Tuesday, April 23, 2013

book.fave.rave: STAR CROSSED (Battered Hearts #2)

What did I just read?? That was a.... a roller coaster ride!

That was damn great!

The plot is totally unique and very much interesting. I like the premise of ROMEO AND JULIET. I like how they're both so invested in one another even with all the odds. The only thing that I didn't like is Romeo's involvement in the mafia. It sucks. I'm glad that they're out. I only wish that there's a book for Nova too. He's too good of a character to pass up.

The last part of this novel was totally unexpected. I never thought that Juliet would really runaway with Romeo and that they'll get married, be pregnant and get shot at by bad men.

Story's good. There were a few loopholes, but I think they'd all be cleared up in the next book.

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