Monday, April 22, 2013

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: OMEGA MINE (Alpha and Omega #1)



HOT DAMN and surprisingly full of depth and action.

Reading this book is just full of suprises! I mean, I knew that it was going to be one hot read, but the way it went? It was scorching hot! Diskant and Ava together is just a fireball waiting to explode. The way they met and got together might seem fast, but what did we expect eh? It's a shifter novel! That's bound to happen and to me, it was a big plus. It also didn't hurt that the plot was good. There were mysteries and revelations after revelations. It was sooooo adrenaline-highening (is that even an expression? LOL).

Ava had a too for a brother who started all her unluckiness. When she was introduced to the shifter world, I think everything became better for her. You see, Ava also had a rare talent. She can read people. I love how she freely used it in the shifter world because that made her badass. She was taken care of at every turn, even when the Sheperds attacked, she was shielded by one of Diskant's people. I love how she's still able to stand up for herself even with all the people supporting her.
Diskant was by far, one of the most serious/badass shifter that I've ever read about. He just oozes command and power. I love how he never ceased to seek Ava out when she first ran out on him. I love how he handles things and puts Ava first before everything else. I love how his being forceful and overly protective doesn't scare the living hell out of Ava even though I know that it took a lot from her to submit to Diskant. It was just all oh so good for them.

The coflict between them and the Sheperds was at first, kinda hard to understand, but when I finally saw the light, I was disgusted by those Sheperds that I already wanted them all dead! I wish that Trey or Emory blows them to kingdom come on the next book!!!

ANYHOO.. This was a blast of a book! I totally wanna see each shifter here have their happy ending. ESPECIALLY ZACH! I'm just way tooooo affected with what happened to him. I soooo want Trey to meet his vamp! And of course, I want Emory to get his Mary back.

Hmm.. I obviously enjoyed this. I wish the next book is better! ;p If it's better, it'll be soooo good since this one already exceeded my expectations

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