Tuesday, April 23, 2013


5 rocking stars!!!

Hands down to Ms. Crane, once again.

This is one helluva book.

The premise of not being able to remember who you are has been used by lots of authors already that I kinda doubted that this would be different. However, as it turns out, this one's unique to me.

I like Emma. She has a lot of things to take in and yet, she didn't let it all take her down. She's the complete opposite of what she was before the accident. At first, she felt the pressure of being who she WAS because she wanted to appease other people, but then she got tired of it and she stood up for what she CURRENTLY believed in.

Her past persona wasn't very good and she sorta hated her. It was really weird reading about how different their tastes are. For example, just the fact that the new Emma liked peaches made her dad say stupid stuff. I admit though, I don't like her parents at all. They both spoiled the past her rotten and maybe, that is why she became the way she was before the accident. But then, they were really trying. I think they just love their baby too much.

I found my self nodding at the things that the new Emma is doing. I admire her guts even when she faced the horror that is highschool. I'm so happy because she didn't let those people that she called friends, sway her new resolve in her second chance at life. Emma is a strong character, that's for sure. I love her.

Mason on the other hand, felt as if everything is his responsibility. I am in awe because he's such a good guy! He's always been there for Emma even when she was asleep. He was oh so proud once Emma started walking again that I couldn't help but smile at that scene. He's the helpful, responsibe one. He also has a secret, which I won't divulge here... YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!! ;p All I can say is that it'll make you love him more.

The plot was a breath of fresh air to me. Even though there were lots of conflicts, it's still good.

What's more amazing in the story is the author's ability to create a bad scene and follow it up with a good one in three seconds flat. Just when you thought everything's going down the drain, it's all smiles and happiness again. It reminds me of that rollercoaster feeling. *happysigh*

All in all, I LOVE THIS. I hope everyone can give it a chance. :)

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