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I can't believe I haven't read this before. I guess I was too wary of finishing ALL of KA's books (since I won't have anythig left to read after).

A friend of mine strongly recommended this. She was telling me how different it is from the other books because this time, it's the hero who has a lot of issues in life. Boy was she right! The hero has some issues the size of a bulldozer and he carries it inside like a man possessed. He was always thinking that he's moving in borrowed time. I mean, hey, it's okay to fear that someday all things would end, but his fear was all consuming and gut wrenching it wasn't even funny. I can't believe I'll be saying this about a hero, but damn he was so frustrating at times. He's lucky that he's tall, dark and handsome, narrow hipped and powerful. I guess after all he's been through, it was just natural for him to think that he doesn't deserve all good things that have been thrown his way. He's also sooooo verrryyy lucky that the heroine was willing to fix him.

The heroine, of course was also unique in her own way. You see, I think KA makes three different kinds of heroines, 1. hard as nails, kickass, badass women with a little sweet side 2. sweet girls, a little nerdy and too cute, bubbly and gentle type with a backbone 3. a mixture of the first two... Now if this couple had not been through what they had in this book, I'd think that the heroine here is a type 2. But yeah, after facing what she faced, I'd say she's a type 3. I love her because she's just plain perfect, I mean, how perfect can you really be when you have been created by a genie as a wish? She just completes the whole package of this book.

What I love about this as well, is the plot itself. It's so uniquely carved. Who would've thought that I would love another book with genies with it? I love Aladdin, but I thought it was a fluke. haha. Oh well... Anyway, this was like a friggin soap opera. The trials that they faced were brutal and still, I love it! I couldn't do anything else as soon as i started reading this. Yes, the story is THAT GOOD!

All in all, this was such a nice book. I hope everyone reads it. ;)

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