Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i just can't get over this

Okay .. I personally loved this book and really paid attention to it because i am somewhat a self confessed geek. Although i don't have agoraphobia and i'm not really addicted to anything specific (books maybe,ha!), i feel like i'm a geek now because..damn, i knew almost all the details mentioned here about japanese characters, anime, robots, computer games etc. Those that i didn't know, i even searched online.. that's how hooked i was while reading this. The book i so imaginative, i feel like my mind is sooo full of descriptions it could just explode. Lots and lots of action, thrill, fantasy, sci-fi stuffs and a grand tour back to the 80's.. i am totally smitten by Ready Player One. 

The idea of living inside a game got me reeling. I my self have been a player of some mmorpg's. I met lots of people.. interacted with them and yes, made friends. This novel however, took the idea of MMORPG in such higher level that i was just sucked into their world. I can definitely imagine an OASIS emerging in our world at about hmm... 50 years later? or less?  ambitious, but POSSIBLE. 

I definitely have learned something here. After reading, i knew that lots of people are like Wade.. people who doesn't really go out.. introverts who're more comfortable with being by themselves or say, hiding who they are since they can change personalities online.. but hey, that's their choice and nobody has the right to judge them. I also understood that although it's definitely fun to pretend to be someone else, the happiness doesn't last which is why i love what Halliday told Wade.. 

"As terrifying and painful as reality can be, it’s also the only place where you can find true happiness. Because reality is real."

I figured, the author must have some kind of precognition that he was able to see some things that are about to happen in the far off future. haha.

I had a blast reading while listening to the audiobook. I was almost sad when it was finished. Can't say i'll be reading it again right away because hey, i'm still in shock and i wanna process the things i just heard and read.

Anyway, this is soooo frikkin awesome! you have got to read this too! 



I knew it!! i just knew it! I knew i would love this book the moment i added it to my to-read books. Finished the book in three hours. I actually felt afraid to read this because i hate cliff hangers and i kinda convinced my self that this book has one. Anyway, i was tempted and read it FAST. First thing on my mind after reading it? DAMN WHAT A BOOK!. Shatter Me is definitely one of those books that  i want to be made into a movie. Of course, that's just me, since i'm definitely a big fan of the x-men and would always adore novels that has character who has powers and stuff. This novel also proves that we can definitely judge the book by it's cover sometimes. ha! the cover really caught my eyes from the start so i doesn't hurt to have such a gorgeous model in the front eh?

I am definitely a big fan now of Juliette.. my modern ROGUE. Her character is just so damn strong.. and i don't just mean physically (coz she is y'know?) .. her mind and heart is strong as well. Imagine not being able to touch another person for as long as you can remember.. and being locked up for months with no one to talk to. . .that could definitely mess up one's mind right? What a plot baby.. WHAT A PLOT.  I instantly liked Adam when he walked into Juliette's cell. I loved him instantly when Juliette started dropping hints that she knows him and oh.. he's so adorable and sweet when they finally let the cat out of the bag.. i mean when they finally admitted to one another that they remembered each other. Adam's character is also admirable because he's intelligent, he sees through people and he cares so much for his younger brother. I'm hoping that he somehow gets to have a power of some sort too. But even if he doesn't have one, the fact that he touch Juliette is power enough to me =)

It's just plain amazing. I can never get over this series now especially when it's just getting started and i never felt like i'm left hanging. The ending is really good for me.. because all was well and i felt like they're just throwing the red carpet for the next book.

Shatter Me left me grinning from ear to ear. love it! ^_^

Friday, November 25, 2011


Let me tell you how i devoured DEVOUR today...

I was on my way to my boyfriend's house so i took a bus and i started reading it. Got down from the bus and rode the train and still, i was reading. Finally at my boyfriend's house and oh boy i was still reading in between conversations and lunch. Boyfriend had to go to a motorbike repair shop and i decided to accompany him there only to find my self sitting down the customer's lounge reading Devour. I was so engrossed that i didn't even noticed it was already 2 hours that i had been sitting there reading the book. When it was time to go home, i was finally near the end of the book. Again, found my self reading at the train and as i was standing inside the bus.. yes, I WAS READING DEVOUR WHILE STANDING INSIDE THE BUS.. and yet I managed finishing the book while everyone was bumping me from side to side. That is what happened today, awesome!

