Monday, April 22, 2013

book.fave.rave: DARK TRIUMPH (His Fair Assassin #2)


This one is truly epic!!!

Way better than the first one since the heroine is a lot more kickass!!

Yes, I do think that Sybella is better than Ismae, although I love Ismae too. Sybella just have something about her. Maybe it's her wits, her strength or her endurance... it may even be the horrors that she has seen living with the enemy, but yeah, I love her.

There's only one word that would describe her completely and here it is:


Yes, I do think that she's a FIGHTER through and through. From start to finish, Sybella has been fighting. Fighting for her life, fighting for other people's lives, fighting for justice, fighting other people's stubbornness, fighting her own darn feelings, fighting the nature of her early upbringing, fighting for people's respect, even fighting for small girls who are frail and sick.

Just.. fighting and fighting. If I were her, I would've given up. However, our heroine is no coward. She endured and pushed through everything. I love her for not giving up. I even love her for loving Beast. Believe me, they weren't the "lovey-dovey-hearts-flowers" couple...and yet, they made my heart melt because they accepted each other just like that. I understand why Beast keeps on clocking her to make her faint. It's just her own fault for being so ready to fight/die whichever.

When Sybella triumphed in the end, I was soooooo full of celebratory energy that I even jumped for joy. She deserves all the praises and more!

Needless to say, I am in love with the plot of this book. It makes you think hard, feel hard and then hope for the best for all characters. The main villain IS A VILLAIN from start to finish so there's no confusion there. I think it made the story better. Loyalties are tested, even their tempers are tested. It's nice to know that even as bloodthirsty as they are (the main characters), they still have their self control intact.

This is a very good story about redemption and how revenge can really be sweet sometimes, especially when you are a badass assassin who gets away fast with a captain for a partner.

I hope everyone can read this!

Firs thoughts about the book when the cover was revealed:

I can't decide if the cover is hot or NOT... hmm

Now that I've read it. I can forgive the weirdness of the cover. It's okay.. I guess. :)

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