Friday, April 29, 2011

friend.fave.rave: JET

J - jocose
E - equal
T - tenacious

Meet my really good friend Jet. She's about 5ft tall (or taller since i'm soooo bad at guessing) Weight? uhm, lower than mine of course! First impression? L-O-N-E-R and always the silent type. Trust me, when i first met her, all i get out of her are 2-3 words max. I finally concluded (after the first 3-4 days of meeting her) that she's just terrible in starting conversations. Haha.. okay so i admit, this is one case wherein my bad bad bad first impressions are horribly false!

Some experiences i remember:

My barkada and i live quite close to each other.. maybe 5 streets apart or so and Jet was always my jeepney partner. She's always the last person to get off the jeep and i before her. At first, we don't talk at all. We stare outside until i get to say goodbye to her. But then things happen and people get closer. I could've sworn that at some point, she wanted to use ear mufflers already just to escape my voice and my redundant stories (me being Ms. Talkative and all).

What exactly happened to make me love Jet? Hmmm.. maybe the jeepney rides after school? or the easy company she always had to offer? She always have been there for any one of us so maybe that's a plus. But one thing that i'll always remember is coming to a realization that Jet is a very observant person. That is why she tends to be silent at first. She observes and keeps them all to her self until you approach her and ask her what she thinks of you. I love her because she pays attention.

I used to talk to Jet (when we were still residing in Manila) for hours and hours. And i remember one time talking to her on our phone here in my new house for 5 freakin hours..and then our monthly bill came.. it's 3thousand plus. Hahaha! What do we talk about? from silly stuffs to gossips, to news, to everyday life and just anything under the sun.

Describing Jet would be fairly eaaassy. She's RATIONAL! so very rational that sometimes, you may mistake her words for something hurtful when really, its not (just get over it!). She has this "if and then" phenomenon going on (uhh, no she can't exactly see the future but she lays possible futures for any choice one may take). If you want advices which are really straight to the point, honest, revealing and all-angles-checked, go to Jet! She won't baby you! Instead, she'll be truthful, supportive and she'll be someone who will let you choose all on your own without frowning because as she always say.."matanda ka na, alam mo na yan" (you're already all grown up, you can handle that on your own). You just make sure that your face is still attached when you find out that what you chose isn't the best..kidding! she won't ever bash you for it. Maybe a little i-told-you-so.. but after that, she's still your friend. She also has a happy disposition in life. I can't precisely say that she's an optimist (since she weighs all angles even the negative side) but i know that whatever she does, she thinks it through and just.. hopes for the best.

I'm not certain if she already know how much i admire her disposition in life, BUT YES.. i admire her easy going and rational personality. I am so proud that i found a friend in her.

OH by the way... she took up Mass Communication. Double the wrong first impression. Can a loner/silent type take up Mass Com? Somehow, i highly doubt it =)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


BEST BEST BEST novel so far in the series!!! Much better than my previous fave Be Still my Vampire Heart. I was so sure i would hate Vanda but hell, i can be so wrong sometimes. I lover her character.. and i love Phil!!! can i take him home? ^_^

I can testify that all of the previous book in this series is really quite hilarious.. BUT this one? make that times 10! It started on a really light hearted funny note wherein Vanda is summoned for accusations and then later on was sentenced by Roman to an anger management program then Phil volunteered to be her sponsor. I swear i was doubling over laughing at the accusations! haha, it made my night!

As the story progressed, i can really see how Phil is attracted to Vanda, the purple haired girl. I mean, 8 years of flirting? pent up frustrations. I became Phil's admirer when he rescued Vanda from the python. Heroic and very sweet of him to have thought of that (as in when he woke up, the first thing in his mind was Vanda's safety).

I was surprised when war broke out. I didn't see that one coming. The bombings? hell.. i was shocked. I was loving the plot more and more.

I was waiting for Vanda to find out the truth about PHILUPUS. I really thought i'm going to hate her reaction, but it didn't happen.. she actually accepted that Phil is a werewolf (and an Alpha at that!). Maybe her acceptance is due to the fact that Ms. Sparks was kind and clever enough to let Phil save her life lots of times before the "coming-out". I also thought that Vanda's secret would be horrible.. but as it turns out, she only killed some bad guys so its not a shocker, really.

other thoughts: i commend the fact that for once, the heroine isn't anti-vamps (she just had to be anti werewolves.. and oh, behold, the hero just had to be one! haha ^^ ). Vanda's character is completely different from the other heroines which makes her a breath of fresh air. I love how devoted Phil is to Vanda. They do make a very nice couple. I feel bad about Dougal's hand (does he also get a happy ending?). And lastly.. GREAT ENDING! i am absolutely happy ecstatic etc about the ending. Best ending so far. ^_^ Now i'm certain that the next books would be oh so great as well! can i give it 10/5 stars? haha!

