Saturday, December 21, 2013

book.fave.rave: OFF THE RECORD (Off #3)

I had my doubts yes, but I must admit... That was a pretty good read!!!

It was like watching a chick flick.

Ever and Linc make one great pair.

The cicumstances that brought them together is highly amusing. The plot was designed to be as entertaining as possible. I believe that it was also designed for readers to hate Ever. Guilty as charge. I hated her and I loved Linc. Well, i forgave Ever in the end. Even though she was such a bitch to Linc, even if she was also selfish and only thought of her own daddy issues... I still forgave her character. Linc on the other hand is definitely a reformed guy. He's perfect.. well, except for the booty calls at the start of this novel, I didn't find any other fault in him. He's patient, understanding and is capable of loving a person even if the said person was a complete bitch.

I'm glad with the way things ended. The grand gesture of Ever will always remain in my head.

This book has a plot that is slow and gradually builds up for a great climax. :)

Good sequel! ^_^

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