Saturday, December 21, 2013

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: THE MARK OF ATHENA (The Heroes of Olympus #3)


I cannot describe exactly how I feel right after reading this book, but I can definitely say that I am so happy that I waited until next book came out before I read this. I've also pre ordered the audible edition of the next book so I'm currently playing it in the background.

In this story, they go through VARIOUS (YES I REALLY DO MEAN VARIOUS) quests to prevent war between the two demigod parties. They are also figuring out how to make the gods better since they are torn into two nowadays. Torn into two meaning, they are all somehow going crazy or as they put it, schizophrenic.

Percy and Annabeth are finally reunited. They try their hardest to unite the two parts of the group. Somehow, they succeed on it and everyone become friends. They learn how to trust each other's skills and they learn how to work together.

I love Percy and everyone. They were all essential to this story. I love how they think. Of course, they're not like any other teens since they are basically trained to survive... but that just made the story more interesting. I love their reaction to things. I love how they can still joke around even when in stress. The humor in this book? WAYYY OFF THE CHARTS. I swear I laughed my ass off! haha

Okay.. soo.. decision time.. WHO'S MY FAVORITE CHARACTER?

LEO. LEO. LEO. LEO. LEO. LEO. LEO. ---> I just love him! He's damn smart, resourceful, super funny, cool and lonely. Yeah yeah, lonely is somewhat bad, but it's more fun when the lonely guy becomes happy so I'm looking forward to his "happiness". I am rooting for his character. I think he'll be my fave til the end of this series, but we shall see. :)

PLOT LINE - 100%
ENDING - meh! haha. I don't really care now since I waited, but I can just imagine the horror of not having the next book right away after this one. That's cruel! haha

Anyhoo.. let's hope for a better ending in this next book. ;p

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