Now, i have to explain why i went through all the trouble just to finish the book. To me, IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD!

I always enjoy a young adult novel wherein the heroine stands up for herself. In Devour, Clara made it to my top heroine picks even though she doesn't have any powers at all. I love her because even if her whole world have certainly changed because of the death of her parents, she didn't let it become such a downer in her life. I also loved her character because she finally ditched her idiotic bitchy group of friends. One of my beloved scenes is the scene wherein she faced Dee. Mygosh, that scene is one of the scenes i wish i would've done in high school.  Finally, i love Clara because she has her own virtues and manages to keep it all in tact in spite of the things that happened to her.

Okaaay.. enough about Clara and more about Eli.. hmm, Eli for me is a typical hero with a not so typical role. Errrm.. he's kinda evil yet he's not. Hmm.. how do i explain. Okay, the nearest one i can compare is Edward of Twilight who also thinks he's all evil because he's a vamp (please don't shoot me for comparing him to Edward, i like both of their characters). Eli's kind feeds of people's negative emotions yet he's drawn to Clara's positive ones. Personally, i love it that Clara bound him to her unintentionally (although not explained in the book how she managed to do this) so that he doesn't need other people's emotions to feed on. It sounds kinda creepy when i say it like that but trust me, it's all good in the book.. i just can't seem to explain it here properly. What i love about Eli is that he's drawn to Clara but not entirely addicted to her. He's not the possessive type, he's the protective one. He's just really good for and with Clara. I love it that he's somewhat the reason why Clara decided to stand up for what is right. And lastly, i love it because he is really trying to be good even though his nature is to be evil.

I think there was i time wherein i felt bad for Tate but one thing led to another and i sort of just didn't care for his character at all. I like Patrick and Sarah.. i hope i see more interaction between both of them on the next book.

All in all.. Devour is AMAZING and i love it! i think the story is quite unique and has so many possibilities. I would definitely love to read the next one. =)
perfect 5! ^_^

Thursday, November 24, 2011


So i read this for about 3-4 hours straight. Couldn't put it down. Honestly, it was just refreshing. It's really not everyday that i get to read about ufo's, aliens and hot guys with compelling voice and a lot more super powers. The protagonist, Luce, is now one of my favorite kick ass girls together with Katniss, Katsa, Clary and many more. She is somewhat still, a typical teenager but i guess being abducted by aliens all throughout her life and being passed between relatives most of her life, i felt like she wasn't a teenager sometimes. I mean, her pov is sometimes that of an adult. I actually felt like she just had to be captured by the "other" side (Smith and the tweedldum&tweedledee) to know how it is for Arik. It kinda did her good. I think after coming out of that feat, she became a stronger character because by then, she understood already what was happening and where she and Arik stands in all that.

my letter to Arik: 

 Arik oh Arik... i thought you were some kind of "Absolute Boyfriend" -- like in the manga (a robot ordered online for the sole purpose to fit your idea of a perfect boyfriend).. turns out, you are absolutely not..which makes your character perfect! You influence or err.. "whisper" and charm people especially girls, i guess, but you're still half human and you absolutely have emotions. You're perfect in every way... like superman with all the super powers and you're sweet, gorgeous, witty and uber intelligent. I'm definitely adding you to my list of fictional wish-boyfriends! -xx haze (such a fangirl) 

 So there.. love the plot, love the characters.. a perfect 5! next book please! like now! ^_^

Friday, November 18, 2011

book.fave.rave: CROSSED

Awesome book 2 of the series! Of course, i am for team Ky so this is perfect.. but even if i'm for team Xander, i bet this would be good as well. I think we'll see more of Xander on the next book since his secret is kinda out. Anywayyy.. I love it. I love how they got together again. So many things have happened between them two.. new friends, new acquaintances.. i just bet the third book would be just as good. I love how they fought to see each other and are still fighting to keep the relationship after all. Perfect! just plain perfect =)

Saturday, November 12, 2011



The second book in Talent Chronicles is waaayy hotter and more amazing than the first book. I can't stop gushing about it. It's just perfect! Full of action, romance and lots of adventure. I can't get over Dylan ^_^. I wish i had a Dylan of my own.

