Sunday, August 28, 2011


Who's not in love with Sandra Bullock here? i swear... the first time i watched WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, i was 10 and didn't know much about romance or love but i fell in love with the story right away. This one is a really sweet film about love, family ties and that nobody should feel alone, ever.

One of the best Cinderella type story. I love it because this movie allows everybody to dream. I love how Jlo's character is so strong that she overcame hardships in life and even if she was a maid, she came to terms that she can and she will be better.

What can i say? this is my best bet for a Cinderella type story. A hooker and a corporate raider? awesome. I put off watching this for years and years and i regret it. While my classmates were gushing about how romantic the film is... i am somewhat on another planet not caring about what they were saying. Well i finally found the time and encouragement to watch it.. and oh boy, how wrong i was. I love it!!! like a 10star love it!!! The story line is perfect, characters are so lovable and i admire the concept.. genius! ^_^

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


this is my mighty decision in life : TO MOVE ON AND LET GO

yes dear, i'm mooving on and letting go. 

I'm moving on into a new job later next month... and letting go of my old habit of being too emotional. 

After making this decision, my mind became at peace and i enjoy life again. 

I'm reading again... ooohhh how i missed reading whenever i want to and whenever i can...

and oh btw, i even have my fashion sense back.. 

don't you just love my boots here? haha. ^_^