Sunday, February 2, 2014

book.fave.rave: BELIEVED (My Misery Muse #3)

This proves that steam isn't really needed in every scene. :)

Don't get me wrong, there is steam in this book. It's just that the characters did so much pushing and pulling that they weren't able to get to it right away.

Anyway, right onto the plot! I will always say that I love Seth's story, however, Sam and Jules' story is more complex and more meaningful than the first book. The complications here are deeper and honestly, I don't know if everything's been taken care of. It still had a good ending though.

Sam had to deal with his dad's illness and a lot more. He's broody and thinks that he needs to fix everyhing. Jules had to deal with an ex who's unfotunately an addict and has been extorting money from her. She's a straight forward woman with such a big heart. They are really quite a pair. They both have insecurities and they're both hot. haha. I love how they are somehow a couple-not-a-couple.

The best thing about this book is that jt will make you laugh. It's too hilarious. I think I will never forget the "ELI PICTURE" part as well as their shooting game. :) I had fun laughing with Jules in many scenes. She's a riot. X is also something else. I seriously can't wait until that guy gets his book. I love him and how he seems to be such a know it all when it comes to his friends' love lives. Hah! We'll see how he handles his own.

This book is like a slow build up of emotions.You already know what's bound to happen and you just feel happy for them in the end. ♥

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