Saturday, June 16, 2012

book.fave.rave: BLUE-EYED DEVIL (Travises #2)

Blue-Eyed Devil (Travises, #2)

A gripping, emotional and fun read.

Haven may have come from a wealthy family, but she doesn't want to use that wealth for her self. She didn't have a good marriage. In fact, it was so bad that i wanted to pull out her ex-husband from the book.. yeah, pull him out and cut out his balls. Violence against women is never an easy topic. There were times that i really wanted Nick to be real, just so i can send him to prison my self! It's good that Hardy came back to her life. Hardy also has a bad past. He didn't have a great childhood. He always wants to save people. He was very sweet to Haven. I like how he understood Haven's situation. Anywayyy, Hardy and Haven are made of each other. They may have been side tracked at first, but they found each other again. =)

Good plot. Lovable characters. Awesome story...

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