Saturday, June 16, 2012

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE. STORM (Elementals #1)

Not one, but FOUR HOT guys! 

Okay... so I like every one of them, is that so bad? haha.

Storm turned out to be a lot more than what I expected. The story is all about four orphaned brothers who has powers over four elements. They're all very powerful. Unfortunately, being powerful isn't always a good thing... They can lose control. That's where this novel revolved around. Them trying not to lose control and trying to overcome obstacles like "guardians" and other envious elementals. Except for the highschool drama, I love everything this book has to offer. It's action packed, hot-guys-packed (squeeee!) and has a great plot.

Here's some info about the characters:

Michael - The "earth" one. He's very responsible and he acts like a parent to them since he's the oldest. Gabriel - The hot headed one. Probably because he's the "fire" one.
Nick - The easy-breezy one. He's Gabriel's twin and his power is air. He's the peace keeper.
Chris - The water guy. He's the main guy here. He's cool and really strong with the rain.

The main girl, Becca is a girl with a past. She's shunned and treated badly because of one wrong decision. My heart goes to her for what she's been through. She's a good girl and yet, very unlucky before all these started happening. In my opinion, she became lucky when she met Chris. Suddenly, she's in the middle of a war and a love triangle as well. Chris and Hunter were both very protective of her. Although it wasn't clear in the end who she ended up with, at least Chris got to kiss her last (so I guess it's Chris right?), I hope that it's Chris she ends up with.

This is a good start for a series. I'm definitely looking forward to the other guys' books.. especially NICK. I am so intrigued by him. There were also lots of lose ends like Becca's dad. I'm still confused about his role. I mean... what's going to happen next to him and Becca? And Hunter? what's he gonna do next? Is he still going to pursue Becca? I HOPE NOT.

Anyway, i guess it's still a long time before August eh? Hurry up Gabriel! I'm waiting for ya! ^_^

P.S: After reading this, I pulled out my DVD of THE COVENANT and asked my self... are they as hot as the Sons of Ipswich? :)

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