Tuesday, February 1, 2011

anime.fave.rave: FUSHIGI YUUGI

I LOVE FUSHIGI YUUGI. I really had to put that first to emphasize my love for this anime. The first time i watched this was when i was still in my Grade school days. At first, i just thought that the character with the Orange hair was so cool for saving the girl from the Green haired boy (Yeah, the first episode i have ever watched was when Tamahome was beating the hell out of Tasuki because he was under the kodoku spell). And then my classmate bought ALL of the episodes (VCDs, dvds aren't available yet those days). After watching all of them, she let me borrow it and watch them for my self. I instantly fell in love with Tamahome. I never thought of Miaka as a bad character, to me she was just a girl surrounded by beautiful guys. Tamahome and Miaka's love story is one of a kind. I think they really suit each other well. Miaka is a very bratty doesn't-wanna-grow-up type of girl with an obsession with food while Tamahome is a very hardworking, money-grabbing, serious type of guy who needs a break.

I felt bad for Hotohori because well, he wasn't chosen by Miaka. He was sooo sweet at some parts that i quite hated Miaka for a while.

I love the love story as well as the complications and fights. For me, this is the ultimate anime. The plot was so well written that i even cried for some scenes (like Nuriko's death, oh that was just sooo heartbreaking).

Maybe i was awestruck with this anime because back then, i too would wan to escape reality. I would really love to go to ancient places where i would be thought of as cool. Haha. Anyway.. i love it and thats a fact =)

My favorite scene in the whole story is when Miaka graduated and then her brother says that he met this guy who claims that he has memories of a past life (one like Tamahome).. and then at the entrance, she sees Tamahome (as Taka now) with their ring... and then she cries.. oh and i pretty much cried too.

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