Saturday, June 16, 2012


IF YOU LIKED THE X-MEN and would like TO READ SOMETHING LIKE IT... ONLY WITH A VAMPIRE TWIST... the you must read this!

If you look at my past reviews, It's not a secret that I am a big big fan of the X-Men... which is why I really really liked the story of this book. The premise of vampires having powers is just so cool! The characters are amazingly unique and lovable. Jared is a SEXIST guy at first, but then everything changed because Sam is one helluva fighting machine! It's awesome!! I totally admire how Sam's character was crafted. She's very strong in mind and body. I love how she doesn't easily give in. I love her banters with the sexist Jared and with the Jared that fell in love with her. Jared didn't stand a chance. He totally changed his ways. I love him for it. :)

 This one had such a good plot that I'm almost sad it ended right away.. I hope there's a next book (if this is a series).

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