Monday, April 22, 2013



If you're looking for a hilarious, action-packed, X-MEN-LIKE, HOT paranormal romance novel, THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU!

What I love about this is that the two main characters bared their hearts out. Yeah, it was downright mushy at some points, but isn't that the beauty of romance? It didn't even hurt that there were complications. I swear, they will make you laugh hard! I was rolling over in my bed in some scenes.. ESPECIALLY MAGDA SCENES.

Sam is sooooooo witty that I feel very inferior to her verbal prowess. Her character definitely blossomed in this sequel. She stronger, braver, MORE OPEN and more straightforward. I love how she's not afraid of anything. I mean, maybe she was, but unlike many characters, she doesn't shut down or run from her problems. I love that.

Jared oh Jared... I wish I can just snag you from this book and make you into a real boy... or man. Whatever. Just make my fictional dreams come true. You're just so darn sweet and hot in this novel!

I didn't enjoy only the two main characters, I also enjoyed the whole squad! They're also all very protective of Sam, it was just so cute! EVEN DEXTER THE SNAKE! I love him!!! I also like the fact that they weren't harmed all throughout the novel. THE PAINTBALL scene is just EPIC! I enjoyed reading that. They were all so serious I just had to laugh. ;p

Basically, I enjoyed this novel A LOT. I hope that the other characters get their stories and that they'd be as funny and as action-packed as this.


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