Saturday, June 16, 2012

book.fave.rave: FERAL SINS (The Phoenix Pack, # 1)

One of the best shifter stories that I have ever come across. 

I am so lucky that one of my friends asked me about this book. At first I was skeptic, but then i was really curious so I started reading it...and damn, i felt great! It was definitely worth my time. I love how hilarious and intense it is. The characters were great. I always love a woman who could kick ass. Taryn's situation is kind of like were-cinderella-ish (her inability to shift, and then suddenly chosen by a very powerful alpha..and then there was her inner alpha power which was definitely strong..and then bam! she can shift!! ) but she's very witty and can very much hold her own against anybody. Trey on the other hand is an alpha all the way, super protective and such a badass. He may be stubborn at times, but I am actually pleased that even if he's alpha and all, he's also very very sweet when it comes to Taryn. I like the plot. I love their banters. I cannot count the times wherein I laughed out loud because of something Taryn, Dominic or Greta said. Seriously, they're all hilariously funny!

The only thing that I found awkward here is the scene wherein Trey let the other enforcers touch Taryn .. I guess I'm just not a fan of that.. I enjoyed reading this. The whole pack is great!

They brightened up my day. I really liked it. :) I hope the next one will be as good as this.

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