Friday, April 22, 2011


ACTION! ACTION AND LOTS OF ACTION! that's what i love about Katekyo! Totally kicks butt and hilarious at the same time! Wayyy better than Naruto (for me) because of its humor and animation. Fast paced and totally gorgeous characters. I love all the surprises, i love how Tsuna started as a no good student only to turn into the Tenth Vongola Boss. I super like the way he kicks enemy's butts just when they thought all hope was lost (happens all the time actually, hell its anime!). Their friendship is totally amusing. Never thought i could love a shounen anime this much.

This anime is awesome because it can make you laugh, cry and cringe! Totally recommend this to everyone. ^_^

book.fave.rave: BE STILL MY VAMPIRE HEART (Love at Stake #3)

I had great expectations with this book. I happen to be a believer of ratings in goodreads and this one had almost perfect 5 stars. I knew i was going to love, like and adore book 3 the moment Angus met Emma. They are so alike that i had no doubt that the pairing is beautiful. Their lines were so hilarious at times that i had to keep my self from laughing my ass off. I can honestly say that this series moved a notch higher on my list of favorites. The first two books were really light hearted while book 3 proved to be action packed, thrilling and still funny which makes it a perfect read.

You just gotta love the Scottish accent. It sort of reminded me of the MacRieve family in The Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

book.fave.rave: EXCLUSIVELY YOURS (Kowalski Family #1)

I had fun reading this. Exclusively Yours shows the side of a guy who loved and then lost but never moved on. Joe is such a softy inside that it really makes me go "awwww.." I like him because he cries. I always love a good back-together novel and this one is perfect! The family drama is just right. Terry and Keri (ex bestfriends) fighting? priceless. haha! I can totally recommend this to anyone who loves to read getting back romance. This novel also shows the borderline between home/family and work. Keri is afraid to let go of her dreams and Joe doesn't want to move away from his family (well, at first). Its amazing and i love it! ^_^ 5/5 stars!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


What i like about this series.. is its not a typical teen romance. They're not even typical teens. Violet can sense the dead. Awesome right? until she gets disturbed even in her sleep and gets hunted by bad people. I like it that Violet is not helpless all the time. The confusion of falling in love with your best friend is such a drama. I love it that they didn't focus on one topic only. The theme is mostly centered on their budding relationship, family and her abilities (on the first book).  Followed by the second book which is centered on her relationship with her best friend as well as her growing power. 5/5 stars!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Thanks for the chance on a new job tomorrow. Thanks for my kisses from Kris. Thanks for my Chocolate Marble Ice Cream from mama, Thanks for my new perfume from mama's co worker as well as for my Toblerone. 

I believe that all these are blessings from you. love yah! thanks again!


now what am i gonna eat? ^_^

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

new music.rave

I love Katy Perry here. Her features look so strong. She's very beautiful.

This song rocks! The lyrics is just.. plain perfect!

Why did i post these two? Well.. hmm, they're both about aliens and stuff. Totally different yet the same in some way. Love both the vids though. =)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: ETERNAL RIDER (Lords of Deliverance #1)

They are here. They ride. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

His name is Ares, and the fate of mankind rests on his powerful shoulders. If he falls to the forces of evil, the world falls too. As one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, he is far stronger than any mortal, but even he cannot fight his destiny forever. Not when his own brother plots against him. 

Yet there is one last hope. Gifted in a way other humans can't-or won't-understand, Cara Thornhart is the key to both this Horseman's safety and his doom. But involving Cara will prove treacherous, even beyond the maddening, dangerous desire that seizes them the moment they meet. For staving off eternal darkness could have a staggering cost: Cara's life.

First, who wouldn't get enticed/excited with that blurb? I knew i would love The Eternal Rider the moment i heard about it (like in the 7th book of LOTU). Demonica Series is such a blast for me that i admit its hard to top, but the Eternal Rider, as a start of a brand new series is just as good! Demonica characters are still present in the book and i'm kinda glad about that because i miss them. Its good to know some stuffs after everything that happened with the series (Demonica).  I'm beginning to think that for me, Larissa Ione can't do anything wrong. She can give me any corny line given by a hero and i won't flinch for even a bit, so long as the hero is hot! haha!

Ares/War is a typical alpha male hero tormented by his past. Typical, yet wayyy powerful and immortal! I'm glad that L.I didn't give him a submissive woman. I'm proud for what Cara stands for.. DEFIANCE from women! on your face Ares! haha ^_^ 

Cara makes me wish that i have my very own hellhound..that would be soooo cool!

Looking forward to the next books. I am so intrigued by Limos. I bet she kicks ass! 

Highly recommended to paranormal romance lovers! if you think you liked Demonica, ah well.. MAKE WAY FOR THE LORDS OF DELIVERANCE yay! 5stars!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

april fool's day.rave

so i know its silly and corny as hell to change your facebook status when its april fool's day..

but i did it.

and nobody believed me. haha!

lol. happy april 1 guys! ^_^