Monday, September 26, 2011


Its been a long time since i had a diary of my own. The traditional one wherein i write down my thoughts. Nowadays, i can pretty much type anything on social networking sites.. but its really not the same..not even close.

I am planning on making a new diary.. sort of.. i'm trying to find an electronic diary because i don't want to just use microsoft word. Hmmm...

i hope it works.

For now, i just have to type diligently. =)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


This novel is definitely one of a kind. I know that it kinda resembles Perfect Chemistry but it has a totally different plot and i love both novels for different reasons. So anyway.. i put off reading this  because its just a random good girl meets bad boy story.. but when i started reading it, oh my, there's really nothing typical or random about it. Its a beautiful story! Don't get me wrong, i am not a fan of violence but the way its written as a part of Travis' character? it makes him sexy, dangerous, frustrating, and even very annoying yet.. he's lovable. I also like how Abby's character is written. I think she's  a really strong woman.. its just that a lot of times, she can be dense adnd very frustrating as well. I like it that she speaks up her mind and i like it that when it comes to Travis, she follows through. I guess from the start of the novel, they were hooked to each other already. Yes, this novel is really like crack. When i finished it the first time, i went back to all of my bookmarked pages (which are a lot!) and after that, i went back to first page and finished the book again. It is an unforgettable novel to me. The whole time i was reading it, its either my heart is fluttering all over the place or i'm anxious as to what will happen next. Definitely no dull moment with Beautiful Disaster. I love it! i'll give it a 10/5 if possible! ^_^

Monday, September 12, 2011


Oh my.. i passed through a roller coaster of emotions while reading this book. It is hilarious of course, with Gwenvael's self loving character and Dagmar's icy tones. The action/adventure part is not bad as well.. i enjoyed every bit of it. The drama part? ooohh that was so unexpected. I admit, i cried a bit. Its just that i really loved Annwyl's character and i never thought they'd kill her on the third book. Anyway, that scene (scenes) really made me sad and diverted my attention from the main characters of the story..but i was really hoping that someone/something will come along and make it all right, turns out i made the right decision of waiting for something magical to happen. haha! i love the twist. I knew it! i knew the author won't really make me cry and just be sad for the ending. haha.

So there.. back to the main characters. I would say that the author again, made the perfect couple. I love their tandem. I think Dagmar's character is built to be damn intelligent and it worked! =) Gwenvael will always be the most handsome among them but will also be the sweetest.

This is my favorite book from the series so far.. ^_^ a perfect 5!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Another book that made my time worth while. This is my first adult dragon novel (I love Firelight, a young adult novel). and i absolutely love it. It has everything i want in a novel.. a dashing dark and mysteriously handsome Dragon guy and a kick ass with a smart tongue heroine. The story revolves around a sibling war which i kinda found fascinating since it made the novel quite close to being a fantasy novel rather than a romance one. Annwyl is what i would love to be if i ever get the chance to go back to the medieval times. I love her courage and her quick wit. As for Fearghus, the guys is awesome! he's a hero in every aspect but also have a big  sense of humor. Their combination is truly wonderful and i'm definitely giving it a 5/5!!! ^_^