Sunday, February 2, 2014


This book is everything I have hoped for... and then some. 

I really set myself up to finish this book on the first day of January. I figured, why not start the new year with a bang? I was not wrong. I succeeded in choosing the best book to start my year off.

Broken Dove is a book that I've been waiting for ever since I started this series. I had so many speculations whether I'd hate Apollo or feel sorry for Ilsa. As it turns out, my worries weren't ever necessary. Kristen Ashley gave two strong characters again. They were not perfect, in fact, I kinda believe that these two are the weakest among the couples because of the way their pairing started. However, they made reading this book worthwhile because they admitted their imperfections. KA showed us the ugly side of a relationship here. She also showed that where there is ugliness, there's always beauty.

How do I describe Apollo and Maddie (yes, Maddie)? Whirlwind. These two were a such a whirlwind that I had to stop a few times to say "Now that was too fast!". One must understand that these two are already connected one way or another before they even met. They were what the other was looking for way before their story started, so as a reader, I forgive their whirlwind-ness.

Maddie had such a traumatic past with Apollo's other world twin that it was hard to trust Apollo at first. Apollo is of course, still grieving his wife who looked exactly like Maddie, so we can just imagine how he felt. What a pair right? They managed to get past that FAST and thus, their romance begin.

The plot was more complicated than the other books. This time, it's more focused on the war.

Honestly, it was like watching a soap opera. Connivance, betrayals, loyalties etc by the people around them. The issue of Maddie looking like the deceased wife was totally explored. It was just normal, I guess, but it was still annoying to some extent especially when it was Apollo's child who was affected by it. I'm glad that it was resolved. There was also a matter of guys falling for Maddie and Maddie helping a friend out with her own love story. Gosh, there are just so many things to take note of in this book.

A LOT OF THINGS SHOULD ALSO BE SAID ABOUT HOW HOT THIS BOOK IS. The steamy scenes, I can say, compared to the other books are off the charts. I think. It rivals the scenes in Golden Dynasty, and those were intense! hot hot hot ;D

There were also some action parts wherein the guys were all heroes. I loved reading about how the other couple's are fairing. I love how the other characters were all here and were all necessary to the story.

Of course, this book is also humorous. I love how each character finds the bright side of things. :)

I guess all I can do now is wait for Noc's story. My hero from the normal world. :) Hey hotstuff! See you next time!

All in all, I love this book. I love this series and I still totally love Kristen Ashley. This is indeed, a good start for my year! :D

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