made this to inspire people and to make young adults learn that everything has a purpose.

The main idea of this anime is that kids has different types of ALICE or powers. It has so many possibilities coming from just that idea. Mikan, the main character of the anime is a very cheerful, resilient and positive girl. I admire her character from the start because when she starts to think about something, she really goes for it with all her heart. If you would watch the anime, you'll see that she is not the brightest in her class, sometimes even at the bottom.. but she always does everything to make her self better. She never gives up. Natsume, her somewhat love interest (at such a young age if i may say so, but yeah, i don't care haha!) is a fiery boy who holds FIRE as his alice. He's so very volatile and moody that sometimes i as a fan don't know which way is up. He's a member of an organization of the school who're being sent to missions to protect the academy in a good or most of the time very bad way. In short, the academy uses his power for their own reasons. I'm utterly captivated by his interaction with Mikan. I think Natsume sees Mikan as a hope that not everything is as bad as it seems.

After watching 26 episodes, i switched over to the manga.. and no surprise there, i loved the manga even more! The manga has been going on for quite some time already (years) that i think I've watched them grow up. The last chapters i read are really "awwww" provoking. Natsume and Mikan finally knows that they both have feelings for each other and both are willing to fight for their future. I can't elaborate the conflict in the whole manga..its just hmm.. too complicated. Lets just say i also want y'all to read it so i'm not giving anything up. haha.

Here are some recent scenes ch 144 i think and ch 145 from the manga. I love 'em!! FINALLY!! ^_^

Saturday, October 15, 2011

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: Forever Mine

I LOVE IT!!! omygosh, Alex just added up to my list of fave guys in ya! I love the plot!, i mean i loved the plot for the first book but this one tops that. Its amazing how this book worked for me. Alex is just so sweet (AND SUCH A GUY) in his pov's.. i couldn't get enough. Valerie on the other hand is a great character. Stands up for herself but also lets Alex do his caveman thing from time to time. The thrill of the book obviously pulled me in and i swear i laughed out loud at some parts especially the night with Luke .. what a scene! I also love that there are lots of scenes with the other characters. I'm so happy that Angel and Sarah eventually got married (funny i don't think i saw something about Sydney here haha!). Their interaction with family and friends is such a good part of the novel. I'm actually looking forward to the next books.

Perfect. absolutely perfect. =)

Friday, October 7, 2011


A novel full of emotional ties and family issues. I love everything about it even the lies and betrayals. Its such a heart warming novel that i never noticed the time. I love Matt.. even if he posed as his brother which is completely psychotic and freaky when you look at it that way.. but, i definitely understand why he did it. Sometimes people just needs a coping mechanism to go through everyday after they crash and burn, I figured the twist already in the middle of the novel, so i wasn't that surprised when all blew up in the end part. Its just kinda sad.. i was somehow (just a little bit) hoping that Finn is real (like not dead) because he sounds like a really cool guy. I wish the novel was longer though.. to give way to Matt's personality. I mean, after the novel, its just unclear to me what he really is all about. Its like he's two different persons. But i guess that's the whole point of the novel. Maybe he had to reconcile the two personalities (opposite of Finn and same with Finn). I love how Julie was able to help the family emotionally, with Celeste and all. I figured, Julie has such a strong personality that she was able to break down the barrier of the family against grief.

 Anywayyy.. such a lovely novel..  a perfect 5.

book.fave.rave: LOVE UNSCRIPTED

Okaaay.. first thought: The book was sooo friggin long i thought i was never going to finish it. The plot was really good. Its a very sweet novel. Not a bad boy turned good novel. This makes me think of how actors really feel behind the camera. Ryan is so very sweet. Sometimes i think the novel is kinda dragging because there's a lot of dialogue, but it was just okay i guess? it fits the plot and its so damn good. I love it. So looking forward to the next one.

Monday, October 3, 2011

book.fave.rave.ROCK AND A HARD PLACE

This is such a touching novel about teenage love and the harsh reality that sometimes, life isn't all white picket fence. I love how the characters were created and put in the story. I can't and won't find fault..anyway, i am but a reader, not a critic. I think some would say that other scenes here are quite over the top (in a dramatic sense) but hey, to each his own. What scene did i like most? hmm.. i know its quite morbid, but i like the scenes wherein they were torn apart.. and i looovee the scenes wherein the guy was doing everything for them to be with each other again. Honestly, the whole book is .. Unforgettable. =)


I admit, the book has its moments. At first, i thought everything about it is just .. hmm.. quite not believable (i always view contemporary novels like they happen in real life.. haha im such a sucker). To justify why it came across as not so believable.. first, they just met and then suddenly the guy is sprouting beautiful words for the girl.. secondly, the girl was , i repeat.. "was" too good to be true. 

I don't know where exactly but suddenly, i found my self immersed in the book. Sadie became a really strong character and then i was looking forward to Jax's sweetness all throughout. The twist of the story came as a shocker to me. I remember telling my self "woah you were sooo wrong about this book!". It was a great way to end the story.. i mean, what's sweeter than pulling your girl out of a coma. I love this book. READ IT. ^_^


This novel made me feel an array of emotions.. i cried, laughed and had fun all at the same time. I love how Kate fought through all her hardship and the domestic violence and came out of it with courage. I love how Henry took care of her.. how his family accepted her with open arms.. and just.. hmmm.. i just love everything except that somewhere in the end, she's doubting her importance. Anyway.. all worked out well and i bet if you imagine a continuation of their lives, they would've lived happily ever after. Yes, a horrible beginning which ended like a fairy tale.. =) A FAVE FAVE FAVE ^_^

Sunday, October 2, 2011

movie.fave.rave.Barbie Princess Charm School

I have always been a fan of Barbie Movies ever since they released Barbie In the Nutcracker. I know its childish but its okay.. i love them and will brag about them especially this one. Great 3d graphics! its like watching a movie from sims 3 (yes, i'm a fan of the game as well). I love the story, its not shallow and i think its kinda for teens? I love the clothes they used here.. even the uniform. Plot is really good as well as the characters' appearances. Love 'em all! ^_^