Monday, April 22, 2013

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: ROUGUE RIDER (Lords of Deliverance #4)

OH RESEPH, why did I shelf you for so long?

I am so glad that I finally finished reading the fourth book about this last horseman. I was very much intrigued with Reseph because from book 1 to book 3, he was a mean bastard. I was wondering how I would react to the pre-Pestilence guy. As it turns out, I LOVE HIM.

To me, he's the best of all the horsemen. I know that he isn't as strong as he seemed to be in the last books, but he's still very much likable... or lickable. haha! XD

Why is he the best, you ask? It's not just because he's the most handsome horseman. It's because his character is so funny, so light and so sweet. I was just... shocked by how gentle he was with Jillian. Reseph's character is very goodnatured and downright cute that it even broke my heart when Jillian took him to the sheriff's station at first. When they were already together, he was just so.. so .. invested, so there for her that it confused the hell out of me when he didn't want her by his side right away near the end. Anyway, all things worked out for the better in the end so I couldn't complain ... much... about his attitude.

I admire Jillian's character though. I know for a fact that what happened to them was that of an instant attraction. It all happened so fast that her her could just spin. Then let's not forget things that she found out about Reseph's past, yet she still stayed and even cried a lot for him. She definitely has spunk and a whole lot of loyalty. She also showed courage and the ability to forgive and trust the one guy that can hurt her bad. I like her a lot. ;)

I enjoyed reading this because of Reseph's jokes. His sexual and nonsexual innuendos were just soooo utterly funny and amazingly cute. I also enjoyed it because finally, it shone some light in some areas that I had questions about in the past books. I also admit that I am shocked with some revelations.

Anyway, I'm happy for Reseph's happiness. I hope that the same thing could happen to Reaver. :)

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