I've always been a fan of the "teens-with-power" theme so the fact that here in Heroes Til Curfew there are lots of other talented kids introduced is a plus plus plus! I love it. There are scenes wherein i just wanna join them inside the book. haha. talk about obsessive reading.

I had fun reading this and i hope it isn't the last one. I mean, there are some issues which weren't really close y'know? like who exactly feeds information to the NIAC? i wish the next book would just automatically appear on my screen. haha, wishful thinking.

Anyway..i'm giving it a 5! i'll give it a 10/5 but i don't think that's possible. I love it. Heroes til Curfew deserves an applause! ^_^

Thursday, November 3, 2011


The book started a bit slow for me. I wasn't sure what the first scenes were for but i continued reading it.. and yes, i wasn't disappointed. The story is great! i would say its a unique plot since the characters are all really bizarre. It wasn't until i was already in the middle that i figured out that the whole story is woven aroun forbidden love. Yes, its a romeo-julliet story. I was reminded of the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans with the beheading of Madrigal. There was a scene in Rise of the Lycans that the father of the girl kills her because she fell for the other species. In fact, that scene also had the guy watching while the girl dies..same as here with Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The descriptions here are sooooo thought-provoking that my imagination was working overtime. I love the places, creatures and things described.. its like, again, watching a movie.

I admire their love story. Akiva because he still persued Madrigal even though he knows that the end may not be so pretty for both of them. I admire Karou / Madrigal because she found a way to go back to Akiva.

I just hate it that i have to wait so long for the next book. I'm sure whatever happens next won't be so bad. I'm also quite sure that Karou's family is still alive.. i mean, c'mon.. they're better than that. I guess i would love to see more of chimeara's side for the next book. Lastly, i'm sure that Akiva and Karou will settle their differences and get back together on the next book. I mean, hello, Karou literally defied death for Akiva.. she can't fall out of love in a snap (right? right?). She'll have to forgive Akiva at some point. Awwww...

Anyway... i'll be waiting for the next book... a book which will be out next year and i have to wait months before i can read! err..

its safe to say i'm in love with the story. =)

book.fave.rave: MATCHED

Beautiful, beautiful story. I can't believe i put off reading this (in some way, i'm glad because i waited for the second one ^_^). I think the way the author wrote the novel is just.. fantastic. How she came up with this idea, i may never know.. but i truly admire her. She built this fiction world with so many rules and so many things to consider.

The story's setting is truly one of a kind.. its set to be both modern and old. I guess its leaning on the modern side since they came up with the society when they thought technology was too much (thus, cutting off a lot of technology etc). Its hard to explain. You really have to read it =) I love the plot. I can't imagine having someone else choose my partner for life, let alone a highly statistically rationalized computer based pairing! That's the thing that caugh't my attention. The book really made me hate "The Society". Its like having a group of dictators and a bunch of scientists. Imagine life not being able to read and write what you want.. ugh, now i feel so lucky for having too much freedom. Another reason to admire the author, damn, she really made me feel all sorts of things.

Anyway, i love the characters! Cassia is a great heroine. Her povs are highly justified.. and oh, i just love her because she chose Ky. Xander is okay as well.. in a childhood friend way. As in all ya novels wherein the bestfriend doesn't get the girl, i feel bad for him. I'm happy Ky got the girl, after everything he's been through, he deserves something better. Cassia's parents were really great. I was thinking that the parents would be adamant when it came to Matching Cassia with Xander, but in the end, they were offering to help find Ky. I also love Cassia's grandfather because he's the one who gave her the compact with the poem on it.. which, in turn made Ky and Cassia closer to each other.

Now if only the next book would indicate that Cassia eventually found Ky, it would be perfect! ^_^

I love it!