Tuesday, April 23, 2013

book.fave,rave: LEXI, BABY (This Can't Be Happening #1)


I need the next book. A.S.A.P!!!

Don't worry, Lexi, Baby doesn't end in with a cliffhanger for the two main characters. I just said that I need the next book because of Trish. :)

I love the pacing of this book. I just wanted to have a nice read tonight that will leave me smiling and all that. Annndd.. I was definitely successful. This book is hot, forgiving, funny and the plot's kinda good too. Even though the hero cheated on the heroine at first, he more than made up for it. Yes, he was constantly being a possessive ass, but to me, it was understandable... not really over the top. I love how Lexi holds her ground too, even when she's jumping to conclusions. She's also such a sweet momma to Layla. I'm happy that they were able to have their complete fictional family. :)

I really hope that the other two characters (Trish and Adam) get their own happily ever afters!

So once again, NEXT BOOK PLEASE! ;p

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