Saturday, June 16, 2012



To me, "A Reclusive Heart" is better than "A Humble Heart". Why? Because it's light hearted and friggin hilarious! HAHA! I kept on laughing out loud from start to finish. Nick's journey to being in love with his "recluse" is just too cute to miss! I want a NICK too!!! He's very pushy and yet, he's sweet too. Jamie on the other hand, is somewhat a swan. She transformed from a "hermit-like" woman to very very attractive one. She's an author too like Dana in book 1. They eventually fall in love and I'm telling y'all, they were soooo cute! Especially Nick's pov's.

I am so happy with this novel. This is such a refreshingly great read. I hope that the next one would also make me feel like this. ^_^

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