Saturday, December 21, 2013

book.fave.rave: CARTER REED


So that is how a mob book goes.


Carter Reed is my first mob book. I've only seen glimpses of them in other books. As it turns out, It really is what I expected it to be. It's action packed. Guns, knives and fighting? Yeah, they're all here.


I now know why the title is CARTER REED. This book is totally HIM. ALL HIM. I mean, Emma is the narrator most of the time and this is her story. However, the feel of the book is all him. It's edgy, hot and dangerous. I love how he cared for Emma all those years. I love how he protected her and I love how he loves her.

I thought Emma was just some damsel at first. She experiences something life changing and she asks Carter for help and holds on to him always after that. She was full of guilt that she frustrated me at some point. Anyway, she is more resilient than I thought and she accepted Carter through and through. She even stood by him during darker times. I admire her character a lot. :) I even wish I was her, even with the bad stuff.

The story line is good. It's mysterious, exciting and full of action. The characters are imperfectly perfect. It's all good.

I wish there's another book. :)

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