Wednesday, December 25, 2013

book.fave.rave: MISBEHAVING (Sea Breeze #6)


I knew it. It's no secret that Jax and Sadie's story is still my favorite in his series, so I had high hopes for his brother. As it turns out, I was right! Jason's story sure is good.

Knowing how Miss Glines creates her character, I expected a lot from Jess too... and it was all good. Jess sure is a contradiction. She's bad, good, mean, nice and oh so concerned about people. She's compassionate and seems to know how a person feel and how to properly react to them. I love how straightforward she is. I love that she reacts like someone who's real and not at all fiction. It was very refreshing. I lastly love just how loyal she can be. Another badass character to add in my list. :)

Now Jason on the other hand, hmmm.. Okay, so he's kind of predictable. He's the rich, good guy who's attracted to the bad girl and wants to protect her because he realizes that this girk is actually worth it. I don't have a lot of things to say about him, just that I love him because he stood up for Jess when his mom came into the picture. I also love him because he just can't let go of Jess. ;)

The plot is good. It's intriguing. It's not so predictable and it's fast paced. It's also very hot. haha.

One of my friends here in goodreads told me that Miss Glines sure can weave a story nicely. I'd have to agree with her. :)

Looking forward to more books like this from her in the future. ^_^

P.S. I looooovvvveee it that Jason is richer than Jax hahaha

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