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~~There are some spoilers here so stop reading if you don't wanna see. :)

One pissy pseudo submissive wolf and one beta wolf do jive well. I never doubted that I would love this since I already love Dante from the first book. He just needed a little push so he can truly look and see Jaime. I love how he's such an obsessive compulsive, a workaholic and a very loyal man. He's the complete badass yet very kind hero that we'll all love. He may piss you at first, but trust me... he will redeem himself!!!

Jaime on the other hand, is such a pretentious gal! I mean, how dare she hide that she's also an alpha???!! She's a totally kickass girl with a little problem with her wolf. You see, her wolf is somewhat traumatized so it's always scared and in "attack mode" so she hides it all the time. I can't believe how strong she is when it comes to resisting her wolf. She was able to leash it though, with the help of her beta a.k.a long term crush a.k.a didn't-realize-MATE. Their love story is not a clean cut one, it's filled with nitty gritty details that made me annoyed and all that. For example, Dante has two exes who are sooooo set to put their claws on him again so Jaime had to fight constantly. When they fought near the end of the book, I had full confidence on Jaime's wolf. So yeah, she defeated them... with a price.

I think the most profound scene is that when Dante stayed with Jaime's wolf when she wasn't letting Jaime come out. It was so heartbreaking, the way he just sits there with her and at some point, he couldn't feel Jaime anymore. He never lost faith and he protected her though and through. That was very good. That was heroic and very heartfelt of him. I loved him for it. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE GUY CRIED!! T________T

So there. All in all... I LOVE IT. THE PLOT IS GOOD WITH A HEA. :)

P.S. Please tell me that the next book isn't Nick's and Shaya's. NICK WILL HAVE TO GROVEL AT SHAYA'S FEET... OH, AND MINE TOO.. AND ALL THOSE PRETTY WOMEN WHO HAS READ THIS BOOK!!!!!

NICK IS A VERY VERY VERY DEAD MAN!! JERK!! GROVERL AT MY FEET, SERVANT!! I'm sure you'll redeem yourself, but be aware that I'm not a big fan right now. lol

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