Saturday, June 16, 2012

book.fave.rave: SEAN GRISWOLD'S HEAD

"how can you go so long knowing someone without really knowing them at all?"

What an emotional read. After bawling over the idea of a sick dad.. I realized that the books that make me cry honestly deserve 5 stars since it meant that I was affected by it in more ways than one.

Payton isn't a perfect character. She's self absorbed, an over thinker, vain, even mean sometimes. . . but then again, who's perfect? right? When she found out that her dad was sick, she brandished her own kind of freaking-out.. which is, cold treatment. Really, I understand that it was her way of coping. I'm a nurse, so I know a lot about MS. I know how Payton must've felt finding out like that (abruptly). I know, but, that doesn't mean that I like how she reacted. I mean, you can be mad for a while... but months? honey, you're seriously wasting your time and the time that you're supposed to be enjoying with your dad! Ugh. I seriously hated her character for a while. Anyway, she patched things up with her dad, realizing that he's still alive and she doesn't need to mourn right away.

Things with her focus object, Sean, also improved. I'm glad that I got a short glimpse of them getting back together in the end.

This book has wonderful values. First off, don't let time pass you by. Live your life to the fullest. Secondly, don't let fear rule your life. There's not much life when you're scared all the time. And thirdly, people you regularly meet everyday and not pay attention to, can be potential friends, so... again, don't let the moment pass you by.

 great read...:)

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