Saturday, June 16, 2012

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: THE LOST HERO (Heroes of Olympus #1)

How could i not give 5 stars to such a perfect work?


I cannot believe how I seriously love Rick Riordan today. Okay, I loved him way back Percy Jackson and Kane Series, but now that I've finished this... My love just turned into obsession. I am so fond of his works that i may just fly right now.

JASON: My hero!! my fabulous hero!! Of course, he's everything a hero should be. He's kinda Percy-ish.. except for the memory loss and the obvious fighting style differences. I like it that even though he felt as if something is wrong, and that he thinks he shouldn't be with Camp Half Blood, he still took the risk and the task at hand. He's definitely trust worthy and maybe drool worthy too as Piper cited so many times. I look forward to more of him on the next books.

PIPER: My heroine!! My ever beautifully headstrong heroine!! She had me in awe many times in this novel. I knew that this would be very exciting as soon as Aphrodite claimed Piper as her daughter. She's a breath of fresh air. I like how humble Piper is. She may be the daughter of a movie star but she didn't boast about it.. well except for one scene here (even I will boast a whole lot more if i was Piper in that situation). Her ability to persuade other people was very handy in almost all of their trials. I love how she eventually came out of her shell and had lots of self confidence in the end. She's a really good example of how i want Aphrodite's kids to behave.

LEO: I LOVE YOU LEO!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! So there, I am Leo's fan girl. I love him!! He's my kind of guy! I'm glad that he hasn't paired up with anyone else cuz for now, he's mine. Haha. LOL. Leo is the kind of guy that you just want to hug, comfort and be with until he says he'd had enough. I'm not trying to be all mushy here, it's just that Leo has been to too many trials. not on a quest but in real life. Some of his thoughts just makes me want to go grab him outta the book and hug him. He's a classic example of a "funny on the outside, sad on the inside" person. He's so hilarious. Majority of my time while i was reading this was all about laughing on Leo's jokes. He's certainly one of a kind. I'm glad that he made a character like him. The novel would be so boring without him. He's intelligent, efficient, loyal, fun to be with and also a bit sensitive about his mom. I wish they'll see each other on the next book or so that Leo won't be sad anymore.

Piper and Jason --> If they don't end up together, i'll be sorely disappointed. I don't care which camp he came from. I don't even care if he has another girl friend from the other camp. Pipes and Jason are MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

Percy and Annabeth --> If Percy forgets that Annabeth's his girlfriend, i'm going to shoot him personally right between the eyes!

Percy and Jason's memories --> If these doesn't go back to their proper places in those beautiful heads... ARRRGGHHH!!

The plot is so great. Their adventure never let me down or had me bored. It's THAT GOOD! I am still not convinced with Hera. I guess i'm disappointed with all of the gods. They're supposed to be helping their children, not let things become bad before they help. Lots of times here, I hated Zeus. He's just not fit to be a parent. Honestly. I wish those gods would talk to them more on the next books... not just wait for something bad to happen and then come to their children's aid.

I am excited for the idea of combining two entirely different camps. I so look forward to the next book. I think i'll be reading the next book near the release of the 3rd book. =)

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