Saturday, December 21, 2013



That is how I would describe this book. It made me feel happy, lost, emotional, angry and in the verge of crying and really crying. How a book can do that to me still amazes me.

The plot is so straightforward. Actually, it's as if he author was reading my mind and writing what I wanted her to write. Their political battles, physical battles and emotional battles were just so... real to me. I mean, I was totally in there. I felt it and it was all very fascinating.

June and Day, they sure grew up. A LOT. I love how "you and me against the world" this book is, and yet, I also love it that boh characters can do things without the other. Both of their strengths were highlighted in here. I still love how Day thinks of strategies and uses his strength or even what's left of it. Of course, I still totally love June and her battle skills. I also love how she was more open about her feelings here. I know that she's this badass girl, but hey, every girl needs a little mush in their lives. :)

The dilemma of Day's illness is actually nothing when compared to his dilemma of sort-of blaming June for his family's death. This is why I understand why the ending had to go like that. It was kind of abrupt and cliffhanger-ish, but it was also very considerate of Day's character. At least now, he has little recollection of what happened to his family or if he knows eveything, it may have come from other people, so I think it... lessens the blow?

I can't believe I'm saying this since I'm a girl who hates cliffhangers, but I also like that the ending is an open one. It lets Day and June meet again and of course, there are so many possibilities after that.

I wish with all my heart that there's a novella out there for fanz like me who wants to read about Day and June's gettinh back together story. Gosh that would be a blast. ***Knock knock knockin on Miss Marie Lu's door*** hehehe.

Anyway, just like on my status earlier... I am so glad that I read this before the year ends. It's damn brilliant, it's awesome and it was a great adventure. Thanks for taking me out of my super busy reality even for a while. :)

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