Monday, February 21, 2011

movie.fave.rave: TANGLED


I also ask myself that sometimes. I love this movie not just because i'm a fairy tale fan.. but because the animation is amazing. I really love Rapunzel's hair here..its the envy of many especially when it was braided by those little kids. Golden hair from the sun? ohmy.. i want one. Rapunzel is really my favorite character from story books, which is why i always wore my hair long back in the day. I loved how she was found by a prince even though she's in the biggest tower ever. Here in Tangled, i admire how they made her character strong. And Eugene aka Flynn? such a humorous character! haha.. he was so funny especially when he showed Rapunzel the "smother". He's too cocky for his own good (even with Max the horse), but it all worked out. And his sacrifice? awww that was so romantic. I even cried when he died. ugh.

What i appreciate in this movie is that they didn't make Rapunzel a miserable character. I mean, she's not a slave or something. Gothel treated her as a daughter (or maybe gother treated her hair as a daughter *bleh*) so she's not the suffering type.

Is it just me or did she (Rapunzel) look like a square enix character in the end?

Anyway... ^_^

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