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I'll tell you what else is "easy" with this novel.

✔It's easy so fall in love with Lucas / Landon 

Here's a very sweet scene wherein Lucas/Landon sketched Jacqueline

“What will you do with them?” I asked, more than a little belatedly. “Redo them in charcoal, probably.” I waited for more. “And then?” He shrugged into his hoodie and stared down at me. “Tack them to my bedroom wall?” My lips parted, but I had no idea what to say. Bedroom wall? His eyes returned to the pad, turned to the second drawing. “Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?” 

Here's another sweet thing that Lucas/ Landon did: Erin: 

Do you still have your coffee cup? 
Me: Yes? 
Erin: Take the sleeve off 
Me: OMG Erin: His phone number? 
Me: How did you know??? 
Erin: I’m Erin. I know all. ;) 
Erin: Actually, I just wondered why he wrote on your cup if he was going to make your drink. If Erin hadn’t texted me during class, that cup, and his number, would have been pitched into the hallway wastebasket. 

--I mean a guy doing this? haha.. precious!

✔It's easy to cheer for Jacqueline when she was on a rough end

✔It's easy to cheer for Jacqueline when she was getting away from something bad that coulda happen.

✔It's easy to cheer for Jacqueline when she was trying to capture Lucas' attention.

✔It's easy to hate Kennedy just for being what he is. Ugh.. A disgrace. I truly, truly wish that nobody is inspired to be like him. LOL

Just look at this line and you'll see what I mean:

“Jacqueline, you need to understand something. Buck’s been talking shit about hooking up with you for weeks now. Others have corroborated his account. Everyone knows about it. No one else buys your he-tried-to-rape-me-too story, now. It’s kind of late for that.” 

✔It's VERY FRIGGIN EASY TO HATE BUCK. Buck the stupid RAPIST should go to jail, no buts, no ifs!!! 

✔It's easy to love Jacqueline's room mate, Erin. She's very considerate and she's always there for Jacqueline.

✔It's easy to like Dr. Heller because of what he did for Lucas/ Landon ... and also because he introduced Jacqueline to him. :)

✔It's easy to want to take self defense classes too... if the result would be like this:

And then, I heard Ralph’s voice in my head. Your body is already a weapon. You just need to know how to use it. Abruptly, I stopped struggling and took stock: I couldn’t kick. I could possibly get my wrists free by rotating and jerking them straight down, but then what? He would just grab me again, immobilize me further. I needed him closer—the last thing I would naturally seek. I turned my eyes away. “Listen to me when I’m talking to you, goddammit!” He grabbed my chin roughly, his fingers digging in as he leaned over me and forced me to face him. Right hand free. While shoving my hand between us, grabbing and twisting his balls and yanking up as hard as I could, I slammed my forehead into his nose with as much force as I could manage in a straight upward trajectory. The night in the frat parking lot, everything had happened so quickly that getting my bearings was impossible until it was over. This time, everything was in slow motion—so for an impossibly stretched space of time, I was positive that nothing I’d just done had worked. And then he screamed, and his nose started gushing. I had never seen so much blood so close-up. It poured out of him as though I’d opened a faucet full-blast. Left hand free. He was listing to the side. Still yanking up on his balls, I raised my left knee and turned into him, shoving his shoulder with my left hand. He fell sideways into the cramped crevice in front of my truck’s bench seat. The feeling rushed back into my legs, tremors wracking through me, and I went for the door, shoving it open so violently that it almost bounced all the way back.

✔It's easy to feel sorry for what happened to Lucas / Landon in the past.

✔It's also easy to be happy for him and Jacqueline because they sure have a bright future ahead. Here's a spoiler for their future: ^_^

So Jacqueline got accepted at Oberlin. She was already prepared to cry because she knew she was going to be far away from Lucas when suddenly.. the guy said this: 

“So my only question is this—do I want to live in Oberlin and commute to Cleveland, or live near Cleveland and commute to you?” 

--So I found out that this is very near Jacqueline's school. 

And then he continues, 

“First, this is a great job, and I’m excited about it.” “You heard the pay, right? And also, to be near you.” Thumbing a tear from my cheek, he added, “Mostly, to be near you.” “First, this is a great job, and I’m excited about it.” “Second, I’m ambitious, but I can succeed almost anywhere.” “What I can’t do anywhere is be with you.” “Choosing to be with you isn’t a difficult decision, Jacqueline,” he breathed, pulling back one final time to stare into my eyes. “It’s easy. Incredibly easy.” 

--So this is the scene at the end.. and I was like wooooowww 

✔It is incredibly easy to love this because of the characters. I love Jacqueline because she's strong. She found a way to overcome her weaknesses and she never gave up. I love Lucas / Landon because he did everything he could for Jacqueline, even face his fears from the past. They're good for each other... I love that they have a great ending. 5 stars! :)

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