Saturday, December 21, 2013



100 stars!!!!




To those who know me here in goodreads, you might have noticed that I love audiobooks for fantasy books. Ender's Game is sort of a trial run for me for a Science fiction novel (audio version). It couldn't have been more perfect. I'm telling you... IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE PERFECT.

Ender, Ender, Ender.... how do I start talking about you, you perfect, perfect boy with so much in mind and such a big heart?

He's a survivor, that's what he really is. I love it that he spent most of his life struggling and then coming out of it VICTORIOUS. I love all of the suprises that this book gave. I's very satisfying.

The story is very well crafted that it was like watching a movie in my mind. My dad, my sister and I are all big fans of Science fiction movies that this book was really like unwrapping a gift. This was a gift because first of all, the action parts were equal to the thinking parts. There weren't too much internal monologues. He thinks, he delivers. That's just how it is with our genius boy. The kids' battles were so well thought of that I sometimes stop listening to process what I heard first. Even the other characters became essential in this story. Even if I hated the adults most of the time, I understand their reason for picking Ender. I hated them for putting him in too many messed up situations, but I also loved them for it because time and again, Ender proved to be the best. His classmates or schoolmates were not the best, but most of those in his circle were all good so I guess I shouldn't be complaining either. I liked Valentine in the end because she stayed with Ender and that's the best thing. :)

If someone told me that this could happen in real life, brace your self, I may just believe you.;p

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