Saturday, June 16, 2012

book.fave.rave: ALWAYS BEEN MINE (The Moreno Brothers, #2)

I LOVE IT!!! omygosh, Alex just added up to my list of fave guys in ya! I love the plot!, i mean i loved the plot for the first book but this one tops that. Its amazing how this book worked for me. Alex is just so sweet (AND SUCH A GUY) in his pov's.. i couldn't get enough. Valerie on the other hand is a great character. Stands up for herself but also lets Alex do his caveman thing from time to time. The thrill of the book obviously pulled me in and i swear i laughed out loud at some parts especially the night with Luke .. what a scene! I also love that there are lots of scenes with the other characters. I'm so happy that Angel and Sarah eventually got married (funny i don't think i saw something about Sydney here haha!). Their interaction with family and friends is such a good part of the novel. I'm actually looking forward to the next books.

Perfect. absolutely perfect. =)

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