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Sorry, I can't help but put lots of spoiler below..

be warned..

okay I warned ya!! 

Ohmygosh, TACK sure is better than TATE with all the bossiness, machoness, jerkness and of course, sweetness. :)

I knew it! I KNEW THAT I WOULD LOVE THIS BOOK! Tyra is a woman who lived a boring black and white life. She decided to turn and go after a life smacking event in her last job.

"For the next two months I bought the paper every Wednesday and opened it to the want ads section. On each page of the want ads, I closed my eyes and pointed. If I was qualified for the job my finger touched, I applied for it.
That was the extent of my plan."

This event brought her to the motorcycle club.. and eventually, to Tack.

Their story started with a bang as usual.. Tack kicking Tyra out of his bed. Then a few days after that, complications arise.

"So I slept with my boss. Who cared?"--Tyra

“I do not fuck anyone who’s got my signature on their paycheck,”--Tack

Well OBVIOUSLY, Tack cared a lot. He care a lot enough to hassle her for the next few days since he OBVIOUSLY wanted to have Tyra again. It was so darn cute the way they had to control themselves.

Eventually, sparks fly and bam! They're together doing sweet things to one another...

“Now relax,” he ordered.
I stared into his eyes.
Then I stammered, “I can’t… you didn’t just…” I paused then finished, “Relax?”
“Yeah, relax.”
“I can’t relax in your lap!” I shouted.
“Then relax on the couch but you get off the couch, babe, just sayin’… two seconds you’ll be back in my lap.”
“You’re unbelievable,” I hissed. 

Here's a scene wherein Tyra was pissed because she think Tack has been ignoring her for four days:

“I don’t know how it works in your world but I’m guessin’ in your world you can lead a man around by his dick by actin’ sweet then turnin’ on the freeze and ignoring his ass for days. Then you think you can shovel shit at him and he’ll eat it for a chance to get another taste of your sweet pussy, but baby, I’m tellin’ you now, that’s not how it works in my world.”--Tack

It's so weird and sweet, honestly.

The sweetest line of Tack (I guess) is this one:

“Tyra, get me right now. You are not gonna slip in a movie about love and redemption and cry by my side because, even though you’ve seen it before, it still moves you and then rip that shit away from me. You are not gonna ride my fingers, whisper to me to fuck you and take my cock the way I wanna give it to you, panting for more and then rip that shit away from me too. You are not gonna clash with me, toss your attitude my way when most every other woman shies away when I’m me then rip that away. And you are not gonna expose that soft spot you got that I like and I wanna protect and take that away from me either. Babe, I told you, you didn’t get it and you need to get it.” His fingers pressed deeper into my skin. “You are Chaos now. I am Chaos. You think you got the option but you don’t. There is no goin’ back. I’ve claimed you.”

--I love that line because it's a sign that Tack appreciated what Tyra was all about and he doesn't want to let any part of her go.

I admit that Tyra annoyed me sometimes when she wanted out. It also annoyed me how bossy Tack is... but I guess that's just part of their team's charm. TEAM TACK&TYRA for the win!!!

Here's also a scene wherein I knew I really love Tack all the way. I don't care how bossy and unrefined he is!

“What I will not accept is being shoved against the wall, a car or even a pillow with your hand at my throat.”
To this, he replied immediately, “But your pulse is there, baby.” 

--After this, it was explained why Tack always wants to hold Tyra's neck. I can't imagine a life like that and all I can say is "awwww" :(

And the Tack went and stole my heart again . . .

“You’re in love with me.”
I closed my eyes.
“Eyes, babe.”
I opened my eyes.
“You’re in love with me,” he said yet again.
“Yes,” I whispered.
“Since we met.”
“I know it sounds crazy, Tack, but –”
“Since we met.”
I fell silent for a moment then said softly, “Yes.”
“Thank fuck you needed that fuckin’ job enough to go head-to-head with me,” he muttered.
“Um…” I started to correct, “I think I went head-to-head with you mostly because you were a jerk. It was only partly because of the job.”
“Then thank fuck I was a jerk.”
Who would have ever thought I’d agree with that?
Still, I did.
“Can I have coffee now?” I requested.
“Tack!” I snapped.
“I love you too, babe.”
My mouth dropped open and I stared.
But although my body was still and my mind was blank, my belly got warm and my heart tripped before it got light.
Tack wasn’t done.
“Watchin’ that fuckin’ movie, minute my fingers curled around your chin, turned your face to mine and I saw you were cryin’, that’s when it happened.”

--See why I love him? :)

The plot itself is really good (yea, that includes the bitchy, money digging-exwife, two sweet teens and Tyra's new found posse). I had fun reading this. I was laughing out loud (and maybe also drooling when the boys came in) in the part wherein the "POSSE" were drinking and Tyra was so drunk. I can just imagine the joy of seeing all of my beloved men!!! ooh lala!!! I love that all of the past characters got together in the book. Thanks to the author, i was able to see a glimpse of their lives now. I'm so happy for them all.

The only complain that I can have here is that part in the end when Tyra was stabbed and sent to the hospital...

"I felt a hand at my throat.
I opened my eyes.
Tack’s handsome face was all I could see.
Weirdly, except his hand wrapped light at my throat, I felt nothing. Not a thing.
Until his rough, gravelly voice came at me.
“Welcome back, Red.”
Then I felt my lips smile." 

--I guess it sounded really incomplete to me. I mean what happened? how did she survive? It wasn't written in great detail. Anyway, that's the only one. Everything else is just plain dandy. :)

I love this..and I'll never forget their series.. but I gotta move on.. so...SHY AND TABBY up next!! ^_^ can't wait!

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