Friday, April 6, 2012



And just what I needed after working the whole week.

I was so intrigued about this. Nuns as assassins?!

Ismae's character is very likable. She had a nasty childhood. It was good that she was brought to the convent. She learned how to fight for her self. When she met Duval, I knew there was something! ^_^ Duval is just the kind of man for Ismae. Strong, loyal and so very smart. I love how he figures out what who not to trust and what to do next. I am so happy that their romance with was not halted. I would have hated this book had Duval died.

The story is very good..cunning and intelligently written. Although I am not familiar with the history involved in this novel, I was able to understand what was happening because the author laid it all in there. I was never bored. The ending is just.. awesome! No cliff hangers! I am so happy right now that i swear i am going to wait for the next book! =)




Where am i? I'm at work! But I just finished Mara and Mitch's story.. and i can't help but gush about it!

I am positively hyped up. I love MARA and MITCH (mnm's!! ^_^). As expected, with Kristen Ashley.. she really has a knack for creating fresh, vibrant and beautiful characters. Mara is unique! pretty much different from all heroines in contemporary romances i have read. I love her personality. She's a dork or so she says everytime. She keeps to herself and very quiet at first. I admit that she was weird at first, like stalker-ish and sher groups people into grades and all. Her self confidence needed work...and that's why I LOVE MITCH.

Mitch oh Mitch..where do i even start with your yummyness? hmm.. oh well, that's just it. He's friggin perfect. If i get to write to Mitch, here's how it'll go:

Dear Mitch,

I love your awesomeness, badassness, sweetness and perfectly built body. I would like you to know that you now belong to the league of my fictional boyfriends! Congratulations!

xx Haze

I love how Mitch handles everything.. He handled Mara and made her come out of her shell. He handled Billie and Billy and made them trust him. He handled those kids' dad who's in jail. He also handled the bad guys and made everybody feel safe. He's such a family guy! He's just perfect. He took care of everything and i love him for it.

Their story is an inspiring one. This is a story that says life can be full of bad things and sometimes you'll be alone.. but if help comes? especially one hot badass help? YOU DON'T TURN IT DOWN. YOU EMBRACE IT WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT AND BE THANKFUL FOR IT.

Another 5! I love Kristen Ashley!

book.fave.rave: GOING UNDER

Another not-so-bad-boy meets not-so-good-girl with my FIVE stars

I am continuously amazed on how authors come out with plots that rock my world. I finished this within 3 hours. I couldn't put it down! I was captivated from the very beginning.

Claire's character is that of a perfect cheerleader with a perfect family and perfect grades. I admit, i didn't like her at first because she and her bff somehow plotted again my beloved Jessie (yes so i loved him from the very first page, haha!). But when she finally ended that charade, it became easier for me to like her. I think she's a very good example of a teenager who wants to be accepted by everybody so she goes with the norm and moves inside her safe zone. Too bad she didn't see Jessie coming. Jessie of course, is wayyy out of her safe zone.

Jessie is the bad boy turned good because of LOVE. I've seen it done so many times on other young adult novels, but i don't really get tired of it. It's always good to read about a hot young man who reforms because of a girl. Jessie's circumstances may not be perfect at first, but he sure got a happily ever after. His goal was to have a scholarship thru football..and yet. plans change.. In the end, it turns out that all he needed was his brain. Awww Jessie. If he was real, i'll tell him how happy i am because he got more than what he wanted in life. He got what he deserved after everything that happened to him. Of course, he's also blessed to have a fantastic author. haha.

Their story had me laughing, bouncing, giddy and anxious excited. Frankly, i would say that it ended all too soon... but reading the epilogue? I guess i'll let it (the length of the novel) slide. ^_^