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WHAT A MOVIE!!!!! Oh was that a book? Didn't feel like it. IN MY MIND, I WAS WATCHING A MOVIE

I don't even know where to start.

Mannnn... the things that I read.

Let's just break it down.

★ STORY LINE - If you have been a fan of this series for the longest time, then we have no problems. Their story became BIGER AND DAMN BETTER that you will have no complaints over it.

Now if you have been a bystander for this series for the longest time, it'll be trickier. Back in the day (hahahaa well, it'not that long ago that the series has started), I would've recommended this series to those people who like the love hate relationship. I'll also recommend it to those people who's okay with hot alien guys and that's about it. However, after reasing the third and fourth book, the criteria has changed. If you want to read about a hot alien guy that is sooooo okay with burning down the world for one human girl, then yes, THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU. If you want to read about weird testing facilities and mad scientists, then yes, THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU. If you want to read about two people who will move heaven and Earth for each other, then yes, THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU. If you want to reas about family dynamics, group dynamics and action in every turn, then yes, THIS SERIES IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU.

★ CHARACTERS - KATY grew up pretty fast. The book blogger who hates Daemon's guts is now kicking ass and has her eyes opened. She was constantly concerned about Daemon and other people. The girl who mostly lived in fiction world and reviewed books found herself in a real life battle with once-believed-fictional-characters. I knoe that she's feeling a whole lot guilty again because of killing a certain someone, but in my opinion, HE DESERVED IT. As a reader, I would've preferred hos character dead from the start. Oh well. Anyway, I firmly believe that her character has come a long way.

DAEMON .... what do I even say that will make you less awesome? YOU'RE JUST SO PERFECT IN THIS BOOK! I can't even fault you in the smallest things. He has one thing in mind. KATY. When Daemon sets his mind into something, he has his eyes on the prize. The things that he said here will make your heart, head and pardon me.. panties MELT. He's just so darn sweet to Katy that I highlighted most of his lines. The things that goes inside that beautiful, beautiful dhead of his.. awww I wanted every POV to be his!! His character is so far gone that he will fight anyone for a life with Katy. Now my only question is... will he fight his kind too?

THE OTHER CHARACTERS - I admire the author's ability of making the other characters have distinct personalities. For example, Dee is back to being her bubbly, brother defying self. Luc is revealed to be more badass and weirder than before. Archer, the new guy, jas this mysterious soldier vibe that makes me happy because it suits Dee. I hope they continue to be closer. haha. Even the villains have their own distinct personalities. It's just amazing. It makes me feel that they are all necessary to the story and not just background pieces.

★ THE FUTURE OF THIS SERIES - Lux has such a big potential. I would love to see this on big screen (bits and pieces of the forst to third book and the whole of the fourth one). Alien invasion, fight between humans and making a stand... this is what I have in mind for this series. Things can only get mpre action packed, thrilling and let's hope that the sweet moments remain because gosh, this one's the sweetest by far. IT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO BE KATY, even with the war brewing.

All in all... nice book.. good book.. GREAT BOOK.. AWESOME BOOK. I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK AND DAEMON.

I am looking forward to the next one. Waiting. Patiently. Really patiently.

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