Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I read this book with so much excitement...and it never failed me. I felt bad for Regin and Aidan..they were so perfect together. I understand now why Regin is very unique... she has her own history and all. I like it how Aidan stayed true to his promise to always come back. I am officially a fan of their love story. Even though i was pissed with Declan Chase at first because he was too stubborn to accept that he really is the reincarnation of Aidan..can't say i blame him. He has his own past catching up with him. But once he accepted that he really is a berserker and Regin really is meant for him, i was pleased. I think that was what i've been waiting for in the whole book (for the tables to turn).

Regin's character was such a mystery to me after reading the past books. Now that i got to read her story..i can totally say.. I LIKE HER. ^_^ i really do. I liked her because of the way she loved Aidan and all of his other reincarnations. She totally deserve her happily ever after.

Now i have another mystery in mind..what of Lothaire? Is he and Nix an item? I hope someday Nix would get her own story.....

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