Saturday, June 16, 2012

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: PLAYING FOR KEEPS (A Neighbor from Hell, #1)

Today is one of those days that I really really wish that there was a 10-star app

Playing for keeps is such a cute, sweet, adorable, FUN read! The story's just sooooooo well, uhm, cute! and hilarious! Jason and Haley are just MFEO!!! (MEANT FOR EACH OTHER).. This book doesn't have a dull moment!

I like, love, want, adore JASON. He's such a cutie, hotie.. hmm, whatever.. he's just so nice to Haley that I can't help but wish that I'm her. Haley on the other hand is just as sweet and nice to Jason. It's probably a good thing too that they started out as friends (sort of) and eventually loved each other. I really like their cute conversations, even their fight scenes are awesome. I cannot find the right words to describe it... I just know that I'm soooooo happy after reading this! ^_^

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