Saturday, December 21, 2013

book.fave.rave: LEXICON


It felt as if I was watching a movie. In my head, the characters were real people and the effects were awesome! haha!

I love science fiction movies. I love adventures and most of all... I kind of love LOVE STORIES. All of the things I love...rolled into one book! Great! Just great!

First off, the characters...

Emily - Damn girl, you're a tough act to follow. Never have I been so doubtful of a heroine's real inention. Well, not until you that is.

Emily has been through a lot of things in life. I think she got her street smarts because she had to survive the outside world. For a girl who still carries a pikachu bag, I'm shocked that she's badass! From being a card shark, she managed to enter a school for people who are skilled in the art of persuasion. Then it started to become more and more complicated. It was like watching a person be sucked into a mafia family with no real way out. The things that she experienced inside the "school" were also not exactly easy, but she was able to pull through because she's a very determined girl.

If you read this, you'll go through phases:

1. Awwww I feel sorry for Emily phase.
2. Emily is a badass girl!
3. Emily is a smart badass girl!
4. Emily is somehow desperate.
5. Emily is da bomb.
6. Emily is starting to be annoying.
7. Emily is so effin scary.
8. Emily is hateful.
9. How could she do that???
10. Is she gonna kill everyone?
11. Awwww I feel sorry again for Emily.
12. I wish Emily would just kill them!
13. GO EMILY! Fight! AJA! (Korean expression for fighting!)

Now of course we have Wil and Eliot. The mysterious guys. Eliot is a man who had been there at the school for such a long time. He's very disciplined and he's smart. He taught Emily and she looked up to him. Wil on the other hand... is the immune one. I can't tell a lot things about him becuase that will ruin the surprise. Just know that the secrets will knock you off your feet.

Secondly, the plot. If I have a penny for every moment that I was shocked in this novel... Maybe I can buy myself a nice dinner! Imagine a school wherein they teach you to use language as a weapon. They teach you many ways to tell people how to just kill themselves with words. Wow, just wow. It's fantastic! I cannot ask for a better plot.

I hope everyone reads this!

I also wish for this to be made into a movie! ;)

P.S. To my reading buddy for this book, high five! You chose well! :